9 Best Educational Toys For 2-3 Year Old

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Toddlers are very curious about the world around them, and they are little explorers who learn by doing.  This is the time of great cognitive, emotional and social development.

Toys play a very important role in the enhancement of their fine motor skills and shape recognition, visual and audio senses. So lately there is a huge array of educational and brain development toys available in the market.  It might be overwhelming to choose the right toy for your child.  So how to choose the right toys for your toddler.

Toddlers love to take apart, pull out, pull in, add on so choose toys that encourage these activities like blocks, interlocking blocks, nesting blocks and so on.

Select toys that encourage exploration and problem solving and gives the opportunity to practice a skill again and again. Like puzzles, shape sorters.

Select toys that look like real things and allow them to explore the world like food, toy key, toy phone, musical instruments.

Choose toys that make them active like balls of different sizes and shapes, moving boxes (open at both ends) to make tunnels to crawl through.

Based on the above skills here are:

9 Best Educational Toys for 2-3 Years

  1. Einstein Box for 2-Year-Old

einstein box- educational toys for 2-3 yr old

Presentation: 9/10

Easy To Learn: 9/10

Value for Money:9/10

Safety: 10/10

Star Ratings: 4+ with 1553 reviews

Einstein Box is very popular on Amazon, as it offers different activities for kids age two and three years.  This box is ideal for a gift, it has many activities that will be useful for imbibing many helpful habits in the kids.

It consists of 2 books and 3 activities which will be helpful and purely designed for improving social and emotional skills. It can help children to develop a love for reading and build thinking skills.

It is a good combination of different activities so you don’t need to buy different kits for puzzles, reading and so on.  It has a puzzle book, memory and correspondence game, finger painting which has non-toxic and child safe materials.  But it’s not reusable and you can use it only once.




2. esnipe mart® fun laptop notebook computer toy for kids-Blue

esnipe for 2-3 year

Presentation: 9/10

Easy To Learn: 9/10

Value for Money:8.5/10

Safety: 10/10

Star Ratings: 8.5 with 1176 reviews

Esnipe Mart Fun Laptop is perfect for kids with attractive blue colour and many features which will help children to get acquainted with the laptops.

Esnipe Mart Fun Laptop shaped exactly like a real laptop, the educational notebook opens to reveal an LCD screen measuring 5 x 4. 25 Cm.

You will also find a full-fledged keyboard on the notebook for kids.  With the help of this super slim laptop, children are able to pick up letters and numbers faster and better.

It has many features like alphabets recognition and pronunciation, recognition and pronunciation of numbers, write capital and small letters, spelling test, identification of pictures learning musical notes.

It also has games like catch falling objects, find the match, and star shootings.




3. Zaid Collections Realistic Slice Able Fruits And Vegetable Cutting

zaid fruit basket for 2-3 years

Presentation: 9/10

Easy To Learn: 9/10

Value for Money:7.5/10

Safety: 10/10

Star Ratings: 3.5 with 310 reviews

This fruit basket from Zaid collections is very creative and helps kids in many different ways.  It has a simple activity of cutting fruits in slices but it teaches many things.

It helps children to recognize different colours and shapes.  Each Fruit And Vegetable can be sliced in half because they are connected. It comes with a plastic knife, plate, different vegetables, fruits, chopping board, etc for children to enjoy cutting.

It’s different than other educational toys but it helps children by giving practical experiments with fruits and vegetables.




4. Toyshine Educational All in ONE Blocks  – Set of 2

Toyshine_cubes_for 2-3_years

These cubes are full of different activities that kids are just going to love.  It has many features like activities that include: Numbers, letters, counting, puzzle, clock, shapes, colors, abc and much more.

The best part is all the sides of the cube can be taken apart to recreate a cube.


5.Learning House By Smartcraft

smartcraft educational toy

Presentation: 9/10

Easy To Learn: 9/10

Value for Money:10/10

Safety: 10/10

Star Ratings: 4+ with 950 reviews

Smartcraft Colorful and Attractive Funny Cottage Educational Toy, Learning House is a good way to keep your child occupied for a long time.  It’s attractive colors, shapes, and sounds very attractive for toddlers.

This learning house is a bundle of multiple activities that can boost your child’s fine motor skills like hand-eye coordination, enhance visual and audio senses as it comes with 6 Animal Sounds, 8 Musical Scales and 8 Pieces of Music.

Inserting the 5 geometric shapes and 6 animal blocks in the correct hole play fun sound effects help to learn shape sorting and counting.




6. Webby Wooden Geometric Shape Matching Five Column Blocks

geomatric shape 5 column blocks

Presentation: 9/10

Easy To Learn: 9/10

Value for Money: 8/10

Safety: 9/10

Star Ratings: 4 stars with 160 ratings

This is a nice wooden toy that helps the child to recognize colors, shape and learn to count.  This Webby Wooden Intellectual Geometric Shape Matching Five Column Blocks comes in 5 different radiant colours and shapes of Square, Triangle, Round, Rectangle, Pentagon.

It is safe for the child as it has a great finish and bright colours which engage your child for a long time.




7. Fun With Words Puzzle

fun with words puzzle

Presentation: 7/10

Easy to Learn:9/10

Value for Money: 8/10

Safety: 9/10

Star Ratings: 4 + star Ratings with 1,249 reviews

Fun with word puzzle is a great product to teach your child letter recognition, spellings, and reading skills.  “Fun With Words” is a set of 30 self-correcting three-piece word building puzzles, a 24 pages Activity Book and an Activity Guide.

The kit intends to improve concentration and focus in the children.  Children need to join together different pieces of a picture, at the bottom a particular letter is written and when the picture is assembled, the child also learns the spelling and letters simultaneously.  It also helps the hand and eye coordination in the children.




8. Orapple Wooden See-Saw Balance Stacker Toy

wooden see saw balance stacker toy


Presentation: 9/10

Easy to Learn: 9/10

Value for Money: 9/10

Safety: 9/10

Star Ratings: 4 star ratings of 15 reviews

This Wooden See-Saw Balance Stacker Toy is a beautiful wooden toy with attractive colours of red, yellow, orange, green and sky blue.  A nice concept where the child learns about different colours, balancing the toy and stacking the rings.

A very simple toy that helps in developing different skills in the child.  It helps to develop child recognition in the child.  The vibrant colours of the rings and bids help the child to easily recognize and memorize different colours.

Arranging different sizes of rings on one another in a particular sequence helps to develop the problem skill in the child at a very early stage.

Since the toy has a base of a see-saw, it gives the child an idea about balancing by keeping the same rings on both ends and is the best motor skills booster for the kids.

This wooden toy is the best to enhance kid’s imagination and cognitive skills as it’s a mix of stacking game, bead game, cute animal face toy.

This toy is suitable for 1.5 to 4 years old age.




9. Building Block Toy For Kids

building block toy for kids

Presentation: 9/10

Easy to Learn:7/10

Value for Money:

Safety: 8/10

Star Ratings: 3+ star ratings with 575 reviews

This building block toy set comes with 20 vibrant multi colours, that easily attract the child and engage for a long time.

It comes with a booklet with instructions on how to create different shapes and build various modules of a home.

This building block toy provides tremendous possibilities for a child to develop skills, broaden the imagination and use intelligence creatively.

It is very safe to use as it has no sharp corners and made with non-toxic plastic with a smooth texture.  You can also build different forms besides the given designs in the booklet.  Overall a very good product for the children that helps to develop their imagination, fine motor skills, and visual sense.

This set of building block toys can be used by kids between two to five years of age.  Other versions of 30 blocks, 54 blocks, Nano blocks, Racer Blocks and a special edition of pink “Block Games For Girls” is available for girls.





Toddlers develop certain skills at a very early age up to 5 years, so it is important to help them develop these skills of fine motor, visual and auditory senses, shape recognition in different ways.  One of the fun ways to develop these skills is through toys.

Today toys are specially created keeping in mind these all factors, and there are various toys available that can help them to grow.

The most important thing while choosing the toys is safety, it is important to check the material, colours used and any possible issue that can harm the child.

Tell me in the comments below your biggest takeaway from the article or a question about the educational toys for kids.  I will be more than happy to guide you in the right direction.


2 thoughts on “9 Best Educational Toys For 2-3 Year Old”

  1. Great article! Thank you for sharing toys that are great for developing fine motor skills, cognitive thinking, problem solving, shape recognition, creative building, letter recognition, and also helps mom out by keeping the kiddos busy and occupied for a little while! 

    What are your thoughts on wooden toys? I’ve always been a big fan of wood, especially for those children who love to bite and chew on toys. 

    Thank you again for sharing!

    • Hey, first of all, I must say I like your name very much, reminded me of my Dad:) He used to love Brandy:))

      You are right Brandy, wooden toys are durable, and are better not only for kids but for the environment also.  They are biodegradable and don’t contain chemicals.

      But you should be careful of cheap, low-quality wood. Some are made from plywood that’s full of toxic glues and leach formaldehyde. Lack of quality control on these cheaper materials means there’s a high probability that paints tainted with lead were used, as well.


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