5Linx MLM Review

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No doubt, people are searching for make money online or work from home opportunities more than ever before.  Yes, and the internet has a number of good opportunities that can really help you to make money online from the comfort of your home.  But before joining any platform, you must do proper research.  5Linx is another platform that claims that you can build your own online success story by joining it. But can you make money selling health-enhancing CBD & diabetes products, let’s find out in this 5Linx MLM Review.

What is 5Linx MLM?

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5Linx is a company that promotes home and wellness products.  It has varied products from health-enhancing CBD products, diabetes products, everyday services like energy & television, financial services like personal credit repair, and so on.

It was founded by Jason Guck, Craig Jerabek & Jeb Tyler in 2001.  5Linx is headquartered in Rochester, New York.  It has products like health insurance, utility services, nutritional supplements, business services, and even telecommunication.

5Linx was listed on the Inc.500 as one of the fastest-growing companies between 2006 and 2009.

Are 5Linx Products Worth Their Price?

5Linx offers both personal products and business products.  In personal products, they have many services like home security, credit score service, ID guard, Intenet, and Cable TV Serice, coffee, and tea products.  They also offer a service such as Telemed, which offers access to Board Certified doctors over a toll-free number for unlimited phone or video access.

In business products, they have designed many tools to help businesses to increase productivity like offering energy plans, payment solutions such as online payment processing and fraud protection, and text alerts, basically a robocall.

The 5Linx MLM Opportunity

5Linx does offer you a business opportunity and there are two ways you can earn with 5Linx.  Firstly, be a representative of 5Linx and sell their different products and earn a commission.

Secondly, by recruiting other people under you.  The more people you recruit, the more commission you can earn.

But it’s easier said than done because there are many complaints about 5Linx.  It’s a major red flag if someone tells you not to search for any company or business opportunity on the Internet.  You must do due diligence before joining any platform online.

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How Much Does It Cost to Join 5Linx?

It’s pretty expensive to join 5Linx, to join you need to fill in the application form and pay $249.  Also when you sign up for the 5Linx membership, you also need to sign in for the TeeVee subscription.  Many representatives do not make this term clear with the recruit.

Many times you will also come across the serious complaints of getting their credit card charged without their knowledge while signing in with 5Linx.

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Can You Make Money with 5Linx?

First, you must remember that 5Linx is an MLM business, and it’s really difficult to make money with the structure.

With 5Linx, you can make money by selling their varied products.  You make a commission by selling these products.

The more personal customer points you have, the more percentage you get.  You start with 10%, and as you make 25 personal customer points, your commission becomes 15%, and so on.

Another way is to recruit other members and helpt them to join your network.  When your recruit makes sales, you also earn a commission.

Since it’s an MLM opportunity, most of your success depends upon your marketing skills.  If your team members are active, you can earn a good amount of money, but if they are not active your earning potential is limited.


Varied Products:

5Linx has a number of products in many categories ranging from home and wellness, health-enhancing products, everyday services, financial services, utility services, etc.  So you can sell these products and earn a commission.

Offers You Website & App:

5Linx offers you a free website and app, which is included in your membership.  Nowadays, having a website and app can help your business tremendously.

Recurring Income:

5Linx also have many subscription services, if you can manage to join people for these subscriptive services, you can get a recurring income.


Hefty Sign-up:

5Linx has one of the expensive fee structures to join it.  You need to pay $249 + other monthly subscriptions to be a member of it.

Many Negative Reviews:

Unfortunately, 5Linx has a very bad reputation on the Internet and you will find many complaints on many forums about it.


The co-founders were indicted on multiple federal fraud charges that included money laundering and wire fraud.

In fact, they admitted to defrauding $2.3 million that was redirected to their personal accounts. In 2018, two of the founders, Jerabeck and Tyler were sentenced to a 124-month prison term for filing false tax returns and fraud.

They were ordered to repay $2.3 million to investors and over $118,000 in unpaid back taxes. In May 2019, the third co-founder, Jason Guck was sentenced to seven months in prison.

Is 5Linx a Scam?

5Linx is an MLM company and fails to establish itself as a legit and quality brand. Many lawsuits against the owner definitely a big red flag.

The downside of the MLM module is unless you make a sale you are not going to earn a dime.

Most of your success is dependent on your team members, who joined under you.  Unless they are active and making sales, your earning potential is limited.

It is a proven fact that it’s very hard to earn with MLM, only a few at the top strata earns a substantial income.

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5Linxs is an MLM company and it runs like any other MLM module, you need to further investigate about MLM module and if you really want to join one.

After What I have researched, I would not recommend 5Linx to my readers.  MLM is certainly not the business opportunity you should invest your money & time.

It has many hidden costs like shipping charges.  You need to pay all the shipping charges for yourself, that may eat up any commission that you make.

If you want to make your own money by selling products, start your own business by checking out my #1 recommendation. You’ll get all the tools you need including a website, hosting, training, and 24/7 support.

5Linx MLM






Overall Quality



  • Variety of Products
  • Your Own Website & App
  • Recurring Income


  • Hefty Sing Up of $249+
  • Many negative reviews
  • Lawsuits Against 5Linx

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