The Best Portable Induction Cooktop – Pigeon by Stovekraft 1800W

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In India, LPG Gas stoves are very popular, and no one can imagine a kitchen without a traditional gas stove.  In recent times, the trend is changing and people are looking for more affordable and easy to use alternate to LPG.  The induction cooktop is one of the best alternatives to the traditional gas stoves.  In this review, we will see the best portable induction cooktop.

Why Induction Cooktops Better Than Gas Cooktops?

Induction cooktops are better for many reasons.  One of the most important reason is it helps to lower the fuel problem.  In India, Fuel prices are increasing day by day, and the price for a gas cylinder is at peak.  Fuel hike also severely affects the economy, and so it’s crucial to have an alternate source of fuel for cooking, which is affordable at the same time eco-friendly.

Beneficial to the Environment:

The cooktop is sturdy, heat resistant, and made up of glass-ceramic.  Also, it does not radiate any heat into the atmosphere as well as in your kitchen.  It only heats your cookware and the surrounding.  So working in a kitchen will be a pleasant experience, especially in the hot scorching heat in India.

Saves A lot of time:

Induction cooktops heated very fast compare to gas cooktops, thus saves a lot of time.  Not only that, it cooks the food evenly and saves the nutrients in the diet by avoiding overcooking.

Much safer than Gastops:

Induction cooktops heat up instantly when switched on, the same way it cools down instantly when switched off. Thus eliminates any chances of getting hand burns accidentally.

Easy to clean:

Cooktops are made up of toughened glass, which makes it sturdy at the same time very easy to clean. Take a damp cloth and clean the surface in minutes.  Whereas traditional gas burners burn the food or any particles of food near the burner area because of its high flame.  It becomes difficult to clean the burned food.

Cost-effective and affordable:

Induction cooktops are more profitable than Gas stoves.  To take a new connection with LPG, you need to deposit a particular amount varies from Rs.3000 onwards for two gas cylinders.  Apart from that, you have to buy a separate gas top which again costs you a minimum of Rs.3000.  Above all, every month, you have to refill a gas cylinder, which costs you Rs.650+.  So it will cost you more than Rs 6000+ to buy a new gas connection.

But you can get an Induction cooktop at as low as Rs.1450/- for a single element induction cooktop.  Pigeon Cruise is a top-rated induction cooktop on Amazon with more than 5k reviews.  At present it is rated as:

#1 in Induction Cooktops

#3 in pots & Pan sets

# 5 in kettle & Toaster sets

#41 in-home & kitchen

Recently I bought this from Amazon, and to my surprise, it cooks all the Indian dishes without any burns or overcooking.  That’s why I think it is The Best Portable Induction Cookware.

Pigeon by Stovekraft Cruise 1800 Watt Induction Cooktop

The Pigeon Cruise induction cooktop is a must-have for modern-day kitchens. Easily portable, For high heating efficiency, this Pigeon induction uses a more prominent heating element.

This sleek and trendy cooktop is made of a microcrystal plate and occupies very little space on the kitchen table. pigeon induction cooktop

Pigeon induction cooktop that retains all the nutrients and essential vitamins in the food, unlike conventional mode of cooking.

Designed for fast and safer cooking, this elegant cooktop is energy efficient and cooks food faster, while its cool touch surface lets you safely handle the cooktop even during use.

A lengthy connecting cord of 1.2 meters allows flexibility to move the cooktop quickly.

Main Features:

  • It does not require any installation, plugin, and it’s ready to use.
  • Pigeon Cooktop propped with the latest technology, which makes cooking a great experience.
  • It comes with 7 Indian Preset menus, which saves your energy, and it is customized just the right amount of heat that is needed to cook the Indian recipes.
  • Most of the times, we need to buy new cookware that is compatible with induction cooktops, but surprisingly with Piegon Cooktop, any cookware that has a 200 mm diameter, works perfectly.  Not only stainless steel, but the aluminum cookware with a flat surface works perfectly with it.
  • It can be used to cook liquid as well as solid food.  You can boil 10 liters of liquid at a time. Cookware weighing up to 5 Kg can be used.
  • The electrical parts of this cooktop are of superior quality that prevents any short circuit.

Pros & cons of Pigeon Cruise 1800 Watt Induction Cooktop


  • It is very easy to use & maintain.
  • It’s an eco-friendly product.
  • It comes with a high degree of efficiency.
  • It saves your time & energy by accelerating cooking.


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Induction cooktops are a welcome substitute for traditional LPG cooktops.  Induction cooktops are the safest with new technology applied to it.

Many features like auto shut off, auto-pan detection, safety censors it’s very safe to use Induction cooktops.  Many new induction cooktops even have child safety features, which make it more appealing.

Induction cooktops come with many preset menus, and all Indian menus can easily be made with this latest technology.

The market is flooded with many types of Induction cooktops sizes and types. You may find it intimidating to choose one.  But before buying take into consideration all the above things.  Along with its power, price, and warranty should be taken into account.

The most crucial factor that I like the most is the portability.  It is so lightweight that anyone can carry it easily.  Apart from that, you are not limited to cook in a kitchen only.  If you want, you can take with you outdoors.  The only thing you need to have is an excellent electric supply.

I hope this review will help you to buy the best portable induction cooktop.  I would appreciate it if you share, which is your first rated induction laptop.

I am delighted with Piegon Cruise 1800 Induction Cooktop, would you like to share any tips with our readers?

Also, if you have any questions, let me know in the comments below, I would be more than happy to guide you in the right direction.

Pigeon Cruise 1800 W Induction Cooktop


Easy to Use


Easy to Clean


Leight Weight


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