Simple Pinterest Ads Tips For Better Conversion

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Running Pinterest Ad Campaigns for the conversion is simpler than you think.  It’s no brainer to run ads on Pinterest for various reasons.  If you just look at the stats of Pinterest you will be amazed at how Pinterest is driving more traffic and sales to its users.  At present, there are 335+ active users of Pinterest of which 88M+ are from the US only.  The most fascinating stats are: Total Number of Pinterest Users who save Shopping Pins on Boards Daily are whooping 2Million!

2M+ users daily save shopping pins on their boars, and this could be your audience and you can leverage this audience by using Pinterest ads.  Pinterest ads make it possible to grow your reach to different sections of the audience of Pinterest.  Here are some simple Pinterest Ads Tips that you can leverage in your ad campaign.

Introduction to Running Pinterest Ad Campaigns

Running Pinterest ad can be very useful ad it is very cost-effective than any other social media platform when it comes to conversion.  You can run an ad as low as $1 per pin for any amount of time.  You can run the ad for 1 to multiple days.  It can be very helpful to decide which of your pin is more interactive and effective.

Very Subtle: Pinterest ads are quite different than you see ads on other social media platforms like Facebook.  When you promote a pin on Pinterest, it never intrusive.  Pinterest promoted pins are very subtle.  They never pop up suddenly in your feed.  Promoted pins show up in your feed just like any other usual pins.  it has only a promoted pin at the bottom

Specific to boards:  Another interesting feature of Promoted pins is they appear in your boards as well.  If you have a specific board say about “products for seniors” if there is a promotion for such category the promoted pin will show up in your board directly.  I think this is a huge factor for marketers.

We can easily find out what people are searching on Pinterest through the Pinterest search bar and create a board for popular products, as well as promote these products as an affiliate also.  If you have a product of your own, you can promote these products, that will show up in all of the interested people’s boards.  This is the most targeted audience that you can easily reach through Promoted pins.

Let’s take an example of the most popular boards on Pinterest.  Joy Cho is one of the most popular influencers on Pinterest.  These are the 3 of her boards.

Hair – 5,814,060 followers, 293 Pins
Recipes – 3,950,352 followers, 645 Pins
For the Home – 3,781,417 followers, 1,316 Pins

Now if she wants she can create a promoted pin for any of this board, and this promoted pin will show up directly in her followers as well as other people’s feed who has the board for hair, or recipes and so on.  and it is a very established fact that Pinterest is popular for helping people to buy things.

So if you invest in Pinterest ads strategically, it will give you more results than you expect.

Do All Pins Get Approved by Pinterest?

While creating ads it is important to keep in mind some basic facts about Pinterest.

As I mentioned above Promoted pins are very subtle, and Pinterest does anything special to catch the viewers’ attention.  It is up to you to make it your pin eye-catching. and make it stand out.

Pinterest pins are vertical and its best to stick to the Pinterest dimension of 1500×1000.  So that your pin will show up appropriately in the feed.  Also if you make it small or bigger than this dimension, the possibility your pin will not get approved by the Pinterest.

If you are doing product reviews, it is important to do pins that will be useful to the audience.  Pinterest is mainly popular for educational purpose and you will find the pins that are curated around how-tos, best of, and DIY are the most popular ones.  They get easily approved as Pinterest is a social media platform that is mainly inspirational.

But I personally do not think that Pinterest will disapprove of any product review pins.  But it is a platform that geared towards the content for beginners so you can always use these words to get more views and approved on Pinterest.

How to set up a budget for your Pinterest Ad Campaigns?

It is very important to know how to start your Pinterest Ad campaigns.  to start with it is better to keep your budget as low as possible so that you can get an idea of which of your pins are doing better.  As you have to set the budget per pin. start with $1 for a week, so if you do so for say 5 different pins, it will cost you only $5 and by the end of the 3rd or 4th day you will get the results as which of your pin is doing better.

Start with a test budget and scale your success -Jay

Jay is an official coach for Wealthy Affiliate – a huge online community of more than 2 M like-minded people.  Every weekend WA has a live WAbinar by Jay, where he walkthrough with the latest internet happenings.  You can also have him as a personal Affiliate Coach, and build your online business under his guidance.

Once you get the idea of what your targeted audience is looking for and what kind of pins are more attractive to them, you can then create more pins depending on the results.  You can also then increase your budget to $3 for 7 days and so.

The best part of the Pinterest ad campaigns is that like Facebook ads you can set your target audience, gender, category, location, language, device and so on.  That way you can target your exact audience, which will be very helpful to get your desired result.

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The best part is Pinterest provides you all the details regarding your campaigns and you can then leverage this information to the next campaign.

You can also find out the information in Google analytics under the acquisition> social> overview.

google analytics data for social engagement

5 Simple Pinterest Ads Tips

  1. Create promoted pins for most popular boards in your niche.  So once you create a pin, all your followers can see it in their feed as well as it will be seen in other people’s boards also, even if they are not following your board or you.
  2. Make your pins stand out, as Pinterest is very subtle in promoting pins.  It just shows a “Promoted Pin” tag in the left corner of the pin.
promoted pins by Pinterest

3. Pinterest is popular for promoting educational stuff like DIY, or how to.  Make your promoted pin to educate your audience.  Use words like “For beginners” or “Best Of”.

4. Start your campaign with a low budget, and study which is your pins are doing well and get more clicks.  Then scale the campaign to the next level.

5. Take the help of Pinterest Insights and Google Analytics to find out which of your pins are popular.  It’s easy and always better to promote those pins which are already performing well.


Pinterest is not doubted a very powerful platform to target the exact audience in a very reasonable budget when it comes to result.  Pinterest more popular as a platform where the more female audience is searching for new products to shop, no doubt you target the exact audience for your campaigns.

With Google Analytics and Pinterest Audience Insight, you get exact details about your campaigns and you can leverage this information in your next campaign.

I hope these simple Pinterest tips will help you to run an economic and influential ad campaign for you and your clients.

if you have any questions about Pinterest ad campaigns pl let me know in the comments below or if you have any tips or suggestions drop that in the comments below.

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