Mannatech MLM Review

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Transformational Products aka dietary supplements and personal care products are the trademark of Mannatech.  Mannatech is another MLM company that promotes dietary supplements but are all companies selling quality products?  In this Mannatech MLM Review, I will discuss all these topics.

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What is Mannatech  MLM?

Mannatech is an MLM company that sells varied products with a unique name of “Transformational Products.”

It was established by Samuel Caster in 1993.  It has a range of products but Ambotose os one of their feature product which is distributed in more than 26 countries.

Are Mannatech Products Worth Their Price?

One of the major products of Mannatech is “Ambrotose” and the main ingredient of it is Glyconutrient.  Mannatech claims that people can restore certain necessary sugars in their diet by using Ambrotose.

The cost of the product is $100, it automatically becomes eligible for free shipping, as all the orders above $100 get free shipping under “automatic order”.

The main issue with Mannatech products are not FDA approved, also they are quite costly compare to their counterpart.  There are many questionable activities by Mannatech.  So I think you will get better products than Mannatech products.

The Mannatech MLM Opportunity

Mannatech offers an opportunity to make money by selling their products as well as by building a network of people who joined under you.

As a Mannatech representative, your job is to promote the product to potential customers.  You will receive benefits like commissions, bonuses, and rewards.

Mannatech has products for every age and group, and by selling these products you can earn good commission.  You can also earn on the sales made by your referrals or the people in your network.

As a Mannatech representative, your aims should be to sign people for Monthly Automatic Shipment.  As you sell more products. more money can you make.

How Much Does It Cost to Join Mannatech?

The starting cost to join Mannatech is $49.99, it also comes with other benefits like commissions, bonuses, and rewards.  Plus you have free access for 90 days to the business tools, customer support, and special value bundles.

Can You Make Money with Mannatech?

Like any other MLM company, you have different options to make money.  First of all, you can sell products directly to your network and earn a commission.

When you join other people join you under your banner, you earn a commission.  Your aim should be to sell Monthly Automatic Shipment, as it offers better commission.


Good BBB Rating:

According to the BBB, it has a good rating, though it is not accredited with BBB, and it has no complaints yet.

Money-Back Guarantee:

If the customer is not satisfied with the Mannatech products, you can return it within 180 days for exchange or refund.  Any expenses like shipping, insurance, tracking are borne by the customer.

Absentee Bonus:

You don’t have to sell directly. You can give someone your account number and they can order through the toll-free number. Your bonus is the difference between the retail price and the Associate price.


FDA Warning Letter:

Mannatech products are not FDA approved, in 2017 FDA had sent a letter of warning to Mannatech for illegally marketing products as medicinal and for selling misbranded products.


In 2005, a class-action lawsuit filed against Mannatech for violating the Securities Exchange Act, as a result of an article by Barron, where he questioned Mannatech’s business practices.

False Product Claims:

Mannatech was claiming that their products can treat products such as Cancer, Autism, and Diabetes.  It proved that all these are false product claims.

Is Mannatech a Scam?

There is a lot of controversies around the Mannatech and their products. Also one should not forget the lawsuit, questionable business practices and the warning letter from the FDA.  All these things make it very difficult to sell Mannatech products.

Most of your success is dependent on your team members, who joined under you.  Unless they are active and making sales, your earning potential is limited.

It is a proven fact that it’s very hard to earn with MLM, only a few at the top strata earns a substantial income.

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Mannatech is an MLM company and it runs like any other MLM module, that does not have many good reviews about it.

So, you need to further investigate about MLM module and if you really want to join one.

It has many hidden costs like shipping charges.  You need to pay all the shipping charges for yourself, that may eat up any commission that you make.

If you want to make your own money by selling products, start your own business by checking out my #1 recommendation. You’ll get all the tools you need including a website, hosting, training, and 24/7 support.

Mannatech MLM






Overall Quality



  • Good BBB Rating
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Absentee Bonus


  • FDA Warning Letter
  • False Product Claims
  • Illegal Marketing

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