How to make Money in an Online Business?


The most important thing to create revenue through your online business is generating traffic to your website.  Once you have targeted traffic, generating revenue is easy.

Your website is the main medium for generating revenue and for implementing techniques and strategies for taking a visitor and turning them into revenue.

the simple technique to sell anything is to help the people and provide them a solution.

Shy away from selling before providing any value to your visitors.  Your brand will be diminished slowly if you continuously go on promoting products, irrelevant to your readers.

1. Help people and they will buy from you.

2. Create a relationship with people and they will buy from you.

3.simply sell to the people will be difficult to monetize your site.

Is your main goal is to run a profitable and highly lucrative business?

the key factor is to remember that this is a real people’s business and

real people are coming to your site, reading your content and if they trust you, they will purchase from you.

Affiliate marketing – the most popular money making technique online

Affiliate marketing is a simple technique, through which you can promote thousand of proudcts from companies and earn a commission for you, at the same time, help thousands of people, looking for information.

When you become a affiliate for a company, they provide you with an affiliate llink, which you can promote on your website or through social media.

If anyone clicks on your link, and buy the product, you get a commission.

You can earn as much as you want, as an affiliate!

Your revenue is typically tied to the amount you generate traffic to your site.  You need a website to generate traffic, write relevant content targetting low competition keyword on every page of your site.

Affiliate programmes are everywhere for any niche!

Literally there are thousand of affiliate programmes available online for any niche.  Many people don’t know how to find affiliate programmes for their sites.

How to search Niche related affiliate programmes?

Suppose your blog is about yoga and you want to provide your reader the information about yoga products,

just google Yoga products + affiliate

and hundreds of results will show off!

and you can do this to find out affiliate programmes for any niche, just sign in for your favourite affiliate programme and promote the thousands of products on your site.

Next thing you need to do is grab your affiliate link.

What is an affiliate link?

An affiliate link is your OWN unique link that identifies you as the referrer to the product (MERCHANT) website.

the simple formula of affiliate marketing is

Some comes to your website => They click your affiliate link => They buy something from the merchant => You get the affiliate commission ($$$)

once you get your affiliate link, now you need to promote it through your website.

highlight the text, where you want to put your affiliate link and click th Link button.  Then this will pop-up the Insert/Edit link pop-up in which you will add your respective affiliate link (which will be a different link for every affiliate program).

Click update and your affiliate link is live now!

Amazon, the best affiliate program to start with

Amazon, has tons of products to promote, and as an affiliate, you get rewarded for each sale you make through your affiliate link.

Amazon has over 500,000,000 products on their website and that is growing daily as they attract new sellers.

Many people buy MANY things at once through Amazon. Sometimes you will get someone looking to buy a $9 book through your affiliate link, they then decide to browse Amazon and buy a TV, you get credit on that as well (in a 24 hour shopping period). This can really impact your revenue in an awesome way!

Create helpful product reviews

Offer quality product reviews to your readers with relevant information, pros and cons of the product.  the more helpful review you provide, more trust you build with your audience.

The better you can educate someone about a product or a series of products, the more comfortable they will be with your advice…and the more likely they are to make a purchase and earn you money

The point you need to focus on in your reviews

  • Overall Rank (rank each product against one another)
  • Product Description
  • Pros & Cons
  • Price
  • Guarantee (YES, NO)
  • Product Specifications

Be relevant to your niche and offer real product review to your customers.

Google Adsense

the another easy way to earn revenue online is placing ads on your website.  the most commana way is placing Google Adsense on your website.

Google Adsense is one of the many publisher networks out there. They act as the third party ad broker between the advertiser and the publisher (which will be you).

Google Adsense gives you the ability to place other’s ads on your site and thereby earn the revenue.

How does it work?

when you join Google Adsense, you get a little snippet of code, you paste it on your site, the ads get displayed on your site and when one click the ad, you earn revenue.

Google AdSense can be a good supplementary income for you if you have a good traffic.

Affiliate Revenue vs Google Adsense

These are the two main sources of income you can earn through your website.

Google AdSense pays you through the other advertisers, often times other affiliates just like you.  Google Adsense leverage the traffic you have generated to your website through your hard work.

People are earning money off of you with Adsense or another form of ad publishing on your site.

Is it possible to remove Google Adsense and earn just through the Affiliate links?

Yes, definitely, if you just observe the formula of both:

Scenario 1: Your site => affiliate offer => buy offer ($20+ typically)

Scenario 2: Your site => adsense click (under $0.70 typically)

It’s very common that you can earn more by affiliate revenue rather than Adsense.

Let’s say that each affiliate sale is $40 (which is very realistic as well). This same 100 clicks on an affiliate link is going to earn you $200 compared to the $70 from Google Adsense ads.

But you can try out for yourself, some people earn great with Adsense, while some with affiliate programs, some with both.

Try this formula on the pages you get the most traffic.

Test 1: Have BOTH advertising and affiliate programs on the page
Test 2: Have ONLY affiliate programs on the page
Test 3: Have ONLY advertising (like Adsense) on the page

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