Top 3 Black Onyx jewelary for Protection & Prosperity

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Black Onyx is one of the wonders in the crystal and stones world.  It has thousands of years of history, dates back to the Renaissance period, and related to Greece and Egypt.

In those days people were using Onyx for protection and safety during the war.  In later years, Onyx was popular because of its unique quality as a lucky charm and bringing luck and stability to newly married couples.

One of the major reason Black Onyx gives stability because of its strong connection to Root/Muladhara chakra. Muladhara chakra is the first and base chakra of all the other chakras and basically related to our physical existence.

Black Onyx also related to grounding, gives much more meaning to its connection with the root chakra.

Black Onyx can be a boon to energy healers, Angelich healers because it actually connects you to a higher realm and higher energies.  Oynx also helps us to ward off any negativity.

Some also define Oynx as a symbol of yin yang, the balance of male and female energies.

Onyx is specialized by its black and grey parallel lines, but most of the times it is difficult to distinguish between real and artificial one.

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But you will fine some really good stuff amazon, here is my 3 top  Black Onyx Jewelry for women.

  1. Bling Geometric Onyx beads necklace

Bling has established the company in jewelry and has earned many awards for it.  Bling is specialized in top-selling sterling silver jewelry.

But it also created crystal jewelry for men and women.  Bling Geometric Onyx beads necklace is made using Blac Onyx.  But the specialty of this necklace is that it has crafted in beautiful geometric design, with each Onyx bead in the hexagonal shape

You can wear this necklace for any occasion with tee and jeans, or in traditional dresses.  It is a very trendy design and goes with all styles.

It comes with a very attractive price range and very cost effective compared to other products.  It is stunningly eye-catching with a zen touch and can be worn as both a necklace and a bracelet.

Onyx particularly related to protective gemstone believed to defeat anxiety, negative energy, and self-doubt,  Transforming darkness to light and promoting positive energy.

Measure: 53in x 0.75in x 18mm Weight: 104.6 Grams Stone: 6mm Material: Onyx,

Packed within an elegant velvet pouch, and with earrings, it is a perfect gift for mothers day, anniversary, birthday, Christmas, valentine day, graduation gift for sister, friend, mother in law.

Black Onyx is particularly popular for strengthen the newly married couples bonding, and increase co-existence.

Bling products come with a 30-day money back guarantee with world class service.

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Gem Stone King Black Onyx 925 Sterling Silver Women’s Ring 2.60 Ct Oval 9x7mm

A beautiful Black Onyx ring from Gem Stone King, Since 1903 Gem Stone King has specialized in Diamond and Other fine gemstone jewelry.

Each Gem Stone King piece is a work of art, and it prides on delivering the highest quality fine jewelry at the greatest value.

Gem Stone King has a wide range of fine jewelry pieces from pendants, engagement rings, earrings, and bracelets all are available in a vast variety of stones and stone colors.

Onyx is the mystical birthstone for the month of december and it is a birthstone for the zodiac sign Leo.  Black onyx can be set in white gold, yellow gold and silver.  Black onyx gives inspiration for happiness and good fortune to come.  It further helps in discipline a person. It is also said that Onyx is helpful for healing past wounds and trauma.

Gem Stone King Piece checks each stone carefully and goes through a rigorous checking.

Product Specification:

Brand, Seller, or Collection Name Gem Stone King
Metal stamp 925 Sterling
Metal Sterling silver
Gem Type Onyx
Minimum total gem weight 2.60 carats
Setting Prongs
Width 2 millimeters
Resizable No
Number of stones 1
Stone Weight 2.60 carats
Model number MEG-0061-OV-OX-BLC-AS


Most of the reviews are positive and vouch for the great product.  Even if you check on Amazon, you will find that people are liking this product.

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Bling Jewelry Black Onyx Chip Stone Wide Chunky Cluster Multi-Strand Stretch Bracelet for Women

A beautiful Black Onyx chip stone bracelet, with chunky clusters of the stones and come with a stretchable bracelet for women.

Bracelets can be worn on any occasion and look very trendy.

The one complaint I find about this bracelet is that it does not fit with broad wrists, and some have complained about being very tide and uncomfortable wearing it.  So at the time of ordering, pl see the description and then order it.

Quality wise the product is great and very afforadable.

  • Stone: 6 mm L x 4 mm 
  • Measure: 8 inches L x 1.25 inch W Weight: 51.1 Material: Onyx Stone

Black onyx bracelet is a classic addition to any woman’s jewelry wardrobe,  It is a stretchable bracelet so fit anyone.

Bilac Onyx is known for its grounding abilities and vigor.  Black Onyx protects the wearer. The price is very affordable and cost effective in comparison to other products.

Jewelry Information
Brand, Seller, or Collection Name Bling Jewelry
Metal stamp Not stamped
Metal no-metal-type
Material gemstone
Gem Type Onyx
Minimum total gem weight 64 carats
Setting bead-set
Width 1.33 inches
Length 7 inches
Clasp No clasp
Resizable No
Number of stones 200
Stone Weight 0.32 carats
Model number YP-ONX4010-B


The Product has most of the positive reviews, and the only complain I find that it is tight for the broader wrists.

Just as promised- the bracelet has a nice little sparkle to the onyx chips. I have pretty small wrists, and it’s a little snug, so I’d think it might be tight on other people. You also can’t beat the price!

It has a pretty versatile appearance, I can wear it to work or with a dressy outfit, and it works in either situation depending on the rest of the outfit and other jewelry.

Shipping through Amazon Prime was prompt as anticipated.

Read the reviews on Amazon

The price of the product is really a no brainer, check out the price on Amazon


Black Onyx is helpful for many reasons, and I recommend Black onyx for its sheer versatility and usefulness.  Black Onyx, works on different levels as a protector, it protects you from any harm.  In the olden days, people were using Black Onyx during war times, for protection and vigor.

Black Onyx can be used in different ways, here I presented in all jewelry forms, but it can be used in your surrounding, in your office, in the home for different purposes.

Keeping Black Onyx in your home keeps you and your family from negative vibrations and energies.  It always safeguards your family from unknown mishaps.

You can make Black Onyx Elxliar, and spray around your home.  To make crystal Elixir is very easy.  Take 2/3 chunks of Black Onyx, wash it with plain water.  Now take a glass of fresh water and keep these chunks in the water for 12 hours.  After 12 hours, the vibrations of the crystal get instilled in the water, and now this water has become a medicinal property.  You can use this exilir to spray around your home, your garden, your pets and so on.

But using crystal and stones in a jewelry form is the better option as it always stays connected with your body and gives you constant healing and vibrational upliftment.

These trendy designs of the Black Onyx attract the attention of everyone.  Most importantly you can wear this jewelry on any occasion or any dress code.  It suits all styles and dresses, modern or traditional.

This can be a great gift option as Back Onyx also known as a prosperity stone, as I mentioned above, it is connected with the root chakra, so for any reason, one is facing financial problems, you can present them this as a gift.

To balance root or Mooladhar chakra, Black onyx is always recommended.  Grounding is another function of Black Onyx, which is very helpful.  Sometimes we find the people disconnected with the reality, that time it is advisable to wear Black Onyx.

There are many products related to Black Onyx on Amazon and on the Internet, choose one for you and your dear ones and be guarded with Black Onyx.

I hope you like this article, pl share with your friends and family memebers, who might be interested in the subject.  If you have any questions or recommendations, pl let me know in the comments below.  I will be more than happy to guide you in the right direction.

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