Matilda Jane MLM Review

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Internet Marketing is full of earning opportunities, and you can earn online in various different ways?  What if I say that you can make money online by selling clothes? It will be really fabulous if you re one who loves fashions and if you follow the latest trends in the clothing.  Maybe Matilda Jane MLM can be helpful to you. In this Review Of Matilda Jane, we will take a look at it to find out whether you can make money from it or not?

What Is Matilda Jane MLM?

Matilda Jane is an MLM Company based in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  It was started back in 2006 by Denise Demarchis. It makes beautiful clothes for women and girls of all ages and includes accessories as well as products for the home.

Have a look at an Intro video by Matilda Jane.

How Does Matilda Jane Works?

Like any other MLM, you host a party at your home, invite your friends and relatives.  The next best thing you can do is to introduce Matilda Jane products. You host) get qualified for a gift for every party.

Any sales during the party will be competed directly by Matilda Jane and the products will be delivered to the customers.

Matilda Jane mainly works through distributors,  commonly known as Trunk keepers.

Can You Make Money With Matilda Jane?

To make money as a trunk keeper or as a distributor it is important to get the product exclusively from you.  But Matilda Jane clothes are easily available in many e-marketing stores like Amazon, eBay, Zulily.  

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If the products are easily available through these online stores, it’s very rare that people will buy from you unless they get a hefty discount.

So you need to recruit a downline who will work under your sponsorship and make a lot of sales.  You can then earn a percentage of their earning.

What Is Jane?

Jane is someone who is a  hostess of the Matilda Show. You would earn either a discount or free products depend on the amount of sale.

Unfortunately, the discounts are not great.  You need at least $300 in the sale, to get 50% off on one item.

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It’s unlikely for anyone to host a party just to receive a discount on one product.  Even if you invite a lot of people to your party, it may not convert to a sale.

Pros of Matilda Jane

Available in the US & Canada:

You can sell the products to anyone in the US and Canada, there is no limit on it. 

Free Training:

As a trunk keeper, you will receive free training and a personalized development plan free of charge.

Good Commission Rates:

Trunk Keepers earn 20% on every product they sell, other than that I do not find any other benefits.

Plenty of Variety:

Matilda Jane offers a variety of products ranging from clothes for children, women and baby clothes  It also has a vast accessory section for small bags and toys. It has products for the home such as pillows, blankets, and bedding.

Cons of Matilda Jane

High Start-Up Cost:

To start up with Matilda Jane, you must invest $1,600.  Yes, that’s the price of their start-up kit. Not only this but you also have to buy a seasonal kit every time a new line of clothes comes out.  But you will be shocked to know that you have to buy these kits at a retail price and not wholesale price. Matilda Jane does not offer any discount to buy these kits.

Non- refundable Deposit:

To become a trunk keeper, you need to pay a $300 by Credit card that is not refundable.

Buy A Trunk:

You have to buy a trunk at the beginning of every selling season at the stated price.

No Ads:

You are not allowed to promote products through ads on Facebook or your own ad campaign.

Maintain Monthly Sale Target:

To remain in the game, you need to make $1,500 per month to gain the “Active” status of a Trunk Keeper(TK).  

Also, you need to be active for 4 months, to get rolling into the next following season as a TK.


 Legal Suite Against Matilda Jane

A woman has complained about a file against Matilda Jane, for poor labor practices. She complained that she has invested $8000 in buying different kits through Matilda Jane and has not earned the minimum $1000. Read the full story here.

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Is Matilda Jane Legitimate?

Maltida Jane is an MLM company and the core feature of MLM is that you need to invest a lot of money upfront to start your business.

Here also, you need to invest $1000+ just to start your business.  You also have to work on your downline, so that you earn a commission for them.

The major problem with MLM’s is you earn commission only through sales.  So unless you are sure that you will make money, all the investment of money and time is of no use.

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Final Thoughts:

Matilda Jane is a famous brand for clothing and accessories, and one can get the impression that making money selling these clothes, would be really easy.  But as we have discussed above it is not easy to start with Matilda Jane.

To start with you need $1600+ invested in their starter kits, plus you have to buy their seasons kits.  After investing so much money you will be under the constant pressure of making sales.

To remain “Active” as trunk keeper, you have to make $1,500 in sales per month, and if you don’t achieve your target sales, you no more will be allowed to promote Matilda Jane.

Other than that the returns for hosting a party are very minimal, you get 50% off only on one product if you make the sale of $300.  And to receive these gifts you also need to put your own order per party, you host.

Honestly, it will not be easy to get sales as all the Matilda Jane products are available on Amazon, eBay, and other online shops.  Why one would buy from trunk keepers unless they get major discounts?

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