How to Create A Logo for Free

Creating a professional logo can be very expensive ranging from $500 to $5000, and for a new entrepreneur, it’s really difficult to invest in the logo creation.  But logs are a must nowadays, as it represents your company and gives visual representation to your business.

The logo is an important part of any business – a starter or an established.  If you notice, most probably we remember the logo of an established business, like Apple, Google, Mcdonalds, Nike and so many other.  Whenever one mention these brands, instantly the logo of the business came in front of our eyes.

Logos generally represent the business and serves the two purposes.  First, it tells the name of the company and secondly, visual symbolization of the company.

Logos can be very beneficial to any business, so let’s find out what is a logo, its benefits and some simple tips to create your own logo.

What is a Logo?

According to Wikipedia –

“A logo (abbreviation of logotype,[4] from Greek: λόγος logos “word” and τύπος typos “imprint”) is a graphic mark, emblem, or symbol used to aid and promote public identification and recognition. It may be of an abstract or figurative design or include the text of the name it represents as in a wordmark.”

So in simple terms, Logo includes a symbol, abstract or figurative design – which may consist of the text, which helps in giving identity and recognition to your company in the public.

Benefits of having a Logo

1. Communicates Ownership

A logo represents business and its values.  It gives any business identity and ownership.  It conveys your potential customer important details about you and your business, like who you are, what type of product and services you sell, what benefits you offer to your customers etc.

2. Distinguishes you from the competition.

A good logo should dare to be different than its competitor.  A good logo represents who you are and it should distinguishes you from other.

3. Helps you to establish as a brand

Placing logos on all of your marketing materials like on all of your products, website, social media, packaging etc., it helps to give you visibility and recognition in the market.  Logos consistently advertise your brand and the message you want to convey.

4. Professionalism & branding

A neat and clean logo creates and set your business as a  professional venture.  When you all have your marketing material backed by a great logo, it helps in creating a professional ambiance.

At the same time, a good logo helps in creating a brand for you and your business.

5.Emotional Reactions

A good logo represents the principals an ideology of the business, and a logo generates same emotional reactions within the customers, and so instantly helps to identify the brand or business.

Choose a simple logo for your business

While creating a Logo for your business it’s always better to keep it simple as much as possible.  A complicated logo which does not convey the message to the customer rarely can be popular in the people.  Studies have shown that simple logos can convey and reach to the people very easily and becomes a brand.

When you choose a difficult and cluttered logo, it implies that you are not clear on your product and its uses and benefits.  And nowadays when people are busy, its very difficult that they will spend an extra second on trying to decide what is you are trying to communicate.

Simple logo designs are more versatile and practical.  When you choose a simple logo, with no gradients, it’s easier to print it on all forms of textures and all printing materials like letterheads, business cards, stationery and all other possible products.

Where to create a logo for free

There is the number of places online where you can create a simple and nice logo for your business. To name a few are:

Canva is one of the most popular online image editing sites.  with thousands of templates, suitable for every social media platform, Canva definitely is the go-to site for image editing.

Read More: Canva

You can create posters, logos, presentations, infographics, business cards, certificates, letterheads and many more types of designs on canvas.

Canva allows you to choose 3 colours for your color pallet, help you to create a brand for yourself.  You can also share your designs on social media and your friends.

You can download your designs in PDF, PNG JPEG format.

Creating images with Canva is really easy, watch this WAbinar on how to create images with canva.

How to create Images with Canva, watch in this Wabinar.

Webinar:  Hello : Canva

This online resource is really useful for creating a simple yet very creative symbol for your business.  You just need to enter the businesses name, tagline and within a few clicks, your logo is ready.  Alternatively, you can edit your logo, with your favourite font, color and symbol.  You can download the logo for free.

Logogenie is really a simple tool to create your logos online, you just need to enter your business name and tagline, if you wish to and with a click, hundreds of logos are made for you.  You can edit the desired logo with font, color, and icon.


Logojoy is another online tool which is really easy to use and creates wonderful logos within a click.  It also showcases how your logo will look on marketing materials like the business card, letter pad, t-shirts, envelops and so on.

Logocrisp is a simple yet very effective tool to create your logos.  One major feature is that you can upload your own images and icons to your logos.


creating logos for your business is crucial as it creates a brand and awareness about your product and your business. So while creating a logo, it’s really important to keep your logo simple and should convey the message of our business.   At a very starting point of your business, you need need to invest heavily in logo creation.  With above-mentioned tools, you can easily create a nice, clean looking simple yet very brandable logo for your business.

Would you like to share some tips with me on how to create a simple logo for your business, Pl share with me in the comments below.



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