About Shubhaangi.

  Welcome to my site advantageaffiliates.com. Advantage affiliate is to help thousands of people who are not aware of the potential of Affiliate marketing. How I started Affiliate Marketing I started affiliate marketing mere accidentally. I never planned to be an affiliate marketer. I have my training in Yoga and Reiki and was decided to …

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5 Tips on How to Find a Product to Promote


Affiliate Marketing is the best advertising tool for any organization, as it benefits both affiliates and merchants. Affiliate marketing is all about spreading a word about a product to your readers, family, and friends. You share your experience, through reviews to your readers. To be a successful affiliate you need to choose a program that …

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Wanna be a Super Affiliate

Very clear from the heading that I am NOT a Super Affiliate, but for sure I want to be. So I started researching the concept, who is a super Affiliate and what are the special qualities one need to become a Super Affiliate. Super Affiliate, is someone who generates huge profits from the sale of …

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