Tupperware MLM Review

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I know you must be surprised by reading the heading of today’s review.  Yes, Tupperware is an MLM company.  Tupperware is so popular brand and thousands of people especially women involved in the Tupperware business.  I bet most of them are unaware that they are involved in an MLM business, which is quite an unpopular form of the business model in an online world.  So let’s find out if you can make money with it in this Tupperware MLM Review.

What Is Tupperware?

As we all know, Tupperware is famous for its airtight plastic container company.  It was established by Earl Silas Tupper in 1938.  But until 1948, Tupperware products were not introduced in the hardware and department stores.

Tupperware has its headquarters in Orlando and Florida.  It also has offices in New Mexico and South Carolina.

There’s an interesting back story here. Earl Tupper used to work for DuPont. His supervisor gave him black polyethylene slag which was inflexible pieces that were a waste product of the oil refining process. Tupper invented a way to mold this waste product to create cups, plates, bowls and more.

In 1950, Earl Tupper came across Brownie Wise, who was very successful in selling Tupperware products through Party plan marketing.tupperware review - Brownie Wise - Wikipedia

Earl Tupper invited her to be vice president of Tupperware Home Parties.  Brownie created history for Tupperware and Party plan marketing.  In 1954, she featured on the cover of Business Week. she was the first woman to appear on Business Week.

Who Is Tupperware For?

Tupperware is an MLM business model and anyone can be a representative of Tupperware.  There is no restriction as such on the eligibility of Tupperware.  You need to buy one kit to start your business.  But it is important to have a good network of friends to whom you can introduce and promote products of Tupperware.  You get a certain amount of commission when you sell Tupperware products.  It is important to note that MLM business does not give salary to their members.

Read FTC Guidelines Regarding MLM

How Does Tupperware Work?

The major promotion of Tupperware products held through their Party Plan Marketing.  Tupperware consultants generally find a customer willing to host a party at his/ her home.  The host then invites friends, co-workers, potential customers to the party. In this Tupperware theme event, often guests can get an up-close look of the products.

Often, Tupperware party organizers will serve and possibly prepare food and beverages in Tupperware products to demonstrate their usefulness. Guests can then place orders for their own Tupperware products, which the consultant will process. In exchange for opening up their homes, Tupperware party hosts typically receive merchandise gifts proportional in value to the amount of Tupperware sold.

Another form of Tupperware Party plan is through online Tupperware events.  Tupperware consultants throw a virtual party in which you can browse their catalog and place orders during a designated time frame.

Are Tupperware Products Worth Their Price?

Tupperware started with storage containers but today they have expanded their product range from different kitchen products, storage containers to kitchen utensils.  Tupperware products are durable but they are a little on the costly side when compare to their competitor’s products.

Milton, on the other hand, has a wide range of products at very reasonable rates with good quality.

tupperware review Milton Single Bottle

Secondly, the Tupperware products claim to be safe, some have opinioned against it.

tupperware mlm review - how safe is it

Other than its quality issues, Tupperware is receiving many negative reviews on different customer portals like Complaints Board.

upperwar MLM Negative Reviews

Tupperware users also filed complaints on BBB also.  Read BBB complaints here.

Can You Make Money With Tupperware?

Tupperware has an MLM business model and gives an opportunity to have a flexible lifestyle.  Once you are signed in you have to buy a kit.  Then you need to network with people and organize Tupperware parties.

Read FTC’s Opinion About MLM & Pyramid Schemes

If you are successful you can recruit others and earn a commission form your recruits.  But to recruit others you need to first sell a lot of products, but with the growing competition with other quality products, it is hard to sell Tupperware products.

To throw a party you need not have to invest anything but if you want to start your own business as a consultant you need to buy one of their kits.  So first you need to invest your own money.

Tupperware Pros:

Maintaining Sales:

Like any other MLM, you need to keep your “Active Consultant Status” by completing your sales target which is $600, for 6 months.  It is quite achievable as you need to sell $100 products per month.

Variety of products:

Tupperware has a very extensive product list that includes a variety of kitchen storage & kitchen products.  Apart from it has extensive catalogs from which you can choose different products.  Tupperware has also launched steel utensils for the kitchen in its latest edition.  So there is number of products to promote and make money.

BPA Free Products:

Tupperware claim that all of its products are BPA free and recyclable.  People are becoming more environmentally conscious, so this can be a good selling point.

Online Parties:

There is no need anymore to hold parties at someone’s home.  You can now hold online parties, showcase your products and make money.

Also, You can also have a Catalog Party which is where you give someone catalogs and order forms and they collect the orders for you. This would be common for the workplace.

Cons of Tupperware:

Plenty of Complaints:

Tupperware has many complaints across the internet, and on different platforms from BBB to FTC and to Complaint Board.

The Complaints ranging from warranty issues, shipping prices, misrepresenting lifetime warranty, numerous customers requesting a refund and so on.

Outrages Shipping Charges:

Tupperware can be a hard-sell as it has exorbitant shipping charges.  One has to pay 10% of the total sale plus an additional 5% if the product shipped directly.

No Exclusion for Consultants:

Whether you are a consultant or customer, you have to pay full price for taxes & shipping.  So even if you are a consultant, your 35% commission could be reduced or eliminated depending on the shipping charges.

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Is Tupperware A Scam?

I leave this question to you, but definitely MLM is not the best way to make money online.  Yahoo warned people about MLM.

Yahoo: MLM Leaving Women Broke & Friendless

Yahoo in it’s “Illegal Tender” says: “Nearly 1 in 3 people have been pressured by a family member or friend to buy from their multilevel marketing companies (MLMs).  The sales and recruitment practices used by distributors have become the ire of everyone outside of MLMs. And for those inside MLMs, it’s a world of intimidation, manipulation, and lies that leave women broke and friendless.

They initially saw MLMs as opportunities to make a little extra income but ended up in debt, destroyed friendships, and one jeopardized her marriage.”

So definitely I would not recommend any MLM to my readers.

In short, you are just wasting your time, money and energy with these sites, rather than wasting your time on another system that does not deliver, why not take a look at My # 1 Recommendation below.


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I hope the Review of  Tupperware has helped you to make an informed decision.

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