Javita MLM Review

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The weight loss industry is booming as every person has become health conscious. You will find a number of products, drinks, and diets that claim to help weight loss.  Weight loss is not only a physical but also a mental issue. Totally avoiding the mental issue, these products claim that one can lose weight by consuming their product.  One such company is Javita who claims that drinking its coffee you can manage your weight.  Quite surprising isn’t it?  It also offers you an opportunity to earn by promoting its products.   But can you make money selling Javita products, let’s find out in this Javita MLM Review.

What is Javita MLM?

Javita is a MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) company, founded in 2004 by Stan Cherelstein.  It’s headquartered in Boca Raton in Florida.

Javita has a number of products like weight loss coffee, green tea, cocoa drinks, protein and fiber shakes, and other few supplements.

Javita steadily losing revenue from $50 in 2015 to $20 in 2019, so it will be interesting to see if this Burn + Control Coffee can help you to make money through its MLM module.

Are Javita Products Worth Their Price?

Javita brand has many products like weight loss coffee, green tea, and cocoa drinks, fiber shakes, and so on.  But the most popular products are its coffee products.  They are mainly advertised as Burn + Control coffee and Energy + Focus.

The main ingredients used are Garcinia Cambogia & Yerba Mate.  You will find contradictory views about these ingredients on the internet.

But in my research, I found that the FDA has banned some of its ingredients in 200g, as they can seriously harm the liver.

You can read the full article here.

javita review-harmful ingredients

Yerba Mate doesn’t seem to be so dangerous, but still, some research warned a signal against Yerba Mate.

javita review-yerba mate

Apart from this, you will find a mixed reaction from Javita Coffee users.  Some find it tasty and energy-boosting while some complained about its harmful effects on health like insomnia, headaches, jitters, and stomach pain.

So are these products worth their price?

Their flagship product Burn + control is priced at $25 on sale, on their website.


It includes 24 sachets in a box and you are instructed to drink 2 or more a day, 30 minutes before a meal.  So approximately it will last for less than two weeks.  So you will be paying $50 for a month.

I think it’s total waste of money if you are inviting more health problems by drinking this coffee.

The Javita MLM Opportunity

Javita offers an opportunity to make money by selling their products as well as by building a network of people who joined under you.

Javita has many products and by selling these products you can earn a commission.  You can also earn on the sales made by your referrals or the people in your network.  So it can be a good business opportunity for you.

How Much Does It Cost to Join Javita MLM?

You can join Javita by choosing any of the two kits available.  You can either join by buying $99, $499 and $999kit.  The basic kit priced at $99, which includes 2 boxes of coffee.

The Premium priced at $499 which includes 16 boxes and also the eligibility to join the Star Bonus and Car Bonus Programs.

You also get an online office with a free website to promote products online with these memberships.

Can You Make Money with Javita Products?

As a Javita distributor, you can make 20% on the products you buy or sell, apart from it you can also earn commission on the sales made by the referral in your network.

As with all MLMs, you have two options to make money:

  • Product sale
  • Recruiting other people

You earn no commission up to 300 PCV sales, you will make any commission only after you make 300+PCV(personal Customer Volume) sales.

The best way to make money with MLMs is to recruit people under you and you start earning money the day they join.

Every new member needs to buy the starter kit, in this case, starter kits are available in the range of $99, $499 and $999.  You earn 20-25% commission by recruiting other people.

If you have a good network and have many people in your group, whom you can sell products, you can earn a good income.

But the tough part is to maintain a steady income with this business model, to make the situation worse these products are available on e-commerce stores like Amazon.

Secondly, since it’s an MLM opportunity, most of your success depends upon your marketing skills.  If your team members are active, you can earn a good amount of money, but if they are not active your earning potential is limited.  Many new members may drop out of the network if they do not make consistent sales.


Weekly Pay:

The good thing about the Javita Products is it pays the commission on a weekly basis. It’s good to receive a commission on a weekly rather than a monthly basis.

Lots Of Bonus Options:

As you make sales and build out your team, you’ll qualify for a number of different bonuses such as Team Development Infinity Bonus, Top Enrollers’ Bonus, STAR Bonus Program, BMW Car Bonus, Team Commissions, Diamond Global Infinity Bonus, and the highest level, the Diamond Rank Advancement Bonus.

Good Return Policy:

If you have any complaints about the product, you can return it within 30 days or you can replace the product.


Auto Shipments:

Auto Shipment is a viable feature if you are a good network of buyers.  But if you are starting up, auto-shipment can be disastrous.  Under auto-shipment, you need to buy certain products which have 50pv per month, so in either way, if you are able to sell these products you need to buy again in the next month.   If you don’t join under auto-shipment, you need to buy products worth 100 PV every month.

Commission Criteria:

You need to sell 300 PCV Products per month, to get the commission, so if you are not selling this many products every month you are not eligible for any commission.  Not really easy, right

Mixed Reviews:

this Burn + Control coffee has mixed reviews and some severe health issue complaints. some people have complained about health problems like insomnia, headache.

Is Javita a Scam?

Javita is an MLM company founded way back in 2004 and established itself as a legit and quality brand over the years.  It is definitely not a Scam.  But the MLM module is such that, unless you make a sale you are not going to earn a dime.

Most of your success is dependent on your team members, who joined under you.  Unless they are active and making sales, your earning potential is limited.

It is a proven fact that it’s very hard to earn with MLM, only a few at the top strata earns a substantial income.

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Javita is an MLM company and it runs like any other MLM module, though the good thing is it’s offering a good 20% commission.  Still, you need to further investigate about MLM module, if you really want to join one.

It has many hidden costs like shipping charges.  You need to pay all the shipping charges for yourself, that may eat up any commission that you make.

If you want to make your own money by selling products, start your own business by checking out my #1 recommendation. You’ll get all the tools you need including a website, hosting, training, and 24/7 support.

Javita MLM






Overall Quality



  • Weekly commission pay
  • Lots of Bonus Options
  • Good Return policy


  • Auto shipment
  • High Minimum Commission requirement
  • Mixed review

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