Royal Prestige MLM Review

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Some products like the kitchen cookwares are always in demand and you will find kitchen products available in all forms and sizes with varied price ranges. Interestingly, nowadays, most of the companies now are offering a way to earn extra income by becoming their distributor.  But can you make money selling kitchen products, I reveal the truth in this Royal Prestige MLM Review.

What is Royal Prestige MLM?

Royal Prestige is famous for its different kitchen cookware and kitchen products.  Hy Cite is the company that sells these Royal Prestige Products.  Hy Cite is based in Madison and it is founded in 1959 by Peter O Johnson.

Hy Cite has over 92 locations across the US and all over the world.  It has 4500 distributors and it also claimed that it has 2,50,000 new customers each year.

Royal Prestige has a number of products which include pots and pans, dinnerware, kitchen knives, cutlery, juicers, tableware, and more.

Are Royal Prestige Products Worth Their Price?

Royal Prestige has an exclusive line of cookware with advanced technology and its products come in three different cookware lines:

  • Nutra Ease
  • Royal Prestige
  • Kitchen Charm

Some of the cookware sets range in price from $2,000 to $4,500 per set. The 5-piece Innove Royal Prestige Waterless Induction Cooking System (seen above) was listed on eBay for $995.95 excluding shipping.

Another product I found was the Innove Royal Prestige 4-quart stockpot also listed on eBay for $349.95. According to my research, there’s no official product catalog that includes prices.

But if you ask me if these products worth their price, I would definitely say No, because you will find many complaints on different forums on the internet and also on BBB.

Prices and complaints were found on customer comments left on the BBB (Better Business Bureau) website.

hy cite complaints- bbb

It is important to have good ratings on the Internet to become successful nowadays.  Not to forget that around 80% of people read internet reviews before buying any product. So it is easier to sell these products to your friends and make money.

Apart from these complaints, you will notice that there are many kitchen cookwares available on Amazon and other e-commerce portals, that are way lower in price.

royal prestige review _Amazon_com

The Royal Prestige MLM Opportunity

Royal Prestige offers an opportunity to make money by selling their products as well as by building a network of people who joined under you.

To start promoting Royal Prestige products, you need to be signed up through a sponsor, if you don’t have a sponsor, you will get appointed one.

The good thing is you don’t need to have any experience to be a distributor of Royal Prestige.

How Much Does It Cost to Join Royal Prestige?

It is not clear as to what is joining fee to Royal Prestige, but in general, you need to buy a starter kit or a bunch of products to start with.

So may need to invest some thousands of dollars to start with Royal Prestige, as you have seen their kitchen cookware are quite expensive.

Can You Make Money with Royal Prestige?

There is no mention of what percentage you will get if you promote Royal Prestige products or recruit other people under you, it is quite ambiguous.

So it’s difficult to say exactly how much margin you can make per sale.  But you can easily guess that if there are so many complaints about the quality of the product, it will be very hard to sell these products.

Another thing that will hinder your sale, is the price of the kitchen cookware, if you get a good quality kitchen cookware, at a very low price compared to Royal Prestige, definitely very few people will choose Royal Prestige cookware.  It will definitely limit your earning potential.


No Experience Necessary:

As with most of MLMs, you do not need to have any experience.  So you can sign up with any existing distributor and you are good to go.

Variety of Products:

Royal Prestige has a number of products from pots, pans, kitchen knives, kitchen charm cutlery, juicers, and so on. So you can sell these products and earn a  commission.

Lifetime Warranty:

Royal Prestige offers you a lifetime warranty on their products, which means 50 years from the day you buy the products.


Very Expensive Products:

As I mentioned above, Royal Prestige products are very expensive compared to products on e-commerce sites.  To make the condition worse, you will find complaints of these products all over the internet.

Lawsuit Settlement:

In 2009, there was a settlement against Hy Cite in Los Angeles resulting from consumer complaints about being duped into buying expensive cookware using deceptive demonstrations and scare tactics. The company was ordered to pay $350,000 in restitution.

Is Royal Prestige a Scam?

Royal Prestige is an MLM company and established itself as a legit and quality brand over the years.  It is definitely not a Scam as it has business over 92 locations all over the world.  But the MLM module is such that, unless you make a sale you are not going to earn a dime.

Most of your success is dependent on your team members, who joined under you.  Unless they are active and making sales, your earning potential is limited.

It is a proven fact that it’s very hard to earn with MLM, only a few at the top strata earns a substantial income.

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Royal Prestige is an MLM company and it runs like any other MLM module, but the main thing is you will not find enough information if you want to join it as a distributor. You need to further investigate about MLM module and if you really want to join one.

And if you want to buy these products, they are available online also.  But I would suggest checking other products also in the same category and I am sure you will find many better products.

If you want to make your own money by selling products, start your own business by checking out my #1 recommendation. You’ll get all the tools you need including a website, hosting, training, and 24/7 support.

Royal Prestige






Overall Quality



  • No Experience Necessary
  • Variety of Products
  • Lifetime Warranty


  • Very Expensive Products
  • Lawsuits Against it.

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