5 Tips on How to Find a Product to Promote

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Affiliate Marketing is the best advertising tool for any organization, as it benefits both affiliates and merchants. Affiliate marketing is all about spreading a word about a product to your readers, family, and friends. You share your experience, through reviews to your readers.


To be a successful affiliate you need to choose a program that is good, and helpful to the people. If you promote a product that is not useful and good enough, you may earn some commission but at the risk of losing you trust with your readers.

Of course, no affiliate would like to promote a product that is not trustworthy.

As an affiliate how to choose a product that is good and beneficial?

There are some parameters on how to choose a product to promote.  Let’s see some of them.

Do you like the product or service you’re planning to sell?

The most important question – do I myself use and happy with the product/service I am promoting to others.

Yes, I am a premium member of WA for three years and I am extremely happy and proud of it.  Check my WA Profile.

1. Can you see yourself getting excited about this product or service?

WA is an Online University which teaches you each and everything about online marketing, The main structure is to teach you about affiliate marketing, but it teaches you so many things alongside, You can be a blogger, you tuber, you can learn and teach SEO to others. In short, you can choose any of the above.

2. Would you buy it and use it yourself?

As mentioned earlier I am the premium member of WA and strongly recommend this program to anyone who is interested in learning about online marketing

I would love to have all my friends and relatives to be a member of this program.

3. Can you see yourself selling this product or service for the next five to 10 years?

Wealthy Affiliate has come a long way from when it is started in 2005. It has evolved over the years for the good. I don’t have any doubt about it and will be a great product in the next few years,  Read how WA changed my life Here.

4. Is this a product or service that you intensely desire to bring to the marketplace?

WA has been around the market and established itself as the only Online University in the world which teaches you everything about affiliate and online marketing, in a very reasonable price and providing its members a scam free, safe atmosphere.

5. How does the product improve your customer’s life or work?

Wealthy Affiliate has changed the lives of thousands of its members. Read the success stories of a hundred of members here.

Many members like me, when started out, have zero knowledge of computers and needed skill. The syllabus is strutted in a way that anyone can follow it without any technical background and can build a website in less than 30 seconds.

Having a website is a must nowadays for the number of reasons, Read Here.

Wealthy Affiliate offers free membership to start with – along with websites, training and hosting free. You can try out things for yourself withing seven-day free trial.

with SiteRubix it’s really easy to build a website within minutes, Watch this Video by Jay.

Most of the members see the worth of Wealthy Affiliate and become a premium member within seven days, as it offers a $19 special offer.

These are the few points that I would like to consider before endorsing the product to my readers.

If I asked to choose any one product to promote, which one I would choose?

Wealthy Affiliate

What is the Wealthy Affiliate Online University is all about? and why I am promoting it?

Wealthy Affiliate is an online training which is free to join, you don/t need a credit card to start with. You can join for free, see what the product is, use it for a week, along with training and all the community help.

Wealthy affiliate teaches you about affiliate marketing, one of the main way to earn money online. It teaches you how to build a website, how to write your content, optimize and monetize your content, and different ways to promote your content. In short, it teaches you everything and every skill needed to build your online brand.

This one product definitely I would blindly promote, what are the reasons?

Wealthy Affiliate is a legit product compare to many other products online, Read Here.

WA has proved itself by creating successful entrepreneurs over the years. Many people join WA having no technical background, yet they succeed to build their online business and create great income from their website.

WA has an awesome community one of its kind, to encourage and help you at every step. WA community operates more like a family. It’s really great to see how every member helps each other to succeed.

WA training is always up to date with 20 classes and live webinars on current topics. The USP of WA training is that it’s always up to date. The changing online trends make it difficult to keep all the training updated, but at WA all the major classrooms training is updated on a regular basis. Live webinars on the latest topics keep the training most useful for its members.

All the members can create their own training to help the community, is one of the reasons the latest trends get updated regularly.

Thousands of training are added by WA members over the years.

WA has not increased its price since its inception, on the contrary, it is available for $– on annual price.

NO upsells and no price hike since it started, is the really incredible thing. Jaaxy lite is also included in free membership. Keyword research is one of the most important steps in blogging and in any online business. Free Keyword Tool like Jaaxy pro really a great feature for all the members.

No upsells

no-upsell at Wealthy Affiliate

Once you become a premium member, you need not pay a single dime again. When a majority of the online programs insist on upsells, WA is the only community with no upsells what so ever.

WA offers you all the latest updates for no additional cost, totally free. The latest edition of SSL certificates, Jaaxy lite, site content are totally free, included in your annual membership fee.

Hosting, training is free with 25 domains and 25 subdomains.

Wealthy Affiliate is an Online University which provides you every possible tool and training which is needed for building a successful online business.

It does not claim to make you rich overnight. It provides you step by step training to teach you every single step. It depends on the person how he makes use of the training provided.

Wealthy Affiliate has changed thousands of lives including mine. I have my own websites reiki amazes and advantage affiliates running successfully online and I have started my own offline business of providing local SEO services.

So these are the reasons why I promote Wealthy Affiliate, do you agree with me?

If you have any questions about Wealthy Affiliate or affiliate marketing, pl let me know in the comments section below.

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