Day1: Research: Niche: Back to Back 14 Day Live Case Study

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Starting your own successful small business is not difficult today, and that we have discussed in my last article.  But I noticed that most people are fumbled or get confused on the first step itself.  It is no doubt the most important step of your business and it can make or break your business.  It is choosing your niche.  But let me tell you, it’s not difficult to choose a niche for your business if you keep in mind some simple facts.  In Today’s Wabinar Jay discussed all these steps in detail.  As you know, Wealthy Affiliate is having a 14 Day Back to Back Live Case Study.  Research to Profits in which you will learn all about how to start your own successful small business step by step starting from researching a niche. Read all the details of these live case studies here.
So here is the summary.

Day 1: Research: Niche

Looking at Interests

The first and most important thing in finding a great niche for your business is to research.  You want to spend an hour or two, or more if you need to.  Researching your interests, passions, and hobbies is very crucial.

You can take a pen or paper or start with Google docs and list all your interests and passions.  It may be 5,10, 15 anything.

List all that comes to your mind without thinking much about it at this stage.  We are going to niche down a bit later.

Once you made the list, put each hobby into a Passion(p) and Knowledge.(k)

We all have different interests and hobbies but we are passionate about some interests and knowledgable in few of them.  so now distinguish each hobby into passion, knowledge, or both.

For example:

I am passionate about:

  • Reiki: (P) + (K)
  • Affiliate Marketing: (p) + (k)
  • Reading: (x)
  • Music: (p)

so it’s always better to choose a subject in which you have passion and also have a basic knowledge about it.

Also, you want to cross out on which you don’t want to make a website.

So this way you can narrow down your interests.

Micro Niches vs Broad Niches

In this researching phase, you also keep in mind that niches can be divided into micro-niches and broad niches.

Typically speaking broad niches are evergreen niches but have a lot of competition.  Micro niches are easy to rank and have less competition compare to broad niches.

For Example:

Sports is a very popular niche but it’s a huge niche and you need to further niche down it.  It will be very difficult to rank a website around the keyword Sports.

You can narrow down it by looking at different sports that are popular.  Sports accessories can be a niche and if you further niche down it can be Football Snack Helmet.  In fact, WA Live WAbinar Coach Jay has made a very successful website on this niche. You can check out his website for more inputs on how you can make a micro-niche.

Scoping out Trends

The next step is researching Google Trends and see if the niche is viable in terms of popularity.

Google Trends

Google Trends is very helpful since it shows the data over the years, so you can find out if people are searching for a particular topic over the years, or it’s the latest trend or if it’s a seasonal trend.

All this information is very helpful while starting your own business.  You can also choose to research worldwide, or in a particular country if you want to go down the lane of a local website.

Knowledge vs Passion Niches

As we have already categorized our hobbies into Passion and knowledge niches, it’s always better to choose a hobby in which you have a passion as well as a bit of knowledge.

It’s not necessary that you are an expert in a particular subject to start building your business around it.  In the process, you will get a lot of information and knowledge about your niche only if you have a passion for it.

If you have a passion for a subject, you will gain enough knowledge to write about it, give good information to your readers.

So always go for Passion over just expertise in any subject.


Choosing a niche seems to be a problem for many people but as you see it’s not that difficult and if you do a little research, the process is really easy.

On Day 1, we discussed how to research a niche with the help of Google Docs, Google Trends, and you can further research on Google too to see what’s popular in your niche.

We also discussed passion niches and knowledge niches and it’s totally up to you to choose anyone but it’s always better to find a niche in which you have both passions as well as a bit of knowledge.

Though it is not necessary that you should be an expert to start a niche, your knowledge and expertise expand as you continue to grow your website around the subject.

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