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Content creation is the most important part and creating quality content on a regular basis is one of the goals most bloggers aim for.

Every blogger and his blogging schedule is different.  But as we all know many of the times we face the questions like what to blog next?  if you are well versed in keyword research or have an Awesome keyword Tool you might not face this question.

But one thing is for sure that if you want to grow and nurture an audience and build a business around your content, intentional content creation should be your priority.

CREATE by Meera Kothan is an excellent Blog and Editorial Planner, which can be a great resource for content creators.

Though Create is targeted towards bloggers, it can be useful for any type of content – podcasts, video content, audio content, email creations, infographics and so on.

The Overview & Rankings

Product Name: CREATE – Blog & Editorial Planner

Author: Meera Kothand

Paperback: 246 pages

Publisher: Createspace Independent Pub (19 September 201

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1548746207

ISBN-13: 978-1548746209

Product Dimensions: 21.6 x 1.4 x 27.9 cm

Price: Rs.1682.00

My Overall Ranking: 9/10


As a blogger or content creator, solopreneurs you need to do a ton of things for your business, which can be overwhelming some times.

Planning your content, creating your own email list for subscribers, scheduling your emails, tracking and analyzing what’s working and what’s not can be very daunting.

Creating your own product like e-books, courses, and workshops, if that’s your goal, Create can help you greatly.

Product Information

CREATE is a content planner, meshing content with strategy and purpose.  CREATE is for anyone who is ready to hold oneself accountable, track the progress and make major strides in the blog and their business.

The CREATE Planner helps you to focus on your blogging goals by tracking and analyzing what matters most.  It puts the right question in front of you to help you understand your audience better and to create content designed to showcase your products and services.

How CREATE planner works?

  1. Plan Your year with major dates and projects like a product launch etc.
  2. CREATE helps to create and set goals on a quarterly basis.
  3. CREATE has main 4 blogging tasks and plan your months and days accordingly:

a. project tasks

b. Marketing Tasks

c. Non-negotiable Tasks

d. Weeb Optimization or Design Tasks

4. You can view all your month’s goal at a glance.

5. You can review your months and quarters to track the number that matters most.

You can have an overview of your entire year, also if you prefer it also has pages for each month where you work on content, email, and detailed tasks.

You can have an overview of the month in a two-page calendar.

It really helps you to reach your goal when you flesh out the details, content, emails and other tasks.

How to use the planner is up to you and it is you how you want to use it. You can print the Daily Time Sheet provided as a bonus pack.

Daily Time Sheet is really useful to take care of your blogging and social media marketing tasks.  Meera gives the example of launching an ebook on meal planning.  Meera advised creating content centered around meal planning at least for the two months, before the launch of the ebook.

It needs to focus on bringing attention to the problem your ebook is trying to solve, and it really helps to create purposeful content.

Meera’s Success Secret Revealed

According to Meera two main concepts which helped her to skyrocket the growth of her blog in a single year are The 5 Step Planning Proces and  4 Main Blogging Tasks, which mentioned above.

Along with these, content and email strategy which is aligned with your business and blogging goals, will help you achieve great success.

The CREATE planner also helps with:

Editorial Planning

Email Marketing

Growth Review & tracking

What is The 5 Step Planning Process, which helped Meera to skyrocket her success?

  1. Determine your blogging stage
  2. Determine your blogging stage milestones.
  3. Layout your quarterly goals.
  4. Determine Growth Actions or Tasks for each goal.
  5. Bring these together

Meera has discussed the whole process in great detail, which help you to understand each step, but as she pointed out content and Email marketing are the main pillars.

How to create quality content, is a must-read and the way Meera detailed it out is something you personally need to read.  In very simple words, she describes how to create content catering to different audiences.

pros & cons of The CREATE Planner


Helping you grow your blog by keeping all of your biz goals, tasks, and projects in one place.

The CREATE Planner provides practical insight and instruction to help you organize your blog and/or business.

Nice Soft matte cover, with a proper paperweight, not to worry about easily tearing.

Enough space to write down your goals, and ideas to brainstorm.

Meera helps you determine what should be your priority focus based on your growth stage.

Reasonable price

Free Bonus which is really helpful.

Returnable within 10 days of purchase.


Not a Single.

Listen to the podcast with Meera on Creating a Content Strategy.

Final Thoughts

Content Creation can be overwhelming and to focus on your goals, blogging planner like CREATE can be really helpful.  Since Meera herself, is a successful blogger and email marketer, she knows her stuff and shares a ton of tips which are really helpful.

CREATE The Planner, itself is a very useful resource, where you can brainstorm your ideas and write in it.  It has enough space to note all your ideas.

Meera also added bonus pdf which is again a very useful resource to effectively manage your blogging and social media goals.

The CREATE Blog & Editorial Planner is a must if you want to create intentional content which will skyrocket your blog and business.

Check the Price on Amazon

I find CREATE Blog Planner quite useful to help me organize in a better way, and keep my notes at one place:)

What do you use to keep you organized?  Let us all know in the comments below, it can be helpful to many readers.

How do you like this review of CREATE Blog & Editorial Planner, if you think it is useful, share it with your friends.

If you have any questions, let me know in the comments below I will be more than happy to guide you n the right direction.

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