Oziva Nutritional Meal Shake – A Healthy Meal Replacement

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Just came across Oziva Nutritional Meal Shake, which is a perfect food replacement.  Are you looking for better ways of weight loss?  Oziva Nutritional Meal Shake can be your answer.

Oziva Nutritional Meal Shake is a combination of many nutrients as well as ayurvedic ingredients, which make it healthy food replacement.

It is beneficial for all men and women, it’s a great combination of protein and fiber.

What is Oziva Nutritional Meal Shake?

Oziva meal replacement

Oziva Nutritional Meal Shake is a complete meal replacement with protein, fiber, and ayurvedic herbs.  It comes in only flavor, Chocolate and can be taken with milk or water.

Oziva has its own dietician, and you can discuss your diet plan with them, and they guide you through with suggestions of exercise and dietary change if needed.

Ayurvedic Herbs:


Shatavari is mainly famous for a rejuvenating and nourishing effect.  In IndShatavari is very famous and enhance reproductive and digestive health.

Also very popular in lactating mothers as Shatavari help to stimulate breast milk in nursing mothers.  It contains several types of antioxidants.

Shatavari is especially useful for women, as it can help them in all the phases of hormonal changes.  Shatavari can effectively treat anxiety, constipation, bronchitis, diabetes, and diarrhea.

Shatavari can be useful in alleviating pain and help in alcohol withdrawal and sharp memory, boost the immune system.

garcinia cambogia

Garcinia Cambogia, also known as a Malabar Tamarind, is a tropical food and very useful in weight loss.  It says that it blocks your body’s ability to make fat and it puts a break on your appetite.

The peel of the fruit contains a high amount of HCA, which is the active ingredient believed to be responsible for most of its weight loss benefit.  Garcinia Cambogia suppresses appetite and makes you feel full.


Brahmi literally means that which gives supreme power. because it positively affects the brain and its functions.

Brahmi mainly helps in improving brain functions, it prevents anxiety and stress, helps lower blood pressure level, Brahmi also has anti-cancer properties.  It also reduces ADHD symptoms.

It is well known for reducing the stress hormones cortisol, Brahmi is also useful in increasing the production of serotine – that calms the mind.


Ginseng act as an antioxidant and may reduce inflammation.  It is also beneficial in brain function, boosts the immune system.  Some studies reveal that it is potentially useful for cancer.  It also helps with fight tiredness and increases energy level.


Flaxseed is loaded with nutrients, high in omega 3 fats, it may reduce cancer risk.  They are good source of fiber, aid in digestion and help prevent constipation.

The nutrients in flaxseed may help lower the risk of diabetes,  cancer and heart disease.

Green Tea

Green Tea Can improve your brain function and make you smarter.  Green tea also lowers the risk of some kind of cancer.  Green Tea can help you lose weight.  The massive range of antioxidants known as Catechins helps burn fat and boost metabolism.

Apart from all these ayurvedic ingredients, essential vitamins and minerals like Iron, Zinc, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin c

IOziva also balances macronutrients and micronutrients.

It also contains Metabolism blend, Immunity blend, Multivitamins and minerals in it.


Oziva is a known brand and many of its products have FCci approval, Oziva is a brand which never comprises its quality over price.  Therefore you will see Oziva products are very cost effective compared to other counterparts.

Oziva Meal Replacement is much better than other products available in the market qualitative also.

Oiva every product comes with a free consultation with dietician which will guide you to decide a proper diet for you.

Pros and Cons


Oiva Nutritional Meal is a full meal replacement which will make you full for at least 3 hours, so its a good meal replacement if you want to lose weight.

It is safe for lactating mother, also it has ayurvedic ingredients like Shatavari, which further helps to feed mothers.

Contains 18gm of protein in a scoop.

Very helpful in weight loss.

It is a 100% vegetarian product.

Soy free, gluten free product

No artificial sweetner

Protein & fiber blend


Only one flavor – chocolate

some people may face the problem of bloating.

Testimonials for Oziva Nutritional Meal Replacement

Most of the reviews for Oziva nutritional meal replacement are positive and getting a good response from the people.  In fact, though it is not a weight loss product, it became popular for weight loss.

People are loving this product, as it is a combination of herbal ingredients with essential vitamins.

This is definitely one of the best meal shakes out there, the chocolate flavour with a bit of sweetness keeps me away from other sugar cravings, so I have managed to lose a bit of weight by using this for less about 15 days with guidance from their friendly nutritionist. I feel more energetic during my cardio and can stay longer on the treadmill compared to before. The fact that it has herbs that are good for me and a little bit of actual sugar (which can be easily burnt off) rather than artificial sweeteners when compared to other such shakes is an additional plus. Overall I’m a happy customer and am going to try some other flavours soon!

Where to Buy Oziva Meal Replacement

Oziva Nutritional Meal Shake is available on Amazon for Rs. 1,375.00, Buy On Amazon

To Get Discount of Rs.250, from the official website of Oziva Click Here.


Oziva Nutritional Meal Shake is Oziva product, with many ayurvedic ingredients in it along with many essential vitamins.

It is a good meal replacement, which makes you feel full and helps in weight loss.  Though it is not a weight loss product, it is giving good result in it.

Since the product is Soy free, gluten free, non-GMO, No artificial sweetener, it’s a very healthy drink.  Particularly lactating mother find it very useful as it contains many ingredients which help a nursing mother like Shatavari.

It gives you 18gram of protein per scoop, so it fulfills the daily requirement of protein.

Overall another good product from Oziva brand and one should try it if you are looking for a meal replacement shake.  Alongside, many herbal ingredients and vitamins are a great combination.  Also, soy is the protein source in Nutritional Meal.

I hope you find this review useful and if you have any question pl let me know in the comments below, I will be glad to answer all of them.


Oziva Nutritional Meal Shake




Value for Money


Soy & Gluten Free






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      you can read all the details on the product itsef, it contains so may ayurvedic and vitamins, not possible to list all of them here. You can take a scoop of Oziva Meal Replacement once or twice a day, either with water of Milke. It is recommended to take with milk.


  1. That’s a well-thought article, with tons of helpful info and ideas regarding weight loss.
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    It doesn’t bother me that the only flavor available is the chocolate one. After all, it’s my favorite.
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    Any insights on how fast the Oziva milkshake will be able to deliver visible results?
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