How to Outline an Article? Simple Tips to Help Create Outlines in Minutes!

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Many of you asked me how to outline an article and do we really need to outline an article or blog before we write it down?

When I started working Online as a Blogger,  I had no idea of how to create an article, or how to blog.   I just accidentally started blogging so I had no prior plan or prior knowledge or education or training on how to create blogs!

Luckily, I started blogging with WA, which is one of the best online platforms if you want to start blogging or internet marketing.

So, first of all, it was very difficult for me to create an article but slowly I understood the procedure of creating a content or blog post, which I want to share with you.  Once you understand the procedure, it will be very easy to create a 1000 words blog post with a little practice.

First of all, it is important to create an outline for your content or blog post.

What is Outline for an article?

Outline of an article acts as a Roadmap or GPS, which leads you to your destination. i.e a helpful article to your audience.

The simple meaning of outline content is a Framework for presenting the main and supporting ideas for a particular subject for your content.

Outline help you develop a logically coherent structure for your article and when you make an outline for your blog or for your content, making it easier to translate your ideas into words and sentences.  gives you a clear idea of how your article is going to be.

Come up with a Central or Main Idea for a blog

First of all, it is important to decide what you want to help with your reader with your blog post? When  The main concept is clear in your mind, brainstorm the idea and divide your topic into 3 or 5 subheadings, that way your content will be more digestible and easy to read for your viewers.

It is also, important to make it very clear in your mind who is your audience and for whom you are writing this blog or content like the age, male, female, specific questions they might had and so on.  In short, you should have a clear picture of your audience in your mind, so that you use a specific tone and lingo for your audience, which relates them to your article.

What is your post is all about is? Is it informative post o is it a Persuasion or a personal experience you want to share?  An informative post or a product review?

if you are writing and productive you must have your own templates for writing a product review it will be very easy to create product reviews with the help of templates.

when a template is in place you just need to feel the blank for places with the right information and right research.  For doing research you can take the help of Google and YouTube videos.

You can also do a search using Google, read other blog posts relating to the topic, to take inspiration from them.  Do not copy-paste from other blogs, which will harm you and your brand.

you can brainstorm your idea – create a Mind Map, write your thoughts on index cards or you can just rewrite your ideas into your notebook are directly on your computer whatever the way you prefer.

Simple Outline for an Article

Introduction to your blog post subject(200 words)

divide the main subject into 3 or 5 subheadings (each 200 words)

Idea 1

Idea 2

Idea 3

conclusion(200 words)

Your 1000 word article is ready with this simple outline.

You can also use 5 W’s to write your blog post.

Your Main idea and now explain your main idea with what, why, when, where, whose.  It will be very easy to create content in this way if you are just starting out with blogging.

Many ways to write Your Content

Most of us find it very natural to write down our notes using pen and paper, I prefer that way.  I always scribbled my ideas and take notes on the paper and then finalize the draft on the computer.

I outline my article on paper first, take notes, do my research, all with pen and paper.  But today many people are using the latest electronic devices to write their content, and that is fine too.

Dragon Naturally Speaking and Speech to Text, like in Google Drive you have this tool to blog.


Before creating any piece of content for creating an article it is very important to outline your article because if you don’t create an outline for your blog post or your content, it is very possible you end up beating around the bush.

What you want to convey to your audience or your readers
when you have an outline in place you exactly know what you are going to talk about in that article.    you have a proper structure in place and you are properly conveying your ideas to your readers.

and if you are not familiar with content creation and you are just started writing there is a very easy formula to write your content for article choose a topic and now write with 5 w’s, you will be able to create a nice informative and qualitative article with a little practice.
To create an outline for your article, in simple word you are conveying your thoughts and your ideas to your readers in a very systematic way.

Do you like this article on how to outline an article? please let me know what is your preferred way of writing an article or how do you create what is your procedure of rating and clock pose article for your website this article will be helpful to you to create your own outlines for your content.
if you have any questions or suggestions regarding this subject please let me know in the comments section to you I will be more than happy to guide you in the right direction thanks

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