How to Start Your Own Successful Small Business?

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Starting your own small business is not difficult today, as you will find many platforms offering this opportunity.  But starting a business needs and in-depth research, tools, and training if you are a total newbie.  So it’s always better to research different opportunities that are available online and choose that best suits your needs.  I started my small business with Wealthy Affiliate and I continue to run my business through WA for the last 5 years.  There are many reasons people continue to stick with WA because it’s a platform that offers everything needed to run your business smoothly under one roof.  I will discuss some main features of WA here, read my full review of Wealthy Affiliate here.

Tools You Need To Build Your Small Business:

To build any successful small business online, you need to have some basic tools like:

  • Website
  • Hosting
  • Training
  • Keyword research tool
  • Support

These are the basic 5 tools to need a successful business online and the best part is WA provides all these tools under their banner.  So it’s very easy to start and grow your business with WA.  It becomes so much easier, hassle-free, and focuses on your business.

Once you become the WA member, (totally free to join) you get access to all the tools above mentioned.  You get a website + hosting + training totally free. You get 30 searches on Jaaxy ( WA’s own Keyword research tool) and an outstanding support team.  In my experience of last 5 years, it does not take more than 10 minutes, if you face any technical problem.

USP of Wealthy Affiliate: Training

One of the major reasons WA is so successful and popular is its training system.  It provides a plethora of training on almost all subjects of online marketing.  You can find all kinds of training ranging from website making, social media, email marketing, SEO, Google Analytics, and many more.

When you join as a starter member, you get access to a total of 120 lessons including Online Entrepreneur Certification (50 Lessons) and Affiliate Bootcamp (70 Lessons).  By lesson 4 you are building your own website.

Besides this core training,  WA provides ongoing training to their Premium and Premium Plus Members.

The USP of WA is its live WAbinars: Live & Recorded.

Duration: Generally 60+ minutes

Since WA has members all over the world, every WAbinar is recorded and members can access them if they can’t attain the live WAbinar.  At present, it’s more than 500+ WAbinars, only by Jay aka Magistudios.

for Premium members, it’s every Friday, 5.00 PM Pacific Time.

for Premium Plus members, it’s almost every alternate day by leading members of Wealthy Affiliates, including the co-founder of WA, Kyle.

One of the benefits of these WAbinars is you get the latest information on the Internet happenings and thus make changes in your business and that’s huge.  Internet, Google changes evolves every now and then, so it’s important to keep up with all the latest happenings.

PS: WA WAbinars are exclusive to the WA community only, and you will not find any WA WAbinar on Youtube or any other social media.

As a starter member, you have access to some of the WA WAbinars, like Hello Canva and definitely, you should check out these WAbinars, it’s full of information.

What’s Latest Happening in Wealthy Affiliate?

The latest happening in WA is back-to-back 14 days Live WAbinars by Jay for Premium & Premium Plus members.

Jay had done some case studies in the past also, but this case study is continual for 14 days.  So you will learn everything that you need to Start Your Own Successful Small Business.

Research to Profits Step-By-Step: 14 Day LIVE Case Study

Take a deep dive into researching a niche and discover what is viable in terms of passion, profit, and products.. all in real-time!

Day 1 of 14: Researching Niches: (Replay)

Read the summary of Day 1

What you’ll learn:
1. Looking at interests
2. Micro Niches vs Broad Niches
3. Scoping out Trends
4. Knowledge vs Passion Niches
5. Let’s do niche research LIVE!

Day 2 of 14: Researching Affiliate Programs(Replay)

Read the summary of Day 2

What you’ll learn

1. An Overview of Researching Affiliate Programs
2. Looking at Amazon
3. Looking at Private Affiliate Programs
4. Looking at Profit Potential of Adsense
5. Let’s Research Affiliate Programs LIVE!
6. LIVE Q & A Session

Day 3 of 14: Researching Keywords(Replay)

Read the summary of Day 3

What you’ll learn
1. An Overview of Researching Keywords
2. Long Tail vs Short Tail Keywords
3. Keyword Metrics to Look for
4. Commercial Intent Keywords
5. Let’s Research Keywords LIVE!
6. Live Q & A Session

Day 4 of 14: Building the Website(Replay)

Read the summary of Day 4

What you’ll learn
1. An Overview of Building the Website
2. The 60 Second Site Installation
3. Adding The Plugins
4. Configuring the Settings
5. Let’s Build the Site LIVE!
6. Live Q & A Session

Day 5 of 14: Setup Tracking(Replay)

What you’ll learn
1. An Overview of Setup Tracking
2. Google Analytics
3. Google Search Console
4. Bing Webmaster Tools
5. Let’s Setup Tracking LIVE!
6.LIVE Q & A Session

Day 6 of 14: Setup Socials(Replay)

What you’ll learn
1. An Overview of Setting Up Socials
2. Setting up Pinterest
3. Claim Website on Pinterest
4. Setting up StayKeen
5. Let’s Set up Socials LIVE!
6. Live Q & A Session

Day 7 of 14: Writing the Core Content(Replay)

What you’ll learn
1. An Overview of Writing the Core Content
2. Blog Roll vs Static Home Page
3. Writing an Awesome About Page
4. Why Have a Contact Page?
5. Let’s Write the Core Content LIVE!
6. LIVE Q & A Session

Day 8 of 14: Content Strategy Spreadsheet(Replay)

What you’ll learn
1. An Overview of the Content Strategy Spreadsheet
2. Product Reviews Column
3. Buying Guides Column
4. Informational Column
5. Let’s Build the Content Strategy Spreadsheet LIVE!
6. LIVE Q & A Session

Day 9 of 14: Building the Content Creation Calendar(Replay)

What you’ll learn
1. An Overview of the Content Creation Calendar
2. Why It’s Important to Create One
3. Setting a Realistic Schedule
4. How to Meet Deadlines
5. Let’s Build the Content Creation Calendar LIVE!
6. LIVE Q & A Session

Day 10 of 14: Writing the 1st Blog Post(Replay)

What you’ll learn
1. An Overview of Writing the 1st Blog Post
2. My Awesome Article Structure
3. Using Block Editor to Format Posts
4. Writing the Headers First
5. Let’s Write the 1st Blog Post LIVE!
6. LIVE Q & A Session

Day 11 of 14: Writing the 2nd Blog Post(Replay)

What you’ll learn
1. An Overview of Writing the 2nd Blog Post
2. Planning the Content
3. Internally Linking to the 1st Post
4. SEO Checklist
5. Let’s Write the 2nd Blog Post LIVE
6. LIVE Q & A Session

Day 12 of 14: Creating Social Media Growth with Content and Followers(Replay)

What you’ll learn
1. An Overview of Social Media Growth
2. Building an Awesome Following
3. How to Automate Posts to Pinterest
4. Encouraging Others to Share Your Content
5. Let’s Build Social Media Growth LIVE!
6. LIVE Q & A Session

Day 13 of 14: Hiring Writers(Replay)

What you’ll learn
1. An Overview of Hiring Writers
2. Where to Source Writers
3. The Hiring Process
4. You Get What You Pay For
5. Let’s Hire Writers LIVE!
6. LIVE Q & A Session

Day 14 of 14: Posting the 3rd Blog Post from the hired Writer

What you’ll learn
1. An Overview of Posting Writer Content
2. It’s OK to say NO!
3. Do You Post or Does the Writer Post?
4. Working with More Than One Writer
5. Let’s Post the Writer’s Content LIVE!
6. LIVE Q & A Session

These Wabinars will definitely help all of us to understand the intricacies of starting and running a full-fledged our Own Successful Small Business.

Pricing: Get Premium @$19 instead of $49

To get access to these WAbinars you need to sign up for Premium membership & it costs $49/mo.

You will get many benefits with this membership like free 10 websites + bandwidth of 500,000 visits, daily website backups, and so on.  If you want to know in detail, click here.

But the best part is if you join WA within 7 days of joining, you will get Premium membership at just $19!

No brainer right, for $19- not only you will watch all these 14 Live Wabinars but have access to all the 500+ recorded WAbinars also and I know you would not like to miss it.

Best Strategy to Save Your Money

So the best strategy that I would recommend to save money is to join WA as a starter member now, see whether the platform suits you, and then join within 7 days to get a huge discount of $32.  Basically, you will get the first month just for $19!

Start Your Own Successful Small Business for Free

The cherry on the top, Black Friday is around the corner and you can save almost 50% on your yearly membership. So no worry to pay monthly and run your business for just Under $2/day!

I am sure you see the great value WA provides to Start Your Own Successful Small Business.

Without worrying about increasing hosting prices every year, WA offers you all prices locked, once you become a WA member.

Simply put you continue to pay the same price without any hike, for your membership as long as you remain a WA member and that’s why I promote WA as my #1 recommendation.  Do you agree with me?  Pl, let me know your thoughts, suggestions, or questions in the comments below.  I will be more than happy to answer all your queries.

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