8 Best Adult Coloring Apps

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Colouring books are gaining huge popularity in the US, UK, France & Spain, and now the whole world turning to adult colouring books as it provides many health benefits.  It might be surprising to know the physical, mental and emotional benefits can bring by indulging yourself in colouring books and apps.

Therapeutic benefits of colouring 1st highlighted by Psychologist Carl Jung in the earlier part of the 20th century.  Apart from Jung, psychologist Gloria Martinez Ayala also states that colouring reduces activity in the amygdala, an area of the brain which controls the emotions we experience while under stress.

A study conducted in 2005 documented that there was a significant decrease in the anxiety levels of the study participants after they spent a short span of time colouring geometrical patterns.

It takes me by sheer surprise that colouring books can be an alternative to meditation.  After working for long as a Yoga Teacher, I knew that people find it difficult to meditate as they need to actively focus on something positive and not on thoughts.  That makes it really difficult for many people.

Dr. Stan Rodski, a neuropsychologist by profession, who also publishes his own line of adult colouring books, states that this particular art therapy enkindles a relaxing response in our mind, akin to what we feel during meditation.

By now, it’s very clear that colouring should not be looked upon as a children activity but it can help adults also or should I say that it’s more important for adults to engage themselves in an activity that will help on a physical, mental and emotional level.

Due to the huge popularity of colouring books, new apps are popping up every day, with a plethora of services and apps people can easily waste their time and money.

Of course, each app has its own advantages and disadvantages, which is why I’ve made this list. In it, I am looking at each app in turn, focusing where they excel and where they don’t.

Colouring books are an absolute must-have for all for its overall health benefits it provides, so have a look and choose the one that suits your needs the best.

Wikipedia has devoted a full page for colouring books, read here.

1. Happy Color App:

Happy-Color app-–-review

Happy Color is an app, which is available on Google Playstore, Basically is a colouring app with beautiful pictures to colour with the help of numbers. Happy Color has 4000 free images to colour. It has divided pictures into many categories, so it becomes easy to choose an image to colour.  it has a vast number of Categories to select an image. It divided pictures into categories like animals, places, hobbies, flowers, interiors, nature, mandala, art, blend, butterflies, classy, fantasy, hobbies, holidays, and many more. You will also find a section of pictures under the editor’s choice.

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2. Tap Color App

tap color app review

Tap Color is an app, which is available on Google Playstore, Basically is a coloring app with beautiful pictures to colour with the help of numbers.  Tap Color has 5000+ free images to colour. It continue to add new pictures daily so there is no shortage of pictures.  It has divided pictures into many categories, so it becomes easy to choose an image to colour.

It offers a huge number of categories, so you always have pictures of your choice to choose from.  It is very easy to colour the picture, select a number to colour, that number will appear on the selected parts of the picture.  You just need to touch the numbers and that colour will automatically fill in that area.  You need to manually select the number, unlike some apps that auto-select the next number.

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3. Coloring Book For Adults


Coloring Book for Adults is an app, which is available on Google Playstore. It is available only for Android & tablet users. One of the best things about this colouring app is it can be downloadable and so you don’t need the internet once it’s on your device.

It has many unique features like you can choose your own colours unlike colouring apps with numbers, where you can’t change colours.  you will also find pictures of famous artists like Vermeer, van Gogh and Leonardo da Vinci.

You can also use stickers of flowers, hearts, weather icons to make it more useful.

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4. Adult Christmas Glitter Color App

Though this is a very niche-specific colouring app, I like it as it has some amazing glittering colours that really stand out your pictures.

The best part is you can download the picture once you finished it, a feature that not many colouring apps allowed.

It has many useful features like it offers colour customization. You can change the colour if you want to by double-tapping on the number.

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5. Mandala Coloring Book App


If you love colouring mandalas then you should check out this app for sure.  Mandala Coloring App is an app, which is available on Google Playstore.  It is available for Android users.  After my frustration with 2020 Mandala coloring App, I was searching for a good mandala app and found that Mandala Coloring App has many useful features.

The best part about this app is that you can recolor the picture with altogether different colours.  You can share your coloured pictures with your friends and on social.

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6. Animal Coloring Book App


Animal Coloring Book App is another app that’s dedicated to a particular niche or subject.  As name suggests, you will find pictures of animals for colouring.

The main unique feature of this app is it offers different kinds of brushes and mediums.  For example, you can use pencil colours, sketch pens, water colours in a single picture.  This feature definitely makes this app a must checkout app.

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7. Paint By Number


Paint By Numbers App has by far the most downloaded colouring  app  with whooping 50,000,000+ downloads.

It’s popularity is obvious as it offers a vast number of free pictures to colour. Not only pictures but it has numerous categories too, to choose a picture. You must try its Jigsaw category, also do not forget to click on the “Explore” tab, and you will find all the available pictures and different modes, in which you can start colouring.

It has a very active FB page and you will get extra 390 free images only on the FB page. It keeps you very active by posting daily quizzes and puzzles on their FB page.

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8. InColor App

InColor-Coloring Book App-homepage

InColor App is different than other coloring apps as it offers many colour palettes and textures too to colour the picture.

You can use your own colour palette, Linear palette, or textures in the same picture, that certainly stands out the picture.

It also has a premium subscription, where you can download the HD version of your pictures, and if you are in digital printing it can be a good option.

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Colouring pictures can be a fun activity but in recent studies, it has proved that colouring is more than just kids activity.  Nowadays, colouring has emerged as a therapy for anti-stress and keeping your mind and body healthy.  Coluring apps are quite helpful as you can colour whenever you are free or on a long journey.

I have listed 8 Best Adult Coloring Apps here, which is your favourite?  Mine is Paint By Number as it offers diversity in every respect.  Pl let me know in the comments your fav. colouring app.

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