Review-Get Your Message Into Their Brains: Neuromarketing Secrets for Content Marketers

Content Marketing is an essential step today, to establish your authority, to gain leads and sales and so on.  Content Marketing can be done through various platforms from social media, to different forums.

What is Content Marketing?

According to Wikipedia,”Content marketing is a form of marketing focused on creating, publishing, and distributing content for a targeted audience online.”

Creating a good content, and publishing it on various social paltforms for extending your audience base is very important.  Conten creation can be divided into many parts.  content Creation is not limited to blog posts, but it can also include video, infographics, e-books, social media posts and so on.

With ever changing techniques of content marketing, it’s become more difficult for small businesses to stand out in content marketing.

NeuroMarketing can boost Content Marketing

Neuromarketing is a new field of marketing which uses medical technologies such as functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) to study the brain’s responses to marketing stimuli.

Neuromarketing will tell the marketer what the consumer reacts to, whether it was the color of the packaging, the sound the box makes when shaken, or the idea that they will have something their co-consumers do not.

Marketing is essential for any business an nuromarketing can help tremendouslly in Content Marketing.

Get Your Message into Their Brain- A book by Susan Joy Schleef.

Who is Susan Joy Schleef?

Susan Joy Schleef combines her degree in education and 20+ years of workplace training experience with her study of direct marketing with numerous experts, both online and offline.

Applying educational principles and presentation skills to other forms of content marketing, Susan regularly teaches webinars and online courses related to visual content creation, as well as providing visual design and content creation services for entrepreneurs, professionals, and small business owners.

The theory Explained by Susan

Without marketing you have no business – but in the world of internet, social media and mobile, marketing has changed a lot. And as an entrepeneur, small busineesman, we must adapt to the ever changing marketing techniques.

The book is divided into different sections, and the first section is devoted theory and explanation about nuero marketing concepts and content marketing concepts.

The other sections discussed in detail RSVP.

R – Refining your message

Refining your message talks about clearly and precisely convey the message to your audience as what is unique about your product and services.

S – StoryTelling

Story telling format is most recommended as they are dramatic, engaging and entertaining.

V – Visual Images

As we all know th message conveyed by visuals is always get acrossed very well.  It gives better result than written or spoken text.

P – Persuasation and Decision Making

Techniques are discussed for connecting with clients and prospects developing an effective call to action and closing the deal.

How your brain functions while making a decision

Scientist divided our brain in to three parts – Old brain, Mid brain and New brain, the first two are subconscious and latter is conscious.

Neuromarketing mainly cosider the old brain- the decision making part of the brain.

Even though you, as a marketer or business owner, are presenting a message to your audience from your logical, rational new brain, your audience is hearing and seeing that message with their old brain – at least initially!

Very interesting observation is that about 7 to 10 minues our brain is highly alarmed for any possible threat, while making a decision, if in these 10 minutes brain does not find any suspicious, it tends to become relaxed and feels safe.

Highlights of the book Get Your Message Into Their Brain

The book provides a very detailed information on nuromarketing and how can it help to better market our content.

Every section is ends with a short summary and a questionerie to assess.  Very handy to assess the process how your brain works.

7 principles on how the old brain works and impact our decision making process.

Introduction of state change after every 7-10 minutes for optimal attention of the audience.


These relly helps content writers to understnd how their audience thinking process or their brain may work while reading or watching their content.

Susan provides many great tips, on how to capture and retain the audience’s attention and how to create and market the content through different platforms. like video, infographics etc.


People make decisions emotionally and then justify them logically – we have heard it so many times but Susan explains it in her book, how to share our message and move our prospects to take action.

Get Your Message Into their Brain – is a good read for all the content creators, be it blog writers, video or podcast presenter.  many useful tips and suggestions are provided by susan which will help every content creaor and marketer.

Content Marketing and Nuromarketing, combining both of them for the successfully appal to your audience.

Susan has provided many free bonuses which you can avail:

1.Audio interview with 5 experts.

2.Free Sample Powerpoint video Templates.

3.3 Easy Steps to Become a Visula Content Marketing Super Star

4.Checklist for downloading free pictures.

5.Free 30 minute consultation

Susan is also offering a free Short class .

In short, a very good book to anyone who wants to learn about how and why our audience react in certain ways to our marketing efforts.

the Book is available on Amazon – in kindle edition.

The book is received with good reviews.

Scientifically Based Ideas for Making Your Message Stick
Bymcmahangrantson September 24, 2018

The title, Get Your Message Into Their Brain, had me hooked. I’m always looking for ways to grab the attention of my students and help them learn the concepts I’m trying to pass on. As a grant writer, I can see several ways to apply the ideas in the book to help me craft proposals that will connect with funders. This book is full of scientifically based ideas, but it’s not dry or boring. I was asked to give my honest opinion based on a review copy. I’ll be buying the Kindle version so I can underline and make notes.

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