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WELCOME TO ADVANTAGE AFFILIATES!jivita advantage affiliaates

Advantage Affiliates is to help thousands of people who are not aware of the potential of Affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is all about spreading the word about products that are quality-based, useful, and provide a solution to your audience through your blog or social media.

How I Started Affiliate Marketing?

After joining WA, and going through its training I realized the vast scope of affiliate marketing. I was promoting my own products as well as other affiliate products on my sites and started getting good results.

We all are familiar with Affiliate Marketing and doing it from generations. Have you ever recommended or suggested a good product to your family members, or friends? We all do that right?
That’s affiliate marketing. Spreading a word about quality products to your readers through your blogs. The best part is you get a commission around 6% to 50 or even 75%.

I think it’s a great opportunity for anyone who wants to make money online in a legit way. It is possible to build a full-time online business for yourself. By 2018, many large companies are investing more than ever in their affiliate programs.
The affiliate marketing industry is estimated to be $ 7 billion by 2020. Etsy, eBay, Amazon, AliExpress that have truly invested a lot of their energies into affiliates and their online retail experience. They are continuing to thrive and grow and will do so in future years.


Having your own authority blog is one way to reap the rewards of this trend. Often times as you gain true hold of  your niche and become an authority, affiliate programs consider offering you more incentives or better commission (like WA offers all-expense-paid Super Affiliate Conference.)

Apart from this, I really like that I can share my views and knowledge with the rest of the world, from the comfort of my home.

Sometimes I feel awestruck that how positively we can affect the people with our blog.  We can give them hope, a solution to their problems or guide them to a more useful resource, and help them with whatever resources we have.

Especially as a Stay at Home Mom, I can take care of my family at the same time I am able to share my knowledge with the world, and I think that’s an incredible thing about having your own blog.

What’s more, you can earn money with your blog and support your family.  Today there are many opportunities to earn money online beside blogging like YouTube, Google Adsense and so on.

Here is my 4 Step Guide to Affiliate Marketing for Stay at Home Moms


Many ask me this question, and my answer is YES if you are in the right hand and on the right platform to learn all about affiliate marketing and blogging.

On our part, we need to put all the hard work, patience, and persistence into our business.  Are you ready?

If you can work 9 to 5 for your boss, year after year, with very little to no pay hike, would you like to work for yourself and earn like Grace?

Grace is a stay at home mom, like me and you.  Grace joined WA, with the intention to help her family by earning some money through blogging.  But today she is one of the Super Affiliates on WA.  The beauty is she has done it in a mere 2 years span!

Grace A Super Affiliate

It is completely possible, what’s more, you have all the training, and tools at your disposal for free.  I think you should take this opportunity to dive into a new world of affiliate marketing and blogging.

You can turn any of your hobbies into business, like me.  Reiki is my hobby and passion over the

e years, but honestly, I thought that’s the one subject  I have good experience with and I can help people.

And if you read the above 4 Step Guide, you will learn that Stay at Home Moms are earning like crazy with their blogs, so why can’t YOU?

Just select any of your hobbies and start your Online Business,  not sure which niche to choose, and how to turn your hobby into an online business?

Just click the link below, and I will guide you through all the details and 100% guidance from my side.


So embrace your niche, work hard to become an expert in it.
advantageaffiliate.com is aimed at introducing people to the vast opportunities and scope of affiliate marketing.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.
I wish you all the success,

Onwards & Upwards