What Are Google Local Guide Benefits – All about Google Local Guides!


Google My Business is a must for your business to get your business across thousands of people who are searching on the Internet.

4 million people daily search Google, and a local listing is prioritized by Google in SERP. To make it more user-friendly Google made it clear that local listings are going to get more importance in SERP.

Google My Business is the most important tool/asset for getting ranked in local listings but at the same time, you might have faced the issues like negative reviews on your listing, spam, fake reviews.

To better deal with these issues, become a Google Local Guide.

SEO and Google Local Guide, what is the connection?

How is it going to help you and your business, especially if you own a business?

local google guide

When you become a Google Local Guide, you help Google by giving reviews, adding photos, or making corrections in any inconsistencies on Google Map, and Making Google UX better for its users.

Google Local guide helps you to build a trust level with Google. By being Google Local Guide, you raise your personal credibility with Google, ultimately benefits SEO and in marketers alike.

Google support staff knows and trust you, so take your queries and requests seriously. So making it easier to work better on client campaigns.

Google knows that a request is from a trustworthy source, it becomes easy to deal with fake and negative reviews

. It becomes easier to get edits to your Google My Business listings approved, easier to get rid of spam listings, and easier to reclaim your Google My Business listing should another party lock you out of your account.

Your SEO business going to get a boost if you can add ‘Google top Contributor’ or ‘Google Local Guide’ label to your business card and email signature.

Become an active member of different Google Products Forum, thereby increasing your credibility in Google’s eye. this will also help you further in your SEO work.

What is Google Local Guide?

As a Google Local Guide, you can submit your reviews, add photos, add new locations in your area, edit and correct any irregularities in Google Map.

For each activity, you get specific points and with every point, you achieve new levels.



Each activity earns you some points.



Google local guide level

Google local Guide has Level 1 to 10. Up to level 3, there is no badge. and as you go up to your level, Google gives you perk and benefits.

These benefits include early access to new features, and Google partner perks. When you reach level 4, you earn a badge.



Google Local guide perk and rewards

Google Local guide is a voluntary service and Google does not pay any financial perk, but it gets recognized when you work as a google local guide.


As a Local Guide, you earn points for sharing reviews, photos, and knowledge on Google Maps. Those points lead to higher levels of the program, as well as benefits like early access to Google features and special perks from partners. At Level 4, you also unlock you first Local Guides badge, which helps you contributions to places get noticed.
Google may deduct your points if your review found to be in violation of their Policy.

Local Guides who have opted in to receive benefit emails will be updated with any new rewards and Google encourage Local Guides to check their email-settings and update/monitor their email preferences as well as their spam or promotions folder.

Google Local guide badge and your profile

Local Guides Level 4 and above receive the badge and appear on profile in Google Maps as a perk.



How to become a Google Local guide.

By now, you may want to become a Google local guide, click on the link.  It’s super easy to become a Google Local Guide and gain points.

I want to be a Google Local Guide

Be sure to turn on Google Photos and enable Location History in Maps. You’ll start to see some rather cool (yet slightly creepy) integration of your photos everywhere you’ve been with your phone.

Tips on how to make quick points with google local guides.

1. Be sure to turn on google photos and enable location history.

2. You get more points for reviews with photos, so add images to your reviews.

3. Add new venues to Google Maps. You’d be surprised how often a restaurant, coffee shop, or store hours are incorrect or not listed at all. If you add the name, address, hours, and other details about the place you’ll get nice points to boost.

4, Make regular Google map edits. correct any inconsistencies in google map, particularly in your local area as you know much more correct information about your local area.

5. It’s easy to send feedback – if you’re signed in to your Google Account as you view Maps, simply click on Menu > Send feedback > Edit the map, and then supply details of the error.

6. Contribute regularly to Google help forums to acquire trust in google.

Google Local Guide though does not give you any financial benefits, but it definitely increases the trustworthy level with Google.

Are you a Google Local Guide and how’s your experience, I myself found it very exciting to be a Google Local guide.  Not only it helps me to increase my Local guide Level and earn points, but it gives me immense satisfaction, as I do any correction or adding a new location on Google Map, helping thousands of people to give the best of information about my local area.

Share Your Experiences working with Google Local Guides, and let’s encourage everybody to become a Google Local Guide.

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