Switch Pod Tripod Review : A minimal, versatile, handheld tripod

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With the growing popularity of visual content, blogs turn into vlogs i.e. video blogs.  Most of us are visual learners and prefer to learn through visual mediums like youtube or any other video platform.

Visual content attracts more people and increases traffic to the website.  Apart from this, videos are a great way to build your online trust and build your brand,

Through videos, you create a bond with your viewers, as people able to see and hear you.  For all these reasons Video blogging or vlogs have become increasingly popular among creators and viewers.  And to create videos you need some basic kickstart tools like cameras, tripod, professional microphones, etc.

Tripod is one of the major tools which can greatly affect your productivity.  Pat Flynn has introduced his first product Switch Pod Tripod, in the market.  Since he himself is a great blogger and know exactly what are the needs of a blogger and a vlogger.  So when pat was in a conference, he saw every blogger is with SLR cameras and accompanying tripod, which is very difficult to carry at the same time.

Caleb Wojcik, Pat’s videographer and Pat himself decided to create a tripod, and that’s how Switch Pod evaluated.  It has a very interesting story, read it in Pat’s own words, here: Meet the Switch Pod

You must be thinking why tripods are necessary?  For a good quality picture or video, it is mandatory that you have a tripod.  Once you mount your camera on the tripod, it becomes very easy to shoot images or videos, making it unshakable.

Watch the Short Video by Caleb

Add Accessories:

Use the two ¼-20″ threads on the legs to add accessories. Add a mic, a monitor, an LED light, or your Hello Kitty keychain. Turn your SwitchPod into a full video rig!

add accessories to switchpod

In recent times, Gorilla Tripods are very popular because of its flexibility, so was Switch Pod is better than Gorilla tripods?


Switch Pod are way lighter than Gorilla tripods, Gorillapod is much heavier especially when attached to a camera.  So Switch Pods are easy to carry.

Though Gorillapod is easy to work with when the legs are together, it’s difficult to have a grip.

Switching between the camera mode and tripod mode is very difficult in Gorilla tripods, but with Switch Pod, as the name suggests very easy to switch the modes.

Pat and Caleb knows the market very well and Built Switch pod after detailed research.

Though lighter with small profile yet sturdy enough to support the camera. With Gorilla Pod we have seen that often it falls down after putting the Camera on it.

Support filming both while moving around and while stationary.

Vlogging made quick and easy.

Unlike other tripods that cause pain and fatigue, Switch Pod is simple to use and gets your shot fast.

Reasonable price, cheaper than GorillaPod.


Switch Pod is very lightweight but once the DSLR placed on it, it may be very heavy to hold it single-handedly, especially for girls.


Tripods are an essential tool for blogging and vlogging.  Though GorillaPod is famous for its flexibility no doubt it takes time when it comes to packing and unpacking compared to Switch Pid.

Switch Pod, on the other hand, seems very easy to use, simple, flexible yet very sturdy.  It feels very risky when your valuable SLRs placed on tripods which are not sturdy enough to weigh its weight.

Switch Pid is quite lightweight, which makes it perfect for outdoor shoots.

Hey Friends, I think Switch Pod is a nice addition to your tool kit of vlogging.  Which is your favorite tripod for shoots, especially outdoors?

What do you think of Switch Pod, let me know in the comments below, and if you have any questions or suggestions drop them in the comments section?  I would be more than happy to guide you in the right direction.

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