Bananatic Review – Earn Money Playing Games, Legit or Scam?

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Welcome to My Review of Bananatic!

Bananatic is a website where you can play your favourite game and earn money at the same time.  There are hundreds of games to choose from.  Also, there are other many ways to earn some extra dollars by doing some simple and interesting tasks.

Do you want to earn money from Bananatic? or do you searching if Bananatic is a scam or a legit opportunity to earn money?

First of all, I want to congratulate you for doing your own due diligence and for sure, is the Best Way To Avoid Scams Online and save your hard-earned money.

Let me help you to find out the truth about Bananatic and guide you in the right direction to make money online.

Also, let me be completely transparent with you, I am not associate with Bananatic in any form.  So rest assured I’m not here to pitch or sell anything to you!

Bananatic Review

Company Name: Bananatic

Website URL:

Launched in: June 2015

Price: Free

Recommended: Yes

What Is Bananatic All About?logo baababatics

Bananatic is a website which operates like a GPT(Get Paid To), but it is a gaming platform, where you can earn money while playing games.

There are hundreds of games on Bananatic where you earn a few dollars by playing games and completing simple tasks like downloading the game watching the videos, write a review, write articles and so on.

Bananatic has its own currency namely bananas, which then can be transferred to PayPal, buy amazon cards and so on.  Bananatic also has an app which you can download for Android.

How Bananatic Really Works?

Bananatic is a website and an app, on which you can play games and do simple tasks for which you earn bananas, which you can cash out through PayPal or bet your bananas to earn bigger prizes.

Bananatic woks more like a GPT site, on which you complete different tasks to earn bananas.  There are a variety of tasks available on Bananatic.

variety of tasks

When you complete a task successfully, you get bananas which you can use buy stuff for your games, Amazon gift cards or send cash to your Paypal account.

You also earn experience points and badges depending on your activity on the platform also you go up in levels with every task you complete successfully.

It is important to note that you can earn some side income by playing games, but you cannot make a consistent income through this website.  Though most players join the platform to earn some quick money and that’s the reason this platform has created.

In most cases, you play games on third party websites and also you need to complete quests to earn bananas.

You get 50 bananas for signing with bananatic, basically for watching their video also you get additional 500 bananas for allowing notifications.

In short, you need to collect 5000 bananas to exchange it for € 5 Amazon gift card, and to earn € 1, you need 1000 bananas.  It is not a great site for earning but if you love playing games, then it’s not a bad idea to earn some money for it.

The best part about Bananatic is that it has many ways to earn money some of them are as follows:

Game Quests:  This is the main way to earn bananas, playing different games from a huge list of games is the best option to earn bananas.  You need to register on the website of the game and you must complete the quest which usually is a complete an easy task.  The reward for completing a game is different.

Purchase Bananas: You can also purchase bananas which cost you $2 for 1000 bananas.

Adverts:  In this you find a number of third-party websites where you completed different small tasks like watching videos, surveys, downloading apps, and so on.  This module is the same as GPT sites, generally, you will find this type of small tasks on GPT sites.

Fun Zone:  A list of games that you play on Bananatic, most of the games are free.  You earn bananas by watching the ads and achieve higher levels.

Cashback: You visit different websites to buy and collect bananas as a cashback.

Recommended:  Bananatic has a referral program, where you earn 10% of your referrals bananas for 300 days.  Also, you get 25 bananas and 25 experience points per active referral.

Bananapedia: You get paid for writing a blog and create video for Bananatic, though the rewards are not great.

Banana TV: collect bananas by watching short videos.

I’ve spent some time digging through all the layers to get into the heart of the system and discover if it’s just another scam or there is a possibility that this system works,

Main Features of Bananatic

Number of ways to earn money

Bananatic has a number of ways besides playing games, where you can earn bananas and transfer them to your account.

Watching videos, cashback, referral program, social media share are a few of the ways where you earn bananas.

Low Earnings

Bananatic is a great platform to earn some extra dollars by playing games, but it is the very low payout and slow earning as each task gives you very little to add to your earnings.

It is a very low earning platform as every task gives you very little in the form of bananas.


Testimonials are very important for any product or service.  Bananatic has mixed reviews, but the majority of Bananatic reviews are positive it seems people enjoy this site

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Pros &Cons of Bananatics


Legit Site:  Bananatics is a legit site and has online for many years now.  It is online from 2015 and established itself as a legit way to earn money by playing games.

Good Reviews:  Bananatics has overall good ratings and reviews across the Internet.  There are some complaints but they are very few compare to the good ones.

Active Forum:  One of the plus points of Bananatics is its forum which is very active and support is great.  It is always good to have a forum, and one of the clues of a legit site.

On a forum, people can discuss their problems and get solve immediately.

Bananatic App:  Bananantic has an app which you can download through Google Play.  It has some good reviews on Google Play with 4,256 reviews and 4.4 ratings.

Google app for banantics


very slow and low earnings:

Bananatics is a great platform to earn money by playing your favorite games and doing some simple tasks, but it offers very low payouts so earning is very slow.

One can not expect to earn $10 per month, so it’s very time consuming compare to the time you invest.

Is A Scam?

I would not call Bananatic a scam but if you are looking for a way to earn money online, Bananatic is not the way.

It’s good for fun and earns some extra dollars playing along with the games, but it is not meant to build a successful career out of it, not will you expect a sustainable income for you.

Also, there is a gambling section in Bananatics, so you should be careful playing in this section.  Also, it is advisable not to enter any sensitive data on the website.

Since the Bananatics is online since 2015, it has created trust among its followers and uses regularly to earn some extra money.

But definitely Bananatics is not a way to build your online business, and that’s not the purpose and intention of Banantics.  It is meant to have fun while playing games and earn a few dollars per months, which is a  total waste of your time.

Rather than wasting your time on another system that does not deliver, why not take a look at My # 1 Recommendation below.


It is the platform where I am working for the last few years and learned about online marketing.  But if you want to earn legitimate money, you need to commit to this program.

Legitimate Opportunities Requires Legitimate Effort

Making Money Online is much like any other business, which requires hard work, Patience, and Persistence.

The people who fail online is because of their wrong mindset.  People who do not want to work hard, or they want to put in little or no effort to get the results.

The business module which I highly recommend is not a get rich scheme.  You need to work hard and work hard consistently.  This is the method which has succeeded in the past and will be successful in the future years also.  It is a time-proven method.


Why I am so sure about this program?

I like to recommend my readers those programs/ products which will add value to their life, and I am sure you will thank me for introducing this program to you!

It is Free to Join

The most important thing that it is free to join, you do not need to pay a single dime while joining.  And I would also like you to go through the Starter Membership, see whether this program is for you.  Take full advantage of Starter Membership and if it suits you, Go Premium!

The Support is amazing

When you are building an online business, sometimes it becomes lonely.  You need encouragement and support from others.  this platform has an inbuilt support system in the form of an amazing community of more than 1.5+ members.  Live chat, PM, Blog are some of the ways to communicate and get support from the community.

Beginner Friendly

When I joined this platform I was totally unaware of the technical stuff and had very little to no experience working online.  But the platform is for anyone who wants to build an online business.

One-Stop Destination for becoming Successful Online

Most of the tools and training which one need to be successful is available on the platform, so you do not need to go elsewhere for any further additional services.  You can easily Build and prosper your online business Under ONe Roof.


The platform teaches you the most popular earning method of online marketing i.e. affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is a very legit and sure way of earning money online, but the success depends on you.  The success is proportionately related to the hard work you put in your work.

Lastly, I have personally been with the platform

I personally working on this platform for the last few years, and am really lucky to find this platform.  It is one of the most advanced platforms online and most importantly, the environment within the community is very helping, caring and encouraging!

Since it is free to join, I highly recommend you to check out this program.

create-your-free-account button

I hope the Review of Bananatics has helped you to make an informed decision.

Don’t hesitate to share it with whoever you believe that will benefit from it!

If there’s something else you want to know or you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you ASAP! ?

Whatever you do next, I wish you nothing but the best 🙂






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  1. I had made 16,000 in bananas last Summer, mainly on polls for the election last November. 10,000 is what you need to get 20 bucks put in your pay pal account. Well I got signed out of the site, which I didn’t do, my password didnt work and when I signed in with google their was only 73 bananas. They had their chat support button over the last box to push so I didn’t do it when I had 10,thous I thought i would wait until I go 40 bucks worth and they disappeared. And they were very rude about it and refuse to check with the people I took the surveys with. Decided to try it again by doing a game, Neverwinter, now they are saying I didn’t register through them which is not true.


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