How to Write a Copy That Sells Review – Must Read For Content Creators

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How to Write a Copy that Sells is a book by Ray Edwards.  Ray Edwards is the world’s highest-paid advertising copywriter and marketing and business coaches.

He has sold $100 Million in products and services.

What is Ray’s Mission?

Rays say his life mission is to help Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners, Coaches, Consultants, Trainers, Copywriters, Freelancers, and others Prosper with Purpose! Ray wants to help YOU discover how to start, run and grow your own Internet-based business so that you can lead the life you want and love the work you do.

How to Write a Copy that Sells, is a step by step guide on how to achieve more sales and more customers.

We all know how difficult it is to generate sells through our blogs once it is set up.  Generating that first sale, and the efforts taken I know for sure you will never forget.

Maybe most of you do not have any guidance or mentor to guide you through the process.  This book guides you through all the important topics on which you must work if you want to be a good blogger.


Product Name: How to Write a Copy that Sells by Ray Edwards

It is available on Amazon in three formats:

Kindle Edition: Rs.564.55

Hardcover: Rs. 1,523.00

Paper Back: 1,120.00

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How to Write a Copy that Sells OVERVIEW

How to write a copy that sells is a book which will teach you how to sell things without being salesy.  It is really difficult task and it’s an art which every businessman need to learn.

Ray also promotes the idea of pay it forward in business also.  In most of the tips shared by Ray, you will find Ray guiding his readers first to py forward.

Pay it forward, be always helpful to your audience.   The book is very easy to read and interesting that once you start to read, it’s really difficult to stop.

In the introduction, Ray says that he wrote this book to save time and money.  Ray also gives warning to his readers which I want to put in Rays; Own Words.

The information supplied in this book is extremely powerful. It gives you the ability to literally manipulate people’s thinking and actions.  The ability to write good copy is one of the most powerful psychological tools of persuasion known to man.  If you purchase this book. I hope you’ll make the commitment to using these powerful persuasion tools only for the ultimate good of your customers.  Never use these techniques to manipulate or control people to act against their own best interest.”


How to Write a Copy that Sells is very beneficial to anyone who wants to write.  I like the way he easily explains the whole procedure of writing.

He gives a simple formula of P.A.S.T.O.R. which anybody can apply and improve his own styling.  What is P.A.S.T.O.R?

P = person, problem or pain

A = Amplify

S= Story or Solution

T= Transformation and Testimony

O = Offer

R= Response

Now if you apply these six parameters to each of your content it will be very easy to create quality content.

For e.g. By applying this formula, first, you can take a person or the problem he is facing, adding a little dimension to this story, tell this in the form of a story to readers, next add the transformation that happened, after that you can give your offer(product) a CTA, and ask for response from the audience.

By taking the same formula you can also take a person’s pain point, amplify it, here give him a solution, add a testimony, now give him offer of your recommendation (product), and now ask for the response/ comments from your audience.

I think it is one of the simplest formulae to write any piece of content which one can easily apply to.

WHO IS THE How to Write a Copy that Sells FOR AND WHO WILL IT BENEFIT?

How to Write a Copy that Sells is a book for anyone who wants to create content.  Content not necessarily only mean a blog post or article.  Content can be an e-book, an audio file, a podcast.

The arena of the value is not limited to but also can be very useful to radio commercials, TV commercials, Direct Mail Pieces, One Sheet, Fliers, Brochures, Billboards, music-on-hold scripts, training materials, corporate policies and procedures, website copy, email marketing campaigns etc.

In the digital media world, we all know how important it is to write a good sales letter and eye-catching headlines.

Even if you have written great content, but fail to create an eye-catching headline, most probably readers will not read your article, because it is important to catch the viewer’s attention by writing a catchy and attractive headline.

Ray has provided the solution to writing great headlines which includes 5 qualities of compelling headlines.  These 5 qualities are as follows:

1.Grab Attention

2. Screens and Qualifies Prospects

3. Draws Readers into the Body Copy

4. Communicating the Big Idea

5. Establishes Credibility

I think with these 5 points, anyone can create catchy headlines.

Today Email Marketing is the most used and most popular form of communication with readers and Ray makes it easy by giving how to write persuasive emails.  Some of the main points of how to write emails are:

  • Use email marketing to build permission-based lists.
  • Use a reputable delivery service.
  • Give Web Visitor Reasons to Opt-In, and Set Their Expectations Properly.
  • Avoid Span Complaints with Frequent, Consistent Mailings.
  • Use Autoresponders as Robotic Saes Agents.
  • Give People an Unusually Great Reason to Opt-In.
  • Give People Great Reasons to Stay On Your List.

Today, we all know how important is to have an email list but I think these guidelines will be really helpful to write good emails.

Some of which I like the most is Give people an unusually great reason to opt-in and to stay on your list.  Generally what we see is that people offer a PDF or e-book as a lead. But we all know that we do not prefer an ebook or PDF download to our computer.

So I think we all must think about this valuable suggestion by Ray, also he mentions that it is equally important to keep providing value to these emails so that the prospect remains on our email list.  Also, he mentions that it is important to start every email with some undeniable facts.

It is also important to write emails like a friend writing a letter, it simply means that email should be written in a very friendly tone, avoiding any technical or rigid language which will be difficult to understand to your readers.  Also it is very easy to connect with your audience if you use a friendly tone.  Ray has given a ton of tips on each subject, which you should read directly from the book.

WHAT I LIKE ABOUT THE “How to Write a Copy that Sells”

How to write a copy that sells is by Ray Edwards, what I like the most about it is it has given in detail all the important topics like how to write headlines, how to write a sales page, how to write emails and so on.  Not only that he has divided each subject further in small bullet point breakdown which is easy to understand.

Ray has covered almost all important topics in this book and if one studies this book well, he will become a good writer.


How to write a copy that sells, is a perfect book for anyone who wants to write good content.  One will find all the needed information on it.  I do not think that there is a single point where I can say that I do not like about the book.


How to Write A Copy That Sells is available on Amazon in three formats:

Kindle Edition: Rs,564.55

Hard Cover: Rs.1,532.00

Paper Back: Rs.1,120.00

Buy On Amazon


How to Write A Copy that Sells, is a book for anyone who wants to learn how to sell things without sounding salesy.  It is an art that everyone needs to learn because no one wants to get sold.

As a marketer, it is important to remember that sales cannot be the only object behind over campaigns.  first and foremost, it is important to give them as much information about the product as possible.  It is important to address their pain points, once we realized what is their problem, then it is easy to provide a solution.

If we can do that, address their pain point, provide them great solution or offer, definitely they will buy.  Rays’ book helps us the whole procedure and how to connect with your audience on different levels.  As,  we all know that before buying a product, the buyer goes through different phases which we have known as Buyers circle.  Ray’s ‘How to Write a Copy that Sells’ helps us with each of the buyer’s phase.


Product Name: How to Write A Copy That Sells

How to Write A Copy That Sells is a book by Ray Edwards.  Ray is one of the most prestigious authors and one of the highest paid advertising copywriters and marketing/business coaches.

He has sold an estimated $100 million in products and services.  Ray has written thousands of pages of copy for:

Radio and TV commercials

  • Direct Mail Pieces
  • One Sheet
  • Fliers
  • Brochures
  • Billboards
  • Music on hold scripts
  • Training materials
  • Corporate policy and procedures
  • Website copy
  • Email  Marketing Campaigns

Ray also speaks regularly at seminars on copywriting, promotional and marketing for professionals in those fields.

He has also appeared in magazines, newspapers, trade journals and on national radio and tv.

Ray has an all star list of clients which includes:

New York Times Best SElling  author Rony Robbins (Awake the Giant Within, Money Master the Game

  • Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen (co-creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul)
  • Joel Comm (author of Twitter Power, Ka-Ching and The Adsense Code)
  • Robert Allen (author of Nothing Down and Creating Wealth)
  • Raymond Aaron (author of Double Your Income Doing What You Love)


How to Write A Copy That Sells, is a must-read book for anyone who is in content creation.  the book is full of tips on how to improve different aspects of writing.  Some people are good at writing headings while some at closing, while some are very good at writing the matter of the content.

But Ray Edwards has covered all the details from email marketing, tv commercials, radio commercials, brochures, fliers, billboards, music-on-hold scripts, training materials, corporate policy, and procedures, website copy, and email marketing campaigns.


As a blogger, you need to create content on a regular basis and you need to know the basics of how to write a good and quality content.

How to Write a Copy That Sells, was recommended by Jay in one of his webinar, which held at WA every week.  When the question arises What I use, the fact is nothing.  All the major points on how to create great content are taught in WA training.

So while reading this book, I was surprised that all these things I already know.  In fact, in the Starter Membership, you learn how to create content for webpages and blogs.

Not only you learn how to create great content but you also learn how to optimize your content for search engine optimization.  It gives you an upper hand in the competition, as you know the basics of content writing and content optimization.

No doubt, How to Write a Copy that Sells, is an additional tool to which helps you to go into details of content creation.

I highly recommend How to Write a Copy That Sells to everyone, as a great helpful book to improve your content.

Also, visit the rayedwards to get more training on the subject.  His website is full of informative resources and also held live classes if you are serious about content creation.



12 thoughts on “How to Write a Copy That Sells Review – Must Read For Content Creators”

  1. I am constantly trying to improve both my content creation and the ability to offer alternate resources for the users experience. This book looks like it ticks all the boxes. One area I am keen to become more prevalent in is ‘Email Marketing.’ I have steered clear of creating a ‘list’ as I am not knowledgeable enough to be able to fulfil the criteria. I have no idea how to give those on a list value. What would I send them in an email ? Ray Edwards book looks like it might well have the answers I am seeking. I think it would be a great investment and invaluable resource. He seems to be conversant in many forms of sales and the ‘PASTOR’ formula is one I shall look to apply as soon as possible. Excellent review.  

    • Thanks Twack,

      How to Write a Copy That Sells, is a must-read book who are in the content creation, until I ordered and read it, I had no idea how powerful it is.

      I am also learning many skills about content creation and this book is a milestone in itself.


  2. Hi there! Let me thank you for suggesting this book. I have learn so much from this recommendation, what more if I can get a hand of it? Nowadays, we are bombarded with a lot of marketing strategies, online buying and selling, mostly through website content. I am eager to learn a lot from affiliate marketing and in my two months of observing how it goes, I have gotten a lot of valuable tips from different website articles. 

    How to Write a Copy that Sells for me could teach online or website marketers to do business with integrity. People should be taught about the values of doing business in any platform. This book could be an essential tool to learn about it. You were right about giving solutions to our readers so that we can gain trust from them and make them realize that they can rely to website content writers like us. It’s hard to sell if your only goal is to get something from people. But everything will he smooth sailing once your objective is to help in the first place. The reknowned author of this book, Mr. Ray Edwards is one of the best in his field so it means that readers will he rest assured of the quality this book can offer. Everyone can learn from it, be it beginners or experts.

    • Hey there,

      You are right, this book really helps you to create content which is valuable and you need to give value to your readers.

      If you are a Wealthy Affiliatemember, you will find that the training here teaches you nothing but integrity and morality towards your audience.

  3. Loving your review Shubaangi,

    I’ve heard so many people sharing good experiences that they have after going through Ray’s How to Write a copy that sells and I’m super glad to have come across your article. Even Tony Robbins gave his testimony, I’m tempted to buy. Do you think it’s suitable for beginners too?

    • Yes Riaz, this book is very useful to beginners also, because they will learn from the start how to write content and how to help their readers with quality.

      I would also like you to suggest Emotional Intelligence by Jean and Travis, which will show how EI is important in our day to day life.


  4. Fantastic review of the book. I’m definitely going revisit your site because I am see you give such accurate information. Based on your review and I can’t help the urge to buy the book. I think that as a writer, writing a good content that people are interested in is all that matters and this book has everything that I will need. Is there a difference between the three books that are sold on Amazon because I can see they have different prices.

  5. Wow! This is such a great book by Ray Edwards and surely one that I must personally get. I’ve never being a great writer and it’s really been affecting the progress of my blogging and affiliate marketing because most of my email list kept on opting out. I would really be glad if this book how to write a copy that sells, can actually help me. Another thing that gives me great conviction about this book is when you mentioned that Jay, on wealthy Affiliate, has also recommended it. No price seems too much for a worthy product. Thanks

    • Hey Ro, thanks very much and as Jay always says writing is a learned asset, you can always improve your writing, and I am also on the same page.  

      I am also learning how to write better content, and I find this book very useful and imagine the value we are getting from the book.  

      That book and the knowledge inside in it will always help us to get better and better at content creation.  The value of this book is priceless.

      Emotional Intelligence by Travis and Jean is another great read and it shows how EI plays a huge role in our lives.


  6. We are usually taught to write several lengthy post so as to attract visitors but the truth is, that is not guaranteed.

    It is not very easy to have a huge traffic based on the number of contents you have. I love that this book talks about paying it forward. I have understood what this means to my online business as value given is value received.

    I am still learning to create valuable content and I hope that this book will give me in all the steps I need.

    Thank you for suggesting this book.  

    • You are absolutely true Carol, we taught to write long posts because we need to rank in Google and other search engines, but it does not necessarily be boring.

      We always taught to write engaging and helpful content which will solve the reader’s problem.   I know content creation can be tough, but with practice, we will better this skill.

      And by the way, How to Write a Copy that Sells was suggested by Jay in his WAbinar, The 2019 SEO Checklist, check out his WAbinar, really useful:)



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