How to Find Keywords For Your Bussiness (Without Any Keyword Tools)

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How To Find Keywords For Your Business, maybe one of the critical questions when you started out business or about to start a business.

Keyword research is a must for any business if you want to rank in search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.  Without ranking in higher ranks it is next to impossible that your audience will find you on the Internet.  SEO (Search Engine Optimization) therefore, holds immense importance to businesses today.

Keyword Research is the foundation of SEO, without knowing proper keywords it is next to impossible to optimize your webpage, blog or website in the search engines.

There is an ongoing debate over the importance of keyword research and if we should pay any attention to keyword research, but without keyword research, even if you write quality content, how you are going to rank in search engines, and without ranking it is not possible to reach your targeted audience.

The very fact that we do keyword research is to know what our audience searching on the Internet, what their pain points are, how can we help them by providing helpful information to them.

Many experts say that keyword research is dead, but the very fact that people go online to search for a solution, they need to type a keyword or keyword phrase.  Keyword research is all about finding what people are searching, so if people are using keywords to find a solution, keyword research never going to die.

So how to do keyword research, there are a ton of keyword research tools, but it is absolutely possible to find out keywords without any keyword tools.

Keyword research tools are important as they provide important data such as high search volume, low competition, high COC, high traffic, etc.   but if you are just starting out in an online business, here is  the best tool to find keywords for your business without any keywords tools, which many people still use even if they have access to many other branded tools.  Why, because it gives you most authentic information about what people search for and it comes from none other than Google, the most popular search engine.  So it has the latest and most relevant data regarding your query.

Google’s Autopilot – Best Way To Find Keywords

Google Autopilot is the best way to find the best keyword for your business.  You must be aware fo the fact that whenever you type a query in Google’s search bar it auto completes the query with different possible and available terms and phrases.

For e.g. for this article I was searching the term -how to find keywords for- so Google ends up giving me 10 keywords which are most popular or people searching for.

Also, it is important to remember that Google always shows up the searches according to their popularity.

_how to find keywords for your business

And if you want other data such as volume and CPC, you can use another free tool by Google itself, Keyword Everywhere.  It shows all the details whenever you search a term in the Google Search bar.  For e.g I searched the term – Buy Gold, I got this useful information, and it also gives you important keywords by highlighting the phrase, according to its data.

keyword everywhere results

Simple Tips On How To Utilize Google AutoComplete To Its Best

Google AutoPilot gives you the best possible results to your query by providing other options which may be relevant to your search, but you can also use these results by refining it using some simple tips.

You can use it for any niche and business, let’s take a keyword – Buy Gold – when searched in Google, it gives me result which has approximately 4,25,00,00,000 results.

total searches for the term buy gold

In Quotes Search

Obviously it’s a very competitive term, so it will be very difficult to rank for such competitive term, so a simple trick to find out the real competition or total webpages ranking for this term is to type the keyword in quotes like – “buy gold”

in quotes_buy gold - Google Search

See, how the total results drop down to 64,00,000.  No doubt it drops down competition drastically, but still with 64,00,000 results, it’s still very hard to rank for this term, so what can we do is to make this root keyword a keyword phrase by adding some extra words, which might our audience searching for like you can add search phrases like Where to buy gold in ———(type your local area)

I am from India, so I typed Where to buy gold in Mumbai. Let’s see the results

where to buy gold in mumbai

You see the results, 14,10,00,000, so let’s try with the quoted search results – “where to buy gold in mumbai”

in quotes where to buy gold in mumbai

Can you believe this, the result drop-down drastically to mere 5, so it is now possible to rank for this term with competition only from 5 webpages, using the exact key phrase.

So you got the idea if you want to target a specific keyword for your business and it’s really competitive, turn that keyword into a keyphrase, which makes it super easy to rank for.

You can add other words like can, will, is, in short turn it into question and you will find many keyword phrases, for which you can write quality content.

if you turn to buy gold in a question with – can, the probable key phrase will be can it is safe to buy gold – and you will find many other keywords which you can target for the same keyword but with a long tail keyword.

can it is sare to buy gold

You can also search for the competitive pages manually by scrolling down to the bottom, where Google shows you results in numer of pages, click until the last page,

footer results where to buy gold in mumbai - Google Search (3)

Click on the number 10, and so on till you get the last result.

page number results where to buy gold in mumbai - Google Search (4)

So you will see that on page 14, it says that it has a maximum of 140 competitive pages for the term – where to buy gold in Mumbai without quotes, where it was first showing results of 14,10,00,000 pages.

So now you can use any competitive term in a long-phrase or a longtail keyword and rank your content in the search engines.

How this information can be used for a business?

Apart from blogging, I also love to do local SEO, so how can I use this information for my business.  Let’ see.

When I search the term – where to buy gold in Mumbai – Google shows me 3 top-ranked pages in snippets, under which you will see “Show More” tab, if you click on this, it will show other rankings for the same term, which are not on Google Page 1.

for local seo business - where to buy gold in mumbai - Google Search (5)

Click on the tab to see more pages for the same keyword

for local business - where to buy gold in mumbai - Google Search (6)

You can contact them to get them rank on Google for higher rankings, you can choose any of them but choose one with highest reviews, it shows the authenticity and credibility of the shop.  Even if you are in other businesses you can use this information as a guideline.

With all these paid and Free keyword tools, one of the simplest keyword tool I found which has great accuracy is Jaaxy. Let’s see by an example:

If you remember, we start by searching for – how to find keywords for your business- now when I first Googled it I get results like this:

compare google how to find keywords for your business - Google Search (1)

with quoted search term still I am getting 14,900 results,

quoted star_how to find keywords for your business - Google Search (3)

so I click on the footer area, on each number till I get at the end, and I got the result page 2, 13 results.

quoted results

but with Jaaxy, a simple search of the term – how to find keywords for your blog, I found the keyword – how to find keywords for your business with almost near to Google results with 19 QSR, i.e competitive webpages on Google.

jaaxy simple and accurate

I do not need to do quoted searches or scroll down to Google pages and search till the end of results, it saves a ton of time and gives exact results for each keyword, Jaaxy does all the work for me.

Want to Try Jaaxy, here is your Free 30 searches


Keyword Research is an integral part of the Internet, without keyword research it is impossible for anyone to find their desired quality products and services.

The main purpose of a layman who uses the Internet is most probably to find or search a particular service or product.  With the help of keyword research, we can help them to find the best products and services.

There are many paid and free keyword tools available in the market, but it is really easy to find keywords for your business without any keyword tools.

Google Autocomplete aka Google search bar is one of the most popular keyword tool, which even established SEO firms use to double-check the search engine results.

There are some simple tips and tricks which you can use to get the maximum and accurate results to form Google Autocomplete.

Root keywords are the most difficult to rank in the search engines, as it has a huge competition but if you add some words which might be searched by your audience, it will make a wonderful low competitive search phrase.

Long-tail keywords are popular because they are easy to rank in search engines, and also because they have other additional words which people may be searching.

Most of the times, people search the Internet to get a specific answer to the question, so try to make the root keyword in a question phrase by adding what, when, why, whose, can, will, is , does, how does and so on.

Search by typing your keyword in Quoted Terms, so that you will get an exact number of competitions on the Internet.

Google also shows results in the footer area at the bottom of the page in the number forms, click on the last number till you get the last page of that keyword.  You will be surprised by the results.

Hey Friends,

What is your preferred method for doing keyword research and what tool would you suggest to do keyword research, let me know in the comments below.


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  1. A most useful tool that I don’t see here but hear other marketers raving about is this free one called “Ink for all”. Using one platform vs several is fantastic because I have to write multiple posts daily to make a decent amount of money.


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