7 Profitable Home Security Affiliate Programs

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Home security is a subject close to each one’s heart, and every person wants to protect his family in some or the other way.  No surprise, home security is a huge industry with  Americans spend $20.64 billion.  As an affiliate, it’s a great opportunity to let people know about good home security products as there are many home security affiliate programs available to choose from.

There are many products in the market and generally, people are confused about which products should they choose, and what specific criteria they should opt-in while choosing home security for their beloved ones.

Here is the 7 Profitable Home Security Affiliate Programs You Must Not Ignore:

  1. Brinks Home Security

profitable home security affiliate program-brinks

Brinks Home Security is the most famous and well known in security and protection.  They a very unique alarm system with a 24/7 response.  Their mobile platform is patented for ASAPer’s fastest system for connecting with your family in an emergency.  They have over 1 million subscribers throughout the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

Why Should You Promote Brinks Home Security?

Brinks provides a great opportunity for every affiliate to promote its products and earn a commission.  It provides its affiliates with all the tools necessary like banner ads, text links, and tracking tools. It also allows direct links, incentivized partners & the use of email marketing.

It is a well known and respected brand that provides affordable home security and for affiliates, they give extremely good commission, $200 per lead.

How to Join the Brinks Home Security Affiliate Program?

Brink’s Website: brinkshome.com

Affiliates need to sign in with Pepperjam

Commission: $200 per lead

Cookie: 30 days

2. Guardline Security

home security affiliate programs-guardline

Guardline Security has created its own brand and establishes itself as one of the top leading companies in safety and security providers.  Its main product is outdoor motion detector online.  Apart from their top-quality security products they are well known for their world-class customer support.

They have helped over 250,000+ customers and also provide consultation for the best products to fit your needs.

Their customers varied from DIY’ers,  landowners, survivalists, and literally everyone, who cares about the security of their loved ones.

You can join their affiliate program through ShareASale.

Why Should You Promote Guardline?

Guardline has very successful products that you can promote and earn a commission.  Guardline provides easy to use marketing materials, tracking, and payout commissions.

How to Join Guardline?

Guardline Website: Guardline

Join Guardline Affiliate Program through ShareASale

Commission: 25% or $45 per sale

Cookies: 30 days

3. Armor Concepts

home security affiliate programs-armor concepts

Armor Concepts has provided great solutions for door and window security and installed more than 3000+ apartments, complexes, and countless homes.  It’s quite a famous brand in US & Canada.

They offer services for all budgets and security needs and provides a lifetime warranty on all their products.

Why Should You Promote Armor Concepts?

Armor Concepts has products that are unbeatable and they provide coupons and incentives both for affiliates and consumers.

They provide banner ads, text links, and many other tools that are helpful to promote Armor Concepts.  they also provide free shipping over $99(only US).

How to Join Armor Concepts?

Website: Armor Concepts

Join Affiliate Program through Commission Junction

Commission: 20%

Cookies: 120 days

4. SkyBell

home security affiliate programs-skybell

Skybell is famous for its wifi doorbell, and it provides the Skybell at a reasonable price.  It is a home security doorbell with wifi enables, with the help of which you can see, hear, and talk to any person at your door.

You can use your smartphone to access all its features.

Why Should You Promote SkyBell?

SkyBell is one of the popular products in home security and it comes with a high average order value of $22.  It offers a 12 % commission.

How To Join SkyBell?

Website: skybell.com

Join Affiliate Program through ShareASale

Commission: 12%

Cookies: 90 days

5. Reolink

home security affiliate programs_Reolink

Reolink is famous for its high-end security products that comes with competitive prices. They are famous all over the world for their products like security camera systems, wire-free security cameras, indoor smart home cameras, and wifi cameras.

Why Should You Promote Reolink?

Reolink is a famous brand all over the world and they have millions of users all over the world that use their reliable, simple, and DIY security camera systems.

Reolink provides you with banner ads, text links, and other tracking tools. You can promote their products through your blog or YouTube Channel.

Reolink has a 4 tier commission structure.

How To Join The ReoLink?

Website: reolink.com

Join Affiliate Program through ShareASale

Commission: 6 to 19.8% ($0.05 per lead)

Cookies: 45 days

6. Blink Home Video Security

home security affiliate programs-blink


Blink Home Video Security is a completely wireless video home security camera and it is battery powered.  It is very easy to set up and affordable.

It is perfect for renters and homeowners because of its wireless design.  You can get instant videos from your iOS and Android device.

Why Should You Promote Blink Home?

Blink Home provides completely wireless video cameras.  Affiliates can earn more commission as the commission depends upon the sales volume.

Blink Home Video Security gives access to creative assets and web-only opportunities.

How To Join the Blink Home?

Website: blinkforhome.com

Join Affiliate Program through CJ

Commission: 7%

Cookies: 45 days

7.Lorex Technology

home security affiliate program-lorex tech


Lorex makes wired, wireless, and Internet Protocol security surveillance equipment including digital video recorders, cameras, and all in one system. With Lorex you can monitor your property from anywhere and anytime.

Why Should You Promote Lorex?

Lorex has some great products that provide you with all in one video security systems. Lorex Technology supplies its affiliates with their product catalog, unique promo code tracking, and a great selection of creatives to help them promote.

How To Join Lorex?

Website: lorextechnology.com

Join Affiliate Program through Impact Radius

Commission: 6%

Cookies: 30 days

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So here are 7 Profitable Home Security Affiliate Programs, you can promote these products and earn a commission.  As an affiliate, you can promote these products through your website, or YouTube videos. You can promote hundreds of products through your website.  That’s the beauty of affiliate marketing.

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