How To Find Free Time Slots To Be A Successful Solopreneur

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Having our own business and working as a solopreneur comes with its own problems and hurdles.  When you start your own business, and you do not have enough funding to oursource some of your tasks, it becomes really difficult to manage your daily life and business at the same time.

Suddenly you feel like there are not enough hours in the day to complete your to-do list, but if you notice all the successful people only have the same hours as we do.  Then where is the problem, why we are not able to manage our time sufficiently?

The most important reason is that we do not schedule our day in advance.  No doubt, it is not easy to strike a balance between your family and business, especially if you are a mompreneur.  So here are some simple tips on how to find out free time slots that can boost your productivity & engagement in your personal & professional life.

Simple Tips To Find Free Time Slots In Your Busy Schedule

  1. Plan Daily Life

It is important to have a close look at your daily activities.  Take a step back and see what activities are eating up your most valuable time.  Weed out that activities that are not important or prominent to you.

2. Divide your daily activities

Divide your daily activities into three sections- morning, afternoon & evening. For example:

Morning – Afternoon – Evening Routine may look like this or you may have an altogether different schedule.  That’s fine but let’s try to find out the free time slots in this schedule so that we can incorporate little extra activities that can boost our productivity.

Meditate Preparing For Lunch Sports & Activities
Exercise Lunch Break Dinner preparation
Breakfast (Family & You) Continue Work Have Dinner
Clean Up Shuttle – commute sport etc. Family Activities
Get Dressed (Family & You) Shopping for dinner TV/social time
Shuttled (Family & You) Social time Bedtime
Start Work

So in the morning activities, you can get up an hour early, so that you have a full 60 minutes to do what is most important for you.  You can prepare for breakfast, lunch & dinner at this time and vacate a whole bunch of time in the remaining day.

If you are a morning person and most productive in the mornings, you can do your business-related stuff in these 60 minutes.

If you are a content creator like me, you can utilize this time for keyword research, or invest this time for scheduling your social profiles on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and so through automated software like the Promo Republic, Tailwind or manually.

In the afternoon, if you commute for shopping or drop and pick up your kids, you can use your smartphone during this time to do stuff like checking emails, repinning on Pinterest, post on Instagram stories and so on.

In the evening most of the time, we end up spending hours watching tv, so cut down the time and invest in your business.  Even if you start with 30 minutes, it will save you a lot of time and have a more productive week.

You can find many ways once you prioritize your activities.

As a content creator, you need to do a lot of things by yourself in the beginning, so you can divide these activities in the following way:

  • Keyword Research: Evening
  • Content creation (blogs, video, podcast): Morning
  • SEO:Afternoon
  • Social Media:Evening
  • Learning new things: Morning

You can change the sequence as per your preference and comfort, but if you break down your routine in small slots, it will become very easier for you to handle both personal & professional life.

3.  Map Out All Activities:

You can map out all activities on paper or you can take the help of free online websites like  to map out all things that you want to complete in a day or week and so forth.

4. Have A BIZ Time

As an entrepreneur, it is important to pay dedicated time to your business.  If it is important, convey this message to your family members in a very positive way.  Discuss with them your time requirements and you will be surprised the way they respond to your feelings.

5. Last but not least, outsource if possible

I know we want to do all thing by self, but as your biz grows, it is important to outsource certain things.  It will help you immensely.  But before you outsource it is important to find out what part of your biz you want to outsource.  Think before you outsource.

It is also important to have a basic idea of what you want to outsource.  For example, if you want to outsource SEO, you should know what is included in SEO, and what are the right ways and where to apply SEO in your content.

If you are totally unaware of it, how do you will come to know whether it is done right?  If you want to outsource content, you should have a basic idea about how to write a good content or the main keywords that you want to rank for your website.


I know how intimidating it is to handle both family and business but as a mompreneur, we know how to handle different requirements of family and business.

If we summarize all the things we can conclude in the following ways:

  • Write Down Daily Routine
  • Create a Mind Map of Your Web Tasks and Daily Routine
  • Slot Your Power Times With Daily Routine
  • Communicate With Your Family to Not To Disturb
  • Write Down The Thing Where You Can Improve
  • Slot Certain Time Of Your Day To Learn New Things

Once you are able to do this, you will find that it becomes much easier to finish your todo list every time.  As a mompreneur, it is important to balance our family and professional life and we cannot afford to ignore our family life for the sake of our business.

So when you list all the activities, you will find you have more time for your family and thus able to concentrate more on your business also.

I hope you find this article helpful if so let me know the main takeaway from this in the comments below.  I would also appreciate if you would share your tips to manage your daily tasks while working as a solopreneur.

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