Market America MLM Review

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One of the main disadvantages of MLM is you are allowed to promote only one brand or product that the particular MLM is about.  Market America is different here than other MLMs because it has a number of products to choose from and promote.  It has products for weight loss, entertainment, website development, and so on. It also offers you an opportunity to build your own business through its UnfranchiseBusiness Module.    But can you make money by becoming a Market America Unfranchise, let’s find out in this Market America MLM Review.

What is Market America MLM?

Market America is an MLM company that sells varied products ranging from weight loss, stress & anxiety relief, pet products, makeup, skincare, haircare, and body care.  It was established by Loren & JR Ridinger in 1992.  Market America has more than 700 employees and 180,000+ unfranchise owners.  It is headquartered in North Carolina at Greensboro.

Market America is available in Canada, Australia, Taiwan, Hongkong, Singapore, Malaysia, the UK & the US.  It has its own products but also allowed to sell third party products through its sister concern

Are Market America Products Worth Their Price?

As I mentioned above is a sister concern of Market America and it allows third-party products to sell on its website.

In its promotion, Market America emphasize on “Convert your spending into earning”, i.e. either way you are going to buy the product, why not buy it from and get a cashback.  Very lucrative offer isn’t it?  But they promote thousand of other products and bombard you with the products you ABSOLUTELY NEED in your life, you end up buying more products than you need.  Instead of getting cashbacks on the products you need, you spend more than you require.

About the quality of the products, buyers are not happy and you will find many negative reviews on different forums.

Market_America_review-negative reviews

The Market America MLM Opportunity

Market America offers an opportunity to make money by selling their products as well as by building a network of people who joined under you.

To start with Market America, you need to be registered as a UFO(UnFranchise Owner).  Once you registered you will get a web portal, through which you can promote your products.

You will also get a virtual mentor, access to experienced business partners, and training.  You need to complete the required training and on completion, you will get a certificate.

You also need to buy a starter kit to start promoting your products to your friends, and family.

How Much Does It Cost to Join Market America?

It is quite expensive to join Market America.  You need to buy a starter kit that costs $149.95 + Tax, also you need to buy and renew yearly membership costs $99.95 plus you also need to pay $21.95 per month for software that helps you to manage your online back office.

You can also opt for a Fast Start Kits that costs $429.95 + tax.  It has 4 kits:

  • The Isotonix kit (vitamins)
  • Motives (makeup)
  • TLS Weight Loss Solution (weight loss supplements)
  •  MA WebCenters (a selection of products, documents, and brochures). These kits also include your annual membership.

Can You Make Money with Market America?

You can make money with Market America in 3 ways:

First, buy a starter kit and promote products in-person to your friends and family members.e direct selling.

Secondly, recruit other members and grow your network, and according to Market America, if you can join two more members in your downline, you will earn $300-$600 per year.

Lastly, recruit customers to join the shopping Annuity program through which they will earn a cashback on purchase made through

You will get 100% credit for any customer leads and 30-50% gross retail profit.

But in reality, you will find a ton of complaints about their business module which they call UnFranchise Owner.



So if you create an account with Market America, there is no way you can delete it, so be careful if you are thinking of starting a business with them.

This is a screenshot where Yang & Lan complained about the money they lost by doing this business and filed a  complaint against Market America

Market_America_faces_federal_racketeering_suit_marketamerica review

So it’s very clear that no one is making money with Market America and if you want to know in detail how fraudulent is this company, I would recommend reading a sub-Reddit: The deceptive tactics of Market America.


High Commission:

You get almost 30-50% of commission, on the purchases made through Shopping Annuity Cashback offer. So if you are able to get your buyers to sign under this cashback offer, you earn a  good commission.

Many Products to Promote:

Unlike other MLMs, you are not limited to promote only one product or one brand.  In Market America, you will find hundreds of products and you can promote these products and earn money.


High Priced & Low-Quality Products:

The products sold on are priced exorbitantly and maybe that’s why they are able to give a 30% commission to their UFOs.  But as a consumer, you get a product at a very high price tag and low quality.

It is not that the price is high so the products are high quality, on the contrary, there are many complaints that the products are made in China.

Investment cost Too High:

The investment you need to get started with is too high and returns are nearly zero.  The example of Yang & Land is loud and clear, where he lost around $35,000 and filed a complaint against the company.

Is Market America a Scam?

Market America has n number of complaints against it and it’s sister concern  It is of course not advisable to invest in Market America.

The start-up cost is too high beside you need to pay for everything including training.  As you grow your business, it is clear that it becomes mandatory on your part to buy every seminar ticket which will further cost you thousands of dollars.

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Market America is an MLM company and it runs like any other MLM module, though the worse thing about it has many negative reviews and lawsuits against it.

No one seems to be earning anything from Market America and it’s sister concern  The products on are overpriced and low-quality products.

It has many hidden costs like yearly subscription, training cost, and seminar fees. So I would not recommend Market America to my readers.  

If you want to make your own money by selling products, start your own business by checking out my #1 recommendation. You’ll get all the tools you need including a website, hosting, training, and 24/7 support.

Market America MLM






Overall Quality



  • High Commission
  • Many Products To Promote


  • High Priced & Low-Quality Products
  • Many negative reviews
  • Lawsuits Against Market America

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