Review : WebTalk – Next Facebook of 2021?

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WebTalk claims itself to be the next Facebook.  No doubt, the web talk is catching up and gaining good popularity with people.  Today, Webtalk hit 1,300,000 Users & Now Ranked in the top 30,000 Websites In The World according to Amazon Alexa.

Now if you don’t know what is WebTalk, Webtalk is a brand new social media platform still in beta mode.  It’s free to join, social and business networks like Facebook and Linkedin as well as business and shopping communities like Amazon and Shopify.

Who is the founder of Web talk?

Robert Garbowicz is the founder/CEO/CPO at Webtalk.  He first launched an MLM company, Your night in 2010,  did not do well and went under after 12 months.

Watch Video of Robert introducing Webtalk

How Webtalk works?

Webtalk is free to join and basically operates on an MLM structure.  Webtalk is still in beta mode and can be joined by invites only.

Once you become a Webtalk member, you get your own link to promote to your friends, family, and in social media.  But you can expand your network by only up to 50 members.  If you want to expand your network, you have to choose a premium subscription.

The retail side of the business is advertising on the social network, through “EngineCPX”.

Advertising offered is both traditional and via in-house search results when WebTalk users make search queries.

3 subscription plans

Webtalk pricing

Webtalk offers 3 kinds of subscription plans – Pro, Pro Plus, and Pro Platinum, each having different modules.

  • Pro ($16.67 a month) – 500 contacts, 5 messages a month to non-connected WebTalk members, 5 email messages, no banner ads, and see who viewed your profile
  • Pro Plus ($25 a month) – increases of 1000 contacts, 10 messages a month to non-connected WebTalk members, and 10 email messages
  • Pro Platinum ($16.67 a month) – able to view profiles without member knowing, able to search members based on age and gender, increases of unlimited contacts, 20 messages a month to non-connected WebTalk members, and 20 email messages.

Well, I do not understand why Webtalk has the same price tag for Pro and Pro Platinum membership?

How You Profit from Webtalk?

According to Webtalk, it is going to share 50% of its profit with all its members, generated by the company by ads, subscriptions, the marketplace, and more.

Known commission rates on WebTalk subscriptions and services are as follows:

  • 10% of premium subscription fees paid by personally referred WebTalk members
  • 10% of ad budget spent by personally referred advertisers
  • 10% of advertised local services purchased through WebTalk
  • 2% to 9% of the commission generated if a product is purchased through the WebTalk news feed
  • 5% of app subscriptions sold via an in-house app store.

Criteria for Getting Residual Income

Residual Income is offered to the first million members only,  to be eligible for getting the residual income you must sponsor at least one paid member.

Your Own subscription does not

count for Residual Income.

The unilevel compensation plan is capped at 5 levels, you can earn 10% up to 5 levels.

iOS & Android App

Webtalk’s mobile web app is about to get an upgrade as it becomes a native iOS iPhone and Android app. You’ll be able to upload, sync, and invite your phone contacts, check-in at locations, find friends and get a real-time push notification with all of your network’s activity.

Webtalk’s Own Currency

Webtalk has its own currency that can be used to purchase anything within the Webtalk. It’s built on highly powerful and secure blockchain technology using Webtalk’s own proprietary cryptocurrency to conduct transactions called Webtalk Coin.

pros and cons

Pros :

Webtalk sounds a great opportunity, to earn by just active on the Webtalk platform.

It claims to be distributing 50% of its revenue to its members.

The most appealing fact of Webtalk is that you can separate all of your contacts into professional and personal, that way you have full control of what you are shared what with whom.

Webtalk is great with sharing the private/confidential message to a particular group, for personal, professional or to all of your contacts.


Webtalk offers a feature of very cheap ads compare to Facebook and surely benefits the business owners.

Cons of Webtalk

As I mentioned earlier, Webtalk first introduced in 2010, (domain registered way back in 2010), If it was hard to crack the social network back in 2010, it’s certainly not any easier eight years later.

2. Unless you sponsor one paid member, you are not eligible for residual income.  So even if you share your link with your friends on social media, if you don’t have one paid member, you will not receive any residual income.

3. No benefits to non-affiliates, so I fear, they’ll receive unsolicited emails and messages through WebTalk, be limited to 50 contacts and be targeted based on their supplied age and gender by marketers.

Webtalk has nothing new to offer, basically, it’s a Facebook clone, with aspects of Linkedin baked in.  All social media platforms established themselves with a dedicated brand for themselves.  Like Facebook is seen more as a social platform, Twitter for short and SMS type short messages, Instagram for images and photos.  But Webtalk has to work hard to establish itself as a brand.

Verdict on Webtalk

Webtalk has a great project of sharing revenue with all of its members, though it sounds great, has to be watched out for.  Webtalk no doubt seems to be a great social media platform with some really great features, allows only 50 free invites.  So it’s going to be a very limiting feature.

When other social media like Facebook, Twitter, and others, offer any number of free invites, Webtalk seems very limiting.

Though it sounds good, offers no value.  Webtalk claims itself as the next Facebook, but seriously I don’t see it as the next Facebook.  I would not rate Webtalk as a scam but must be very cautious.

Wealthy Affiliate, one of the most reputed and established Online platforms for blogging and affiliate marketing cautioned its members about not propagating Webtalk within WA Platform.

Kyle, the co-founder of WA, red-flagged it as Webtalk offers compensation for social activity.


Wealthy Affiliate is the most trusted online platform which is operating for the last 15 years, and established itself as an All in One platform, to build an online business.

 Read More about Wealthy Affiliate

Tell me the biggest takeaway from the article or a question about Webtalk or Wealthy Affiliate, I will be glad to guide you in the right direction.

12 thoughts on “Review : WebTalk – Next Facebook of 2021?”

  1. I agree with you, I would be careful with WebTalk, it pretty much sounds like a scam with so many upsells and, why would anyone want to join Webtalk where you have to pay to join and you can only have 50 contacts while you can join Facebook for free and have all the contacts you wish. 

    Thanks for sharing this information so that we don´t fall for this type of scams. 

    I also agree with you about Wealthy Affiliate, I´ve been using this platform since almost a year ago and, I think it´s the best technology and business training online.

    • Thanks Veronica, for stopping by.

      Webtalk is a brand new social media platform and still allows only 500 invites as against 5000 of Facebook, which is well established now.

      Again, there are no upsells in Facebook.  Wealthy Affiliate is also an online platform which helps to build your online business.

  2. I actually seen this someone sent me their link through a PM on WA I signed up but I haven’t been on since. This is mostly because I felt like if it was worth my while I would come back to it later. Now after seeing everything others have said about it and this review I just see it as a little fishy. I don’t think it is a scam I wouldn’t call anything a scam unless they just take your money and run. Since they do have limited features it seems like they do that so if you want more features you will upgrade and pay them money.

    I just see it as it could be a cool tool but it has been around since 2010 and it calls it self the one that will take out Facebook. Like you had mentioned if they couldn’t take out Facebook in the 8 years it has been around what makes anybody think it will now or in the future?

    Who knows it might be a good platform to be social on but we all should be careful with anything that is new that comes around claiming things about sharing 50% to everyone and what not. I won’t knock it until something says I should you know?

    Thanks for the information I hope the best for you 


    • Thanks Matt,

      Webtalk has some great features, but you will get residual commission only if at least one of your referral goes premium, which costs almost $20 p/m.  Since Web talk still in beta mode, I assume it will take time to establish itself and share revenue with the referrals.

      Facebook is quiet popular and I find it really impossible that Webtalk can overtake it anyway.  Just have a look at FB Statistics.


      • I get what you are saying you are right I haven’t really looked at it like I said I only had time really to just sign up. I might go check out everything real soon and see if I feel like I should put my time into it you know?

        That isn’t bad though if you can get someone to pay monthly even if it would be a small commission. I see it as anything counts even if it isn’t a huge sum of money thanks for the information though I really did learn some interesting facts in your review.


        • Yes, Matt, there is no harm, in joining Webtalk, I just shared some points, which we should be careful about. Webtalk claims that it will share 50% of it’s revenue with all, who join Webtalk, so let’s see. Looking at the people joining Webtalk, I doubt how much they are going to each member.


  3. Very detailed review of this popular social media platform. I gave it a try but found exactly what you wrote: there’s nothing new to it. I don’t know if they are going to replace Facebook. I doubt it. 

    You say it’s been around since 2010? Has it been beta stage this eight years? 

    I think it’s okay to give it a try as free service. But I wouldn’t expect to make any money from it.

    Thanks for the review. 

    • You are right Wei, they introducted Webtalk way back in 2010, since then it is in a beta mode.  No doubt Webtalk has some great features, but still one should be careful.  Webtalk only gives 500 invites free, thereafter you can not add any new member in your network.

      In comparison, Facebook is well established now and offers upto 5000 members in your network.  So it’s really impossible that people totally stop using FB and start using Wentalk.

      Facebook has a new product launch Lasso, mainly for teens.


  4. Webtalk sure does not sound like the next Facebook to me. Like you said, it is very limiting and for the fact that you need to PAY in order to get more people into your circle, it’s really a way for the company to make more money. 

    And if I may ask about the ads, who is it shown to? Members of Webtalk only, I would assume? It’s very affordable and would maybe be a reason that I would join this social platform, but apart from that, I see no other benefit.

    • You are right Reyhana, Facebook is established as a social platform, and Webtalk allows limited members in your network.

      Webtalk advertising it as the cheapes ad platform, but really not clear where they are going to show ads, only in Webtalk or on other platforms also.  When I tried to research, their help page not providing any information, actually their help desk is literally blank.

      Webtalk Helpdesk 

  5. I have heard that Google+ will shut down very soon and so many people think that Webtalk will replace it. I don’t like any type of MLM scheme and I try to avoid in. Also, I heard that some folks say that this is some sort of scam and that it is definitely not worth it. We have Facebook, Tweeter, Instagram etc. I think that we don’t need this.

    • Daniel,

      It’s really difficult at now to say it as scam.  It has some great features, but I don’t think it can replace Google+, it’s a MLM scheme and very difficult to sustain.

      I will not say that we don’t need Webtalk, every platform has its own pros and cons. 



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