Southwestern Advantage MLM Review

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Stay at home moms and college going students are two types of people who are always searching for the ways to make some extra bucks. Especially college-going students are the soft target for many people and many institutions.  Southwestern Advantage is offering a sales and leadership program in the summer vacation.  Let’s find out in this review of Southwestern Advantage MLM Review if is it a really great way to make some bucks?

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What is Southwestern Advantage MLM?

Southwestern was founded in January 1855 in Nashville. Southwestern helps children by helping them into build their own business.  These books are educational, subscription of websites and software. They claim that they “help young people develop the skills and character they need to reach their goals.”

Are Southwestern Advantage Products Worth Their Price?

College students who try to sell books on behalf of Southwestern are books for elementary school-aged children.  You also need to sell subscriptions to websites, like one of the websites is advantage4parents, and this website helps parents with parenting problems.

It’s difficult to say whether these products are worth it, as the books are not available on the Amazon.

The Southwestern Advantage MLM Opportunity

Southwestern presented this opportunity as a 12-week internship.  As a Southwestern Advantage representative, you need to sell books door to door in a strange neighborhood far away from the home.  It is purposefully done so that you fully concentrate on your task.

If you are lucky you will have a host family who agreed to host you during this period, otherwise, you yourself have to find the place to stay.  You will be expected to work 12 hours a day, 6 days of the week.  On Sunday you will be expected to attend any meeting or training session at your own expenses.

How Much Does It Cost to Join Southwestern Advantage?

Like any other MLM Southwestern also want you to pay upfront, but since these, all are college-going students you will be required to supply the company with a letter of credit that’s been endorsed by two people, usually the student’s parents.

This letter of credit ensures that the endorsers will be responsible for up to $500 each if the student fails to pay any money due to the company. That’s a total of $1,000.  You have to buy your own books to get you started. The standard set will set you back about $350.

Can You Make Money with Southwestern Advantage?

Southwestern Advantage recruited college students to sell their books in the summer vacation.  It is also expected to do 30 presentations a day.  Usually, it is a 60-40 split.  60% goes back to the company and you will receive 40%.  Your team leader also gets a cut-off.

Students are responsible for all the expenses.  So it’s very difficult to make any substantial income through this opportunity.


Impressive Credentials:

Southwestern Advantage is a member of the DSA (Direct Selling Association). In 2019, Dr. Ralph Brigham received the Charles F. Kettering Award for excellence in business or government internship education programs.

Good Learning Experience:

You have to go to Nashville, for 7 days of training.  It will give you training before you start your job, this training could be very useful for getting a job in letter times after you complete your summer vacation.

It will change your life:

The training is like a Military Bootcamp, where you need to hustle for your daily life.  Daily you have to go and sell your books and earn money otherwise you don’t eat.


You Pay All Your Expenses:

You work as an independent contractor, so all your daily expenses like food, gas, rent, etc. you have to manage.  Whether you make one dollar or a hundred you pay all your expenses.

Demanding work schedule:

Every day you need to make 30 presentations to your prospective buyer, where you explain to them why they must have these books.

Complaints on BBB:

There are many complaints on BBB regarding the company representatives scamming people out of money, not canceling orders when requested, customers not receiving their complete order and inflated product prices.

Called customer service because the rep who sold us some books also signed us up for an online website that required a monthly recurring fee without our permission. Mitch, their customer service rep, refused to do the right thing and reverse the charges. I told him that we’ve never logged into this website and didn’t know about it and his response was that he didn’t care – we deserved to pay for the subscription even though it was never used or accessed. Incredibly disappointed – what a shady organization! I would recommend that everyone stays away and certainly don’t allow their reps to have your card information.

Is Southwestern Advantage a Scam?

It is not a scam but it is one of the worst ways to make money.  College students always lookout for an extra way to make some bucks.  But I think it must be a horrible experience for these young students.  to make them pay all the expenses plus making 30 presentations per day is unnecessary and out of date.

In today’s time of the Internet, who sells products door to door?  It is total waste of time and energy.

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Southwestern Advantage is a very old institution but I think a bit out of date also.   To make students hardworking, it is not necessary to adopt old aged ways to make sales.  Today when the technology is at its peak, Southwestern can guide these students in the right way to learn things.

You will find many complaints against Southwestern and it is also noticed that these ways of teaching young children have affected them financially as well as mentally.

Instead of working for just $2 for an hour, why not have your own business. If you want to make your own money by selling products, start your own business by checking out my #1 recommendation. You’ll get all the tools you need including a website, hosting, training, and 24/7 support.

Southwestern Advantage MLM






Overall Quality



  • Impressive Credentials
  • It Will Change Your Life
  • Independent Contractor


  • You Pay All Expenses
  • Laborous Work
  • Multiple BBB Complaints

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