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Affiliate Marketing Industry to Grow to $6.8 Billion Over Next Five Years

This one declaration clearly indicates the growing importance of the Affiliate Marketing Industry and its scope in the coming years.

It’s an independent survey by Rakuten Affiliate Network. The few more important findings were that around 90% of advertisers agree that affiliate marketing was important or very important to their marketing strategies.

At the same time, publishers are getting more than 20% of their annual revenue.

So it’s a win-win situation for all, advertisers, publishers, and consumers as well.

Consumers get benefited from affiliate marketing as they are introduced to new products with adequate, informative, and very specific information, which helps them to make an informed decision on buying their products.

Affiliate Marketing and it’s value

With other emerging technologies like voice, video, affiliate marketing will venture further along with mobile advertisement.

Study shows that more than 50% mobile sales has increased in last few years.

Business Insiders predicted 82% of all internet traffic will be driven by Videos, Live videos will grow by 15 fold from 3% of Internet video Traffic to 13% by 2021.

45 million voice devices are already in use in United States.

How it’s going to be advantage @ affiliates

So this is going to be a huge opportunity for affiliates beyond display format and keeping tabs on where your best traffic is coming from and need to take a close look on how your customers prefer to consume content.

More people online ever before

96% of Americans shop online, as online shopping save time and for many other reasons like avoiding traffic.

  • Marketplace shoppers (think: Amazon) reported spending an average of $488 online yearly
  • 67% of Millennial or young generation, shop online, spend about 6 hours per week online.
  • 11% of parents shop online daily, and 33% weekly, the most reported by any shoppers
  • 55% of baby boomers shop online monthly.
  • The majority of shoppers reported making purchases from marketplaces such as Amazon

All these conclusions indicates that more people online means more opportunity for affiliates, and it’s totally advantage of affiliates.

Google processes every second 40,000 queries and there are 4 million people online daily, so there is a huge scope for affiliates more than ever before.

This is a good thing for affiliate marketers. In fact, the opportunity has never been so big and the affiliate marketing snowball is going to continue to grow in size in 2018.

Is it too late to start as an affiliate

The Online market is flourishing more than ever before, tons of new products launching and more and more people inclined towards online shopping, it’s never too late to start your career as an affiliate marketer.

Actually today Affiliate marketers are much more needed than ever before. There is a huge scope in this industry to earn your living. ‘make huge investment to start with, hard work, persistence, patience and creativity are some qualities that you need to be a super affiliate.

Affiliate Marketing is at all time high and don’t be discouraged by the fact that market is flooded with affiliates. It’s a good sign, indicating a ton of money can be earned.

Though Affiliate Marketing is not a quick get rich scheme, following are the important steps to earn passive income through Affiliate Marketing.

Self branding

Bringing value to the market-place

Consistently taking action

All the above plus the help of a mentor will go a long way.

Which is the best place to learn about Affiliate Marketing

So you see Affiliate marketing is a huge market and anyone can be successful affiliate marketer. As I mentioned earlier you need to have some basic qualities for this industry.

Handwork, patience, persistence, creativity, a good support system and top class training is needed to start Affiliate Marketing. The ONLY place that I would recommend learning about Affiliate Marketing is Wealthy Affiliate. Why I promote Wealthy Affiliate?

Ultra up to date Training

The USP of Wealthy Affiliate is it’s top class, up to date training – since online trends are ever-changing, it’s very rare that you see most up to date training available tip of your fingers.

Live webinars, at every weekend, is another great training module, which keeps you updated.

WA community – one of it’s kind

Creating your online business can be lonely sometime and you need constant encouragement and guidance at every step to be successful.

WA community is more of a like family – warm, encouraging and giving right guidance whenever you need it. Honestly, I have not seen any community – online or offline – so dedicated to the welfare of each member, be a free or premium member.

Communication @ ease

Communicating with other members, is easy through live chat, in built message system or private message. Live chat is another great feature, which is available 24/7, where you can ask any queries or questions if you have any.

You can ask questions through blog also, every premium member can create a daily blog to share views, success story or any other important information.

Success Stories are common at WA

success can be a subjective term as success may differ from person to person. But it’s very common at WA platform. Every other day, a success story is published from this platform – can be vary from creating a website to earn a six figure income.

Readily available Tools to Start your Affiliate Marketing Career

To start your career as an Affiliate Marketer the basic thing you need is your own website. With your own website, you can promote thousands of products like Amazon, or any other big brands.

With WA premium membership you get 25 websites free with hosting, training free of cost.

Even With free membership you can have your two sub domains with hosting and 20 training modules free.

Keyword Research Tool is a must if you want to build anything online, Jaaxy the top keyword research tool – is free for all members .

So to create your own online business, every tool and training is available at WA.

you can build your business under one roof at WA.

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There is no doubt that you need proper training and guidance to achieve success in Affiliate Marketing. With proper, training, and guidance success in Affiliate Marketing is possible.

Affiliate Marketing is here to stay, actually, it’s blooming like never before. With growing Internet popularity even in the remote part of world, and with ease of online shopping, the trend of affiliate marketing is sure of upward direction.

So start you Affiliate Marketing career now, it’s the most popular and definite way to earn money online, if you work persistently.

Start your career with Wealthy Affiliate and I assure you, you will never regret.

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