Live Streaming on YouTube!

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YouTube is getting popular day by day, we all know that is the second biggest search engine after Google.  Though YouTube is popular, the live Streaming on YouTube is something that’s very popular nowadays!

Live Streaming on YouTube is getting more views than YouTube videos, and different studies have shown that!

Why Live Stream on YouTube?

Live streaming is more popular for a number of reasons and one should start live streaming for better engagement with the audience.

  1.  The first reason live stream is popular because your audience sees you in reality.  People always wanted to know about the person whose blogs they prefer to read.  If you are loyal readers for your blogs, they always wanted to know about the creator of the blog, and his life.

so when you live stream on YouTube, typically your audience wanted to see you real.  When people see in real, you become more trustworthy for them.  Now you are not a just blog writer behind the computer, but when they watch you, you become very relatable to them.

2. Not Scripted

When you are doing live streaming, most of the time you are engaging with your audience with no script, that is more natural and original.

maybe for the sake of coordination and organization, you keep some materials like slides and images handy, but in live streaming, you talk very naturally which is not scripted.

And that’s what audience like about, may you make some mistakes here and there, but your audience likes the live presentation.

3. Humanises the Brand.

Live Streaming on YouTube, at one hand, helps you to create your Brand at the same time it humanizes your brand.

When you go live consistently, you slowly establish yourself as an authority in that niche.  With Live Streaming on YouTube, also sees and listens to you.  It immensely helps to humanize your brand.  People see a person beyond the computer and thus, creates a connection and relation between the two.

What do you need to start streaming?

At the least you need:

Computer – Laptop, Desktop, Mobile Device.


Good Lighting

Good Audio

Good Internet Connection – wired and fast upload.

Promoting your Live Streaming

Promoting your Live Stream is important and you can do it in many ways.

Blog about it

One of the easiest ways is to blog about your live streaming to let your audience know that you are going live on a specific date and time.

As your reader is familiar with you through your blog posts, letting them know about your live streaming, make them curious and waiting for the scheduled streaming.

It is important to let them know at least 24 hours before you go live so that they can make it.

Social Media

Publicizing your live event through social media is also another way to make it get viewed.  Popular social media platforms like FB, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitch, Twitter, can be used for the purpose.  Also, you must be having the following in all these platforms, so let them know that you are going live which will ultimately increase your views and likes.

Email List

Another definite way to make it public is letting your email list about your live streaming on YouTube.  As Email Subscribers are your repeat readers, they are quite familiar with your writing style, so definitely they will be interested in watching you live.

Discussion Thread

In your YouTube Channel, leave the message for your followers to let them know about your coming Live Streaming on YouTube.

You can also, leave your URL, after your Live Streaming and ask them for their comments.


It is important to have consistency in your schedule for Live Streaming, even if you have only once a month, it will make your reader accustom to your schedule.

Public/Private, Unlisted

If you are a newbie to Live Streaming on YouTube, you can keep your videos private or unlisted until you get used to it.

If you make your video Unlisted, you can share it with your friends only, and who can have your Youtube URL.  So this is a good way to start with, record a video, make it unlisted and share it with your friends, ask their opinion on it.  Slowly you will get hold of the medium and will become easy for you.

Private videos – You can create videos under Private label, which will only be visible to you and no one else can watch it.

Live Streaming on Other Platforms

once you are used to live streaming on YouTube, you also have a great scoper for live streaming on other popular platforms as well.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Twitch are some of the platforms which offer Live Streaming.  So you can always live stream on these social media platforms as well, some of which also gives you better monetization options.

Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) is free and open source software for video recording and live streaming. Stream to Twitch, YouTube and many other providers with ease.

Hey there,

Have you tried Live Streaming on YouTube, how was your experience, pl let me know.  I have created a Live Youtube Video, first time, and want to share with all of you!

Pl let me know how is it, I know it has many faults, and there is a huge scope for improvement, I would like to have your opinion about my first live stream.

This is about Reiki – An Spiritual Healing Energy, as I am also a Reiki Master Teacher, and have a dedicated website on Reiki –

For reiki amazes, I have created this live stream, but the subject is useful to all of us, so would like to share with you also.

Reiki Symbols for Attracting Wealth, Abundance & Prosperity.


Live Streaming on YouTube, is a great way to increase traffic to your website at the same time it helps you to create your brand and authority in any given niche.

When you stream live, your audience gets easily connected with you, and that develops trust and relationship with your audience.

Live streaming also helps to humanize your brand, and people come to know you as a real person.

So there are many benefits of Live Streaming On YouTube!

If you have any questions or suggestions let me know in the comments below and will be glad to answer your queries.




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