Best Business Opportunity If You Are In Sales

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I know being in sales can be a daunting job and many times you might have thought of leaving your job.   The sheer pressure of deadlines can take a toll but do you know you can have a side gig from which you can earn a handsome earning for you?

If you are in sales, then already you have possessed what it takes to be in this awesome opportunity.  Most of the people see sales which involve browbeating people and forcing them to buy stuff they don’t need.  On the contrary, if you are in the sales, you literally solve problems for other people all day long.  If you are in sales it also means you know how to build relationships, and how to help people and you get paid for it.

All these unique qualities can really be helpful to you, to build a successful career in affiliate marketing.  You must have heard about affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is also seen by many as selling products, yes it is but it is more bout helping people.  As an affiliate marketer, you need to understand the core problem of your audience, and provide them guidance, educate them on a specific topic and help them to make the right decision by providing them the right suggestion of product or service which will be helpful to them.

If you don’t understand the pain points of your readers, audience and promote products for the sake of promoting, your readers then no more trust you.

Affiliate marketing is a fine line between selling and promoting.  You do sell things but the intention should not be to make a commission but to help the people.  Either way, you are going to make a sale and commission but when the intention is to help people, the whole terminology and the way you speak to your readers can change dramatically.

Your reader can sense things if you are promoting products just for making the commission.

Why Affiliate Marketing Is The Best Option For You?

Affiliate Marketing is the best option for you if you are in sales because there are certain fundamental similarities between the two.  Let’s discuss a few:

  1. It all starts with Goals

In Affiliate Marketing, you connect with your prospects, your audience through different platforms, blogs or websites, YouTube Videos, Podcasts, Infographics and so on.

So it’s important to find out where your audience is, and what kind of content is more useful to them.  Like if you are working in a niche that is more visual like photography, or cooking niche, it’s more appropriate to do more of video content.  Having a website or blog alongside is a great way to reach more people. But the core medium is video marketing in these niches.

Whatever medium you choose, it is important to have specific goals.  Like in sales, you constantly work on your goals, here also you need to work towards your goals consistently.

Affiliate Marketing is a good alternative as you work for yourself, you do not have to answer all the time to your boss. but it needs continuous persistence towards your goals.

If you are doing videos, it is important to set a goal of 100 Youtube videos before you see any success.  Many people have short term goals which may not convert well in affiliate marketing, it is a long term but a sure way to success.

2. Sales are important but it’s not an art, it’s a Science & a Technology

I read this somewhere about the sales industry, and I think it summarizes the whole process perfectly.

learning how to position your product, gaining strategies for speaking with prospects, understanding your key value propositions, and discovering what your ideal customer looks like, just to name a few factors of any successful sales process.

This strategy is right for both, but in affiliate marketing, it is important to remember that people do not buy products, they buy solutions.  As it said in the above quote discovering your ideal customer is one of the important steps in making sales.

You need to find out as much information as possible about your prospects.  Likes, dislikes, age, their interest, etc. if you find out it becomes easy to create campaigns.  Once you are able to find out your audience, it becomes easier to make sales.

3.  Identify their pain points

It is important to identify the pain points of your prospects unless you understand their problem, you will not be able to gain their trust.  Once you identify their problem, try to provide a solution, guide them in the right direction by helping them with useful suggestions.  Provide them different solutions, products, and services that will solve their problems.

This will not only gain their trust but also establish yourself as an authority or their go-to person.  When this happens, sales will automatically follow.


If you are in sales, affiliate marketing will be more easy for you as you do not have to answer anyone or don’t have to work a deadline.  You will be selling and making good earning without any external pressure.  You will be your own boss and work according to your schedule.

The best part is that you already have all the skills that will immensely helpful in affiliate marketing.  You already have the knowledge of how to sell the products, already know how to effectively communicate with people, understand their problems, and provide them with a solution.  It’s just that the medium is changed, from direct one on one selling, you are approaching a much larger audience of 4 billion people daily. Yes, that’s true, when you publish a blog, there is a possibility of getting the attention of all these 4 billion people and so the chances of making sales.

The vast scope of Internet marketing and affiliate marketing is going to be up ridiculously in the coming years.  So why not take this opportunity to expand your skills and makes good earning from it?

If you are in sales, I know you will want to know the best place to start affiliate marketing with.  There are many places where you can start but I would highly recommend to check out Wealthy Affiliate, as it is a one-stop hub to establish you as a well-trained Affiliate Marketer.

If you have any suggestions or questions pl drop them in the comments below and I will be more than happy to answer them.

Also would like to know your experience in sales, is it really a daunting job?  Let us know what are your tips to make more sales.  I hope you will share some of your tips:)

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