Digital Profit Course Fake or Real – An Honest Review!

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Digital Profit Course Review

Name: Digital Profit Course


Price: Rs.4980

Owners: Not disclosed.

Overall Rank: 1/10


Digital Profit Course – Product Overview

Digital Profit Course is a 3-month E-Learning Program. This is an online practical course which takes you to step by step into the world of Digital Marketing. There are no classroom training sessions. This is an instructor-led practical online e-learning course.

The course has modules covering introductory digital marketing, website and blog creation, web promotion, and how to start earning via your blog and website online. In short, the course will teach you how to leverage the basic strategies to gain a competitive advantage for both, your business and career.
At the end of the program, you become a CERTIFIED DIGITAL MARKETER. You will receive a certificate that will help you in your career and business as well.


Easy to follow – Good for the newbies, Course is useful for a newbie also as it is led in an easy to follow method.
Provides certification of course once you complete the full Digital Profit course.

Reasonable fees: Duration of the course is only for 3 months, so comparatively fees are quite reasonable.

Return policy: Digital Profit Course offers 30 days no questions asked return policy. Fully refundable policy.


Digital Profit Course is nothing but a duplication of the established Online University Wealthy Affiliate.

Though Digital Profit Course claimed to send full course content, many members complained about not receiving the full course material.

The duration of the course – 3 months, is too short to learn about Internet marketing thoroughly.

Who is Digital Profit Course is For?

Digital Profit Course is a 3-month Internet marketing course and it can be learned by one and all. Anyone who wants to learn about Internet Marketing can be enrolled and get basics of Internet and Affiliate Marketing.

Digital Profit Course offers Support to its members via direct calls and e-mail.

Digital Profit Course Course complaints

Before joining any course, one should properly go through the reviews available on the Internet. When I searched for the Digital Profit Course Course reviews, shocked to see hundreds of negative reviews about this course.

Indian consumer complaint Forum is the place, where you can find if there is any complaint about any product. So let’s find out about the Digital Profit Course Course complaints.



So many complaints about Digital Profit Course on this forum certainly indicates that this product or services are not fair enough.

Scamadviser also declare as Suspicious.


My Final Opinion of Digital Profit Course

Digital Profit Course is nothing but a mere duplication of Wealthy Affiliate Online University. From the Landing Page to the syllabus of the Course is ditto copied.

landing-page-of WA

No doubt, Wealthy Affiliate has established itself as the most trusted online university to learn a-z about affiliate marketing, but unfortunately, Digital Profit course was not able to copy the trust, ethics, and authenticity of Wealthy Affiliate.

Digital Profit course should try to create their own brand instead of copying other brands.

Digital profit Course does not reveal any information about the owner, or the staff members. Who is the owner of this site is not mentioned on the website, nor on any social media platforms?

Digital Profit course asks for a mobile number, along with your other details while registration. It’s really suspicious why DPC, need to collect the phone numbers of the participants.

The personal information Digital Profit Course gets from you is sold online to the highest bidder. They will also try to sell you worthless training materials that will not help you earn money online.
The complaints on Consumer Complaint Forum/ India, are very suspicious, as of why one should want to know the age of a female participant in the course.


Scamadviser already declares this site as suspicious.

The claims made by this site is exorbitant. The site promises to earn rs.2,00,000 per month, which is impossible to achieve if you have not enough knowledge of affiliate marketing. The short-term course of 3 months is not enough to gain the knowledge of internet marketing and its functioning.

The 3-month duration course and the nominal fee of less than 5000/- are not enough to create a substantial income of  Rs.2,00,000 per month. I think the claim is hilarious.

To create an online business which makes you six-figure income is only possible with hard work and persistence. Online business is not a get rich fast scheme.

Here is a WA Super Affiliate Dylan’s Training

How to Create a Six-Figure Website?


Not Legit!


Affiliate Marketing is the best way to earn income from home. But Affiliate marketing is not a get quick rich scheme. It needs hard work, persistence, and patience to build a strong online presence with your website.

cta disheartned after reading the review

If you want to learn about affiliate marketing, and how to earn money from home, live a boss-free life, the best place to learn is Wealthy Affiliate

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Digital Profit System


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