Best 9 Apps For New Year Wishes 2021

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Updated: Dec 2021.

The new year is around the corner and we all love to send and receive New year wishes, text messages, GIFs, and greeting to our friends & family members.  You will find many tools to create these visuals but apps are the best ways to find all these wishes, GIFS, greetings all in one place.  You will find hundreds of apps in Playstore dedicated to New Year Wishes.  I have selected and reviewed Best 9 Apps For New Year Wishes-2022.

The best part about these apps is hundreds of visuals are created for you.  In most of the apps, there is a tab to save your favourite cards, GIFs, by giving ♥ they are automatically saved in the “favourite” tab.  So you can save them and send them on New Year Eve.

All apps come with the “Share” option and you can share your favorite card or visual with almost all popular social platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and so on.  You can also share it on WhatsApp and through email.

Some of the apps also give you the ability to personalize your cards with your own messages.

Many come with an in-app purchase function if you want to buy any particular card or GIF.

Due to the huge popularity of the New Year Wishes app, new apps are popping up every day. With a plethora of services and apps, people can easily waste their time and money.

Of course, each app has its own advantages and disadvantages, which is why I’ve made this list. I am reviewing each app, focusing on where they excel and where they don’t.

These apps are really helpful as they come with hundreds of visuals ready to send, so have a look and choose the one that suits your needs the best.

One thing that can confuse you and me is they all come with the same title”Happy New Year Wishes”, so I have also added their developer company name.  I will disclose my favorite app in the conclusion.

1. Happy New Year Images 2022- by Arifapps

Happy-New-Year-Images-2022-–-Apps-on-Google-Play (1)


App Name: Happy New Year Images 2022

Available on: Android

Updated: 1 Dec, 2021

Size: 8.2 M

Requires Android:4.2 & up

Current Version: 3.6

Installs : 100,000+
Star Rating: 4.3 of 71 reviews
Price: Free

Recommended: Yes

Happy New Year Images 2022 has over 150 beautiful images, visuals, and GIFs for this new year eve.  You can choose an image to save for later use.

You can also download an image or GIF to your device, which is one of the best parts of this app.

You can share the cards on various platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and What’s app.  What’s more, you can also send new year wishes through the mail if you want.

The only downside of the app is that it has many ads.

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2. Happy New Year 2021 Shayari and Wishes



Available on: Android
Updated: 30 Nov, 2020
Size: 9.1 M
Requires Android: 4.4 & up
Current Version: 11.0

Happy New Year 2021 Shayari and Wishes, consists of new year wishes and Hindi shayari.  Sending wishes through Shayari is very popular and if you are looking for Hindi Shayari then this app can be quite useful.

In the play store description, it mentioned that it has English new year wishes as well but you will find only a few of them.

The app name is quite misleading, it mainly has Hindi Shayari.

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3.  Happy New Year 2021 Cards GIF



App Name: Happy New Year 2022 Cards GIF

Available on: Android

Updated: 5 Dec,2021

Size: 25 M

Requires Android: 4.1 & up

Current Version: 2.3.5

Installs: 500,000+

Price: Free

Recommended: Yes

Happy New Year 2022 Cards GIF, as the name suggests consists only of GIFs.  It has some beautiful GIFs which you can share with your friends.

You can share these GIFs on all popular social media platforms and via e-mails.  It also offers in-app purchases if you want to buy any of these visuals.

A word of caution though it does not offer any personalization, even if it has been mentioned in the Playstore description.

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4.  New Year Wishes & Cards by iYogeetech


Available on: Android

Updated: 25 Dec.2020

Size: 18 M

Requires Android: 4.2 & up

Current Version: 1.4

New Year Wishes & Cards is an all-in-one app if you are looking for all different types of wishes you can send to your friends.  It has many GIFs, frames, card wishes, quotes, and wallpapers to choose from.

You can also save your favourite visuals to a different tab available in the app itself.  If you wish you can also download the visuals to your device to personalize it.

Also, it also offers “share” options to all platforms including social media.  You can also mail these new year wishes if you want.

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5. Happy New Year Wishes 2021 by Alliswell Editors


Happy-New-Year-Wishes-2021-photo effects

Available on: Android

Updated: 30th Dec 2020

Size: 4.8 M

Requires Android: 4.4 & up

Current Version: 1.5

Happy New Year Wishes 2021 app basically useful for creating greetings as it contains many useful features in it.

If you want to create visuals and images with photo frames, this is the right app for you.  It also has many stickers, text effects to add and enhance the visual effect of the image.

You can download the image once you finish the editing and save it to your device for later use.  App also provides a “share” option where you can share the cards on social media platforms as well as it also offers other sharing options.

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6. Happy New Year 2021 App by Curveapp Mania

Happy new year 2022 app


Available on: Android

Updated: 18 Aug, 2021

Size: 8.2 M

Requires Android: 5.9 & up

Current Version: 5.0 & up

Happy New Year 2021, has many images, new year wishes, and GIFs available.  It does not offer the personalization of images.

You can say it is another all-in-one app for all new year wishes and GIFs.  You can download the images to your device.

As with all other apps, it also has a “share” option where you can share your new year’s wishes on different social media platforms.

In play store description, you will find that it has mentioned that you can create different DPs with the help of this app, but it does not have an option for that.

It has a separate app for creating different kinds of DP in the play store.

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7. Happy New Year 2021 Images & Gif



Developer: Carlitoapps

Available on: Android

Updated: 3 Dec,2020

Size: 3.5 M

Requires Android: 4.1 & up

Current Version: 1.2

Happy New Year 2021 Images and Gif, is an app where you can find amazing visuals and GIFs for New Year Eve.

Also, the number of cards and wishes are also good and you will definitely find a card or GIF that suits your nature and mood.

You can also zoom in and out a particular image to view its details.  You can also set an image as your device wallpaper.

Like any other app, it has several “share” options to share it on different social media platforms.

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8.  Happy New Year Wishes With Images 2021


Available on: Android

Updated: 4 Nov,2020

Size: 6.2M

Requires Android: 4.1 & up

Current Version: 1.0.3

You will find many apps by the same name Happy New Year on Playstore, but this app is developed by DKLop.

This app is basically good if you are looking for an hindi shayari app.  Though the app name suggests that it might have visuals and great images it has very few, not more than 6 images.

You can send and share Hindi Shayari on different platforms and also through email if you like to.

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9. Happy New Year 2021 by NewDevv

Happy-New-Year-2021-newdvv logo

Updated: 7 Sept.2020

Size: 4.0 M

Requires Android: 4.1 & up

Current Version: 1.1

Happy New Year 2021 is another app which has the same name but it’s developed by the NewDevv company.

It has many visuals, cards, GIFs to share on New Year Eve.  The best part is you can download the images to your devices, so you need not be searching at the last moment.

The app has an inbuilt “share” option so that you can share the images, wishes, and GIFs directly to different social media platforms.

Read my full review of Happy New Year 2021 here.





New Year Eve is the most cheerful, happy, and enthusiastic event, which everyone wants to spend with great joy.  Everyone sends greetings, new year wishes in different ways and formats.  Playstore app is one of the best ways to find beautiful images and greeting cards for this occasion.  But you will find hundreds of app for New Year Wishes and it really becomes too difficult to choose the right one.

I have reviewed some of the Playstore apps so that it becomes very easy and handy to choose the most beautiful cards.  My fav is 7. I have created the Happy New Year image using this app.

I hope you will find the Best 9 Apps for New Year Wishes useful to find beautiful New Year Cards & GIFs.  Also, let me know which is your favorite app for new year’s wishes.

I wish all of you a Very Happy 2022!

Happy new year


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I hope the Review of the Happy New Year 2021 App has helped you to make an informed decision.

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If there’s something else you want to know or you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below, and I’ll get back to you ASAP!

Whatever you do next, I wish you nothing but the best ?


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