Review – Legit or Scam? $50 per YouTube Video Upload!

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Welcome to My Review of!

Do you want to earn money from InfluencerCash? or do you searching if InfluencerCash is a scam or a legit opportunity to earn money?

First of all, I want to congratulate you on doing your own due diligence and for sure, is the Best Way To Avoid Scams Online and save your hard-earned money.

Let me help you to find out the truth about InfluencerCash and guide you in the right direction to make money online.

Also, let me be completely transparent with you, I am not associate with InfluencerCash in any form.  So rest assured I’m not here to pitch or sell anything to you!

InfluencerCash Review

Company Name: InfluencerCash

Website URL:

Owner: Hidden

Launched in: 2019

Price: Free

Recommended: NO

p.s:  Friends, before I start review InfluencerCash, today I came across Tasha’s comment, which you can read in the comment section.

I really tried hard to find out any contact information on Influencer Cash, but I could not.  I want to let Tasha know that all the bloggers try really hard to find the authenticity of the product we review. Unless & Until we are sure that the product is of low quality and does not serve any purpose, we do not label it as a SCAM.

Also, I want to ask Tasha, when InfluencerCash offers $50 per YouTube upload, then why Tasha and other members are not uploading videos to YouTube, you will not find a single video on youtube.

Influencer Cash YouTube upload

I know for sure that Tasha knows that InfluencerCash does not pay anyone.

What Is InfluencerCash All About?

InfluencerCash is another website which claims that one can earn great money by spreading a word about it on social media platforms, and earn a real affiliate commission.

Also, if you do not want to promote InfluencerCash as an affiliate, you can earn by completing simple tasks like completing surveys, visiting websites, download apps and so on.

So is it InfluencerCash promoting affiliate marketing? or is it a GPT site, which gives you an opportunity to earn money by completing simple tasks for which you get paid handsomely?

InfluencerCash has an affiliate or referral program, where you get your own affiliate link which you share on different social media platforms.  Once any member joins through your link you get $10 per referral.  It sounds great, isn’t it?  But it is not an affiliate marketing program, because the prime requirement for affiliate marketing is it should have a real product, which you can promote through different channels.  InfluencerCash is not a real product, in fact, it is a data harvesting company.

What is Data Harvesting?

People who hare involved in data harvesting are just interested in your personal data like name, phone number. address, debit or credit card information, password, PayPal email, and every possible data.  So that they can sell this information to the third party and earn handsome money.

Now when this third party who buys your personal information sends you unsolicited emails and promotes other shady and dubious products, which harm you in some of the other forms.

In the worst-case scenario, these people may try to hack your Paypal account by cross-checking your personal information like email, name, and password.

So it is very obvious that these websites involved in data harvesting try to collect as many emails and personal data from people because that’s the way they can earn money and scam innocent people.

No surprise, they offer you an opportunity which is free to join and even offer good amount of money to join their site, albeit they never pay anyone. also offers you a free opportunity to earn money by giving you a $25 bonus to sign up with it.  I hope now you understand how these data harvesting sites work and what’s their intention to give you great pay on the easiest tasks.

How InfluencerCash Really Works? is another website that offers you simple tasks to complete and earns money through it, though InfluencerCash is not a GPT (Get Paid Site).

Legit GPT site offers you different opportunities to earn money but offers very low pay on each completed task contrary to InfluencerCash.

InfluencerCash definitely not a legit way to earn money nor is it a legit website where you should invest your time, as it has never paid anyone nor it will pay to any of its members.  It offers great pay just to lure people to sign in withInfluencerCash.

InfluencerCash offers:

$25 as a signup bonus

$10 per referral – (anyone who joins in through your affiliate link)

$30 for completing a Survey

$50 to promote & give positive feedback on YouTube

So once you join in InfluencerCash, immediately you see $25 in your account, and you continue to promote it to grow your account balance quickly.

but the truth is you never get paid, once you reach the threshold you will be asked to complete certain tasks that are never-ending and even if you complete the tasks somehow, you denied your hard-earned money on the ground that you tried to gain referrals by fraudulent ways.

So let’s visit and try to figure out what it is all about:

homepage influencer

Once you land on InfluencerCash, you will see this huge claim by it of making $200 a day and there is no special qualification which you will require to earn this money.

Yes, it is true that one can earn $200 a day, but definitely not through InfluencerCash, which offers no value to its members. Also, if you are not getting paid then what is the use of you making $200?

You will not find any authentic proof by its members who prove that InfluencerCash is a legit website and pay to its members.

You will find some testimonials on InfluencerCash, but they are all made up.

fake testimonials by influencer cash

You will see that this image is from a stock photo and you will find similar photo on many websites like paidleaf, paid4clout.

paid leaf testimonials

paid 4 clout testimonials

Also you will see that they have changed the name of the lady from Ambria to Cristina.

Another claim byInfluencerCash is that it is #1 Influencer, as you can see it in the first screenshot.  So I tried to find out it’s following on different social media platforms.

Let’s visit Facebook, but there is no FB page of InfluencerCash.

Facebook page not found

On Pinterest also, InfluencerCash only has two followers.

pinterest proof of influencercash

When I visited YouTube to find out InfluencerCash, I find only 3 subscribers to this channel with no content at all.

you tube influencer cash

Now, do you agree with InfluencerCash with its claim of #1 Influencer?

about influencecash

In the above screenshot, InfluencrCash says it is formed back in 2012, but the whois of InfluencerCash tells another story.


According to Whois of InfluencerCash, the domain is registered on 10-4-2019, just 6 months old, so it is clear that InfluencerCash is not transparent with its information.


I’ve spent some time digging through all the layers to get into the heart of the system and discover if it’s just another scam or there is a possibility that this system works, but I found many Red Flags of

Let’s Discuss Red Flags of InfluencerCash

Unknown Owner

InfluencerCash has not made it clear who is the owner of this website or who is behind all programs.  I have reviewed hundreds of products and know for sure that when the owner is hiding and not disclosing his identity to the world, it is a shady and dubious product.

How interesting is that the owner of #1 Influencer platform does not have any social media profile on any of the platform like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest.

Over-Hyped Earnings

InfluencerCash making overhyped earnings by claiming that anyone can make $200 with it, not only that it also claims that its influencers make $2000 per month.

over hyped income claims by influencer cash

If you take into consideration that InfluencerCash works more like a GPT site, it is almost difficult to make $2000 per month with this site.

InfluencerCash tries to entice people to join its program so that they can earn more money with every sign-up.

It is also important to note that it is a major red flag when a program promises you to pay more than usual pay norms in any industry.  Any legit GPT site would never claim that one can make $2000 or even $200 per month through its website.


As I mentioned above, all the testimonials of InfluencerCash are made up and can not be trusted.  If a product need to make fake testimonials for its product, be sure it is a low-quality product and offers no value.

If a product is really good, people happily give testimonials about its usefulness, people like to share their good experiences with others.

If InfluencerCash needs to give $50 per YouTube video upload to its members, then surely the product is something shady about it.  Nowadays, it is so easy to make a video and upload to YouTube.  for a simple task like this, if someone offers you $50, definitely you need to do your own due diligence before dealing with it.

Terms & Conditions

If you read the Terms & conditions of InfluencerCash, you will find some contradictory information.

Terms and conditions influencercash

This is very contradictory, also if you check the whois of InfluencerCash, it is clear that the location is in Panama.

whois of influencercash

I have reviewed some similar products before:

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Is A Scam?

InfluencerCash no doubt is a Scam, with all the false information and red flags discussed above, one should stay away from these #1 influencer sites.

The major red flag of any product is when the owner hides and never shows up on any social media platforms or even on its website.  You will not find a single mention or a single image of its owner, or who runs this website.

You will not find any contact information on the website if you want any help with this product.  Suppose if you want to cash out your money and you will not able to, there is no contact no or even an email address where you can contact them.

Fake testimonials are another major red flag of InfluencerCash if a product needs to make fake testimonials it is proven that the product is not worth and has no value.  You will find many good positive reviews with any good product.

Overhyped income claims should not be the basis of any product promotion but these sites which claim itself to be #1 Influencer sites, make overly hyped income claims.  NO legit product will ever make such income claims.  Besides making these claims, InfluecerCash is not able to prove these claims, so it is not trustworthy.

I would not recommend anyone to join  Rather than wasting your time on another system that does not deliver, why not take a look at My # 1 Recommendation below.

my income proof

I have earned $100+ in a week’s time.  Affiliate marketing is the best way to earn money online even if you nothing about it.  It is newbie-friendly as it does not require much investment.

Here is a free training of affiliate marketing, if you want to join me.  If you join me, give me a shout at jivita339, my username at WA.

Free Training Of Affiliate Marketing

It is the platform where I am working for the last few years and learned about online marketing.  But if you want to earn legitimate money, you need to commit to this program.

Legitimate Opportunities Requires Legitimate Effort

Making Money Online is much like any other business, which requires hard work, Patience, and Persistence.

The people who fail online is because of their wrong mindset.  People who do not want to work hard, or they want to put in little or no effort to get the results.

The business module which I highly recommend is not a get rich scheme.  You need to work hard and work hard consistently.  This is the method which has succeeded in the past and will be successful in the future years also.  It is a time-proven method.


Why I am so sure about this program?

I like to recommend my readers those programs/ products which will add value to their life, and I am sure you will thank me for introducing this program to you!

It is Free to Join

The most important thing that it is free to join, you do not need to pay a single dime while joining.  And I would also like you to go through the Starter Membership, see whether this program is for you.  Take full advantage of Starter Membership and if it suits you, Go Premium!

The Support is amazing

When you are building an online business, sometimes it becomes lonely.  You need encouragement and support from others.  this platform has an inbuilt support system in the form of an amazing community of more than 1.5+ members.  Live chat, PM, Blog are some of the ways to communicate and get support from the community.

Beginner Friendly

When I joined this platform I was totally unaware of the technical stuff and had very little to no experience working online.  But the platform is for anyone who wants to build an online business.

One-Stop Destination for becoming Successful Online

Most of the tools and training which one need to be successful is available on the platform, so you do not need to go elsewhere for any further additional services.  You can easily Build and prosper your online business Under ONe Roof.


The platform teaches you the most popular earning method of online marketing i.e. affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is a very legit and sure way of earning money online, but the success depends on you.  The success is proportionately related to the hard work you put in your work.

Lastly, I have personally been with the platform

I personally working on this platform for the last few years, and am really lucky to find this platform.  It is one of the most advanced platforms online and most importantly, the environment within the community is very helping, caring and encouraging!

Since it is free to join, I highly recommend you to check out this program.

create-your-free-account button

I hope the Review of has helped you to make an informed decision.

Don’t hesitate to share it with whoever you believe will benefit from it!

If there’s something else you want to know or you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you ASAP!

Whatever you do next, I wish you nothing but the best 🙂





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19 thoughts on “ Review – Legit or Scam? $50 per YouTube Video Upload!”

  1. Influencercash is purely a scam. Even the Skype address doesn’t connect. What a waste of time, data and energy!
    Thank God I thought it wise to advise my over 700 referrees against rushing into it; pending when i confirm the authenticity.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience Bright, it may help someone. They put all the social media icons and other addressess on their website, but if you click on them, it takes you to their own homepage.

  2. Just wanted to let you all know that there is a Skype address to contact the manager of So if you need to contact them for help then do it and then judge wether its a scam or not afterwards

    • Thanks Tasha for letting us know that we can contact the manager of InfluencerCash through Skype. I really tried hard to find the Skype address on the website, but I could not.
      Would not it have been better Tasha, if you mention the Skype address of the manager of InfluencerCash in your comment only? Anyways thanks for your comment.

    • Hey Gideon
      There are many online opportunities through which you can earn money. But if you really want to build a business that will earn you money consistently, you need to go through basic training. Without proper tools, training, it will be difficult to achieve your goals. So here is free training on affiliate marketing:
      Online Entrepreneur Certification – Getting Started Level 1

      Let me know your thoughts on this training and if it helps you to start your own website:)

    • There are many online opportunities through which you can earn money. But if you really want to build a business that will earn you money consistently, you need to go through basic training. Without proper tools, training, it will be difficult to achieve your goals. So here is free training on affiliate marketing:
      Online Entrepreneur Certification – Getting Started Level 1

      Let me know your thoughts on this training and if it helps you to start your own website:)

    • Hey there,
      if you read this review carefully, I have clearly mentioned that InfluencerCash and all such sites claiming #1 Influencer sites are SCAM and even BBB also warned against such sites.
      So I would not recommend anyone to join such dubious sites, who has never paid anyone.


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