What is Bling Jewelry? Review Geomatric Faceted Onyx Beads Necklace

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Bling Jewelry is famous for its elegant, stylish and top-selling Sterling Silver Jewelry.  Bling has all kinds of jewelry for women and men.  It also has a personalized Jewelry department, where one can order personalized jewelry.

Bling has a wide collection of Cubic Zirconia Jewellery, including a wide variety of women’s jewelry from rings, earrings, bracelets, and also men’s jewelry.

Bling Jewelry has BBB+ ratings, which further builds the trust within the clients.  The jewelry is very trendy and to the mark.

Bling Jewelry specializes in Cubic Zirconium, is a mineral often used in place of real diamonds. is made and feel like a real diamond.

Elena Castaneda is the owner and inspiration behind Bling Jewelry.  As a woman of many distinctions—image consultant to Manhattan’s elite, clothing boutique owner, and pioneer in online sales—she knows how to bring the style of the stars to everyone in an easy and affordable way.

Apart from sterling silver jewelry and Cubic Zirconium, Bling also has some great crystal collection.  From thousands of years, Crystal and stones have been used as jewelry for its therapeutical benefits.

Crystal and stones have their own energy and vibration, also healing powers which benefit on a physical, and mental and emotional level.

There are vast and huge caves of crystals all over the world, and natural crystals are always more powerful than the artificial one.

Crystals and stones can be categorized as per their healing capacities and also crystals are allocated to specific chakras which are suitable to the frequencies of that particular chakra.

Black Onyx is one of the most used and popular crystal from ages for various reasons and purposes. We find the mention of Onyx in the Bible as well as in the Greek and Roman era.  In the Renaissance, it was famous and used for courage and will power.

The main feature of Onyx is its white parallel lines which make it significantly different from Agate, which often has curved lines.  Its appearance is Black or Grey with white and gray parallel lines

Black Onyx is known as the stone of Luck, was given to newly married couple to increase their mutual understanding and co-existence.  It is also said that Onyx work diligently on the minor mismatch between couples.

Also Onyx is beneficial for addiction and physiological and psychological damage done by it.  One should always carry a Onex stone while receiving treatment.

With such a huge benefits from Onyx, Bling Jewelry has introduced Geometric Faceted Onyx Beads Endless Layering Long Warping Strand Necklace.

PRODUCT NAME: Bling Jewelry Geometric Faceted Onyx Beads Necklace.

PRODUCT OVERVIEW OF WHAT IT IS:  Onyx BeadsNecklace is by Bling Jewelry and its a 53 inches Onyx Necklace.

Measure: 53 inches x0.75 x 18 mm

weight: 104.6 cm

Material: Onyx

Minimum total Gem weight: 213 carrot

Width: 0.75 inches

Length: 53 inches

Chain: cord

Clasp: Lobster-claw-clasps

Number of Stones: 100

Stone weight: 1.40 Carats, 2.86 carats

Number of Pearls: 5

Minimum Colour: Black

Stone Creation Method: Natural

Stone Treatment Method: dyed

Stone width: 18 millimeters


Bling Onyx Necklace is a great ornament for women and is suitable for any occasion.  It can be worn as an ornament which suits all occasions.  It can be worn on jeans tees or in a traditional saree.

Crystals and stones have their own natural healing abilities.  Different crystals are specifically used for a particular disease or problem.

It is very easy to find out which crystal or stone suits you or not.  Most probably, you get attracted to those crystals or stones, which are suitable for you.

Otherwise, you can check the crystal by holding it in your hand for 5 to 10 minutes.  You will intuitively know, whether the crystal is suitable to you or not.

If the Crystal is suitable, you feel calm and serene, and the energies attract you towards it.  If the crystal is not suitable, the vibrations repel you.  Crystals also protect and guide you.

Crystals can be used as a planetary remedy and Balck Onyx is related by planet Saturn.  So from that perspective also, wearing crystals and stones gives you better results.

It’s great that Bling has introduced Crystal jewelry in its collection.  The major benefit of Crystal Jewelry from the healing point of view is that you just need to wear it and the rest of the work is done by the crystals.

You just need to wear it and Onyx will continue to work as a protector and protect the wearer.  Also, it bestows upon some spiritual qualities like intuition, connect with higher energies easily and stress reduction.

How to take care of your Crystal Jewelry?

Crystals are conduits of energy and intention, so it is important to rid them of any past intention.

Crystals are very delicate and need to be taken care of properly.   You can wash your crystals with soap water, but the method is not suitable for all crystals.

The best method for cleansing the crystals will be smudging.

Hold the crystal in your hand and light a bundle of sage or palo santo wood until it smolders. Wave the smoke back and forth over the crystals. Then extinguish the embers.

If you are familiar with Reiki, is another way to cleanse your crystals.  Hold the crystals in your hand and activate Reiki, with the intention to cleanse any negativity or any negative vibration in or around the crystal.

Continue to give Reiki for 5 to 10 minutes.  Once it is cleansed, you will intuitively know it.

Place your crystal close to a singing bowl and lightly strike it three times. Then glide the mallet around the outer rim of the bowl repeatedly.


Since it is a necklace, it is made for women and girls.  All the women who will wear it benefit from the healing energies of onyx.

Onyx works best with anxiety, self-control, anger, so if you are suffering from any of these issues, it will greatly benefit you.

Apart from it, Onyx greatly benefit with your relationships, so if you have any clashes with your partner, Onyx will be very helpful.

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  • Bling Geometric Onyx Necklace is a beautifully made with a very unique Geometric design which made it stand out.
  • The Bling Geometric Onyx cost effective comparing other products,
  • It is available on Amazon
  • All good reviews
  • BBB has given A + rating


  • It does not come with earrings.  though separate earrings are available.
  • Some of the customers complained about loose packing.  I was not expecting from Bling, having such a big brand, the company should pay attention to these complaints.


Bling Geometric Black Onyx is available on Amazon for $44.99 + $3.50 shipping


Bling Geometrical Onyx necklace is a great product by Bling.  Like all of its product, it is very carefully handcrafted.

with Oynx healing properties, this necklace sure of being a great help to women, just by wearing this necklace they will definitely experience improvement in their health.

Onyx is helpful in many ways, it provides protection, prosperity, grounding.  On a spiritual plane, it will help to guide you intuitively, connect with higher energies, remove anxiety, and so on.

Specifically, Onyx has known for his protecting healing abilities, and in a very strange way it protects the wearer, so it’s an added feature of this necklace, that it will continue to protect the girls and women.

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I recommend Bling Geometric  Onyx to every woman and girl, as it is very cost-effective and the price is reasonable.

Also it got a great rating from BBB as A+.

The product is available on Amazon and for any business, great reviews are a must.  Bling has got all 5 stars from the viewers.

Most of the reviews are positive, so grab one now.  Overall a great product form Bling, with proving every single detail and very intricate designs with real Onyx in it.

The length of the necklace is long enough to circle around the neck and it is so trendy that you can wear it on any dress like teeshirt or saree or kurta pajama.

Bling has many crystals products, and this one is a gem of all the crystal related jewelry on Bling.  It has a very unique geometrical pattern on all the crystals and has given a very trendy look to it, which is suitable to wear on all occasions.

Also, the addition of pearls in it makes more charming and the healing powers of pearl can be an added benefit.  Pearl is known for its calming effect and can be worn without having any side effects. Black Onyx and Pearl is definitely a very powerful combination of healing and overall results.

I hope this review of Bling is helpful to you and if you have any questions and suggestions pl let me know in the comments below, I will be more than happy to answer them.

Also, would like to know your experience with crystals and stones and how it affects you.

Love, Light & Reiki

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