Lowest Price Ever: WA Black Friday 2021

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Black Friday is my favourite season, apart from Spring and Winter LOL!

The reason is very obvious, you get huge discounts all around the internet, and you can shop your dream deals at the lowest price.

This year also I have some favorites on my list and I know you must have some too.  I want you to take a close look at an amazing opportunity that can change your life, like mine:)

You may not pay attention to it assuming it is another Black Friday Deal or you can read it fully and would like to thank me. I assure you I will not take more than 3 minutes.

Do you know Blogging is the most authentic and ethical way to make money online?  You can make money more than 50 ways if you have your own blog.

Not only you can make money by blogging but you can create your own lifestyle.  There are many successful entrepreneurs who opted for a stay-at-home and make money.

Some can stay at home and raise their kids away from the corporate world. Some can travel every day of the year using their savings and investments. Some created a 6-figure business while going to school, and some have created a new life for themselves that allow them to do what they love. Just by blogging and you will find many if you just Google it.

You can imagine the popularity of blogging by the fact that How to make money blogging is searched over 5700 per month.

how to make money blogging

So yes, you can make money by blogging but you need to have some basic tools like a website, hosting keyword research tool, and basic training on how to blog.

Do You Need To Invest A  Lot of Money To Start?

Nope, it’s as simple as that.  If you join the platform that I am going to suggest you would not need to invest a single dime.  You will get all the 5 basic tools that I mentioned above totally free.  If you want to test the system that I am following for the last 5 years, click the link below and you will get a free website and all the tools for free & it’s free for life.

The platform that offers you all the tools and an opportunity to Build Your Business Under One Roof is Wealthy Affiliate.

Let Me Introduce You To Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is now well established in the affiliate marketing industry and has been known as a leader in the affiliate industry.

WA started way back in 2005 and in these 16 years has achieved some remarkable achievements for itself and all its members.

When WA started in the dinosaur era of the internet (circa, 2005), it ran a little keyword website called WealthyAffiliate.com. At the time, Carson and Kyle, (co-founders) both had 3 years full-time experience within the PPC world and were very successful affiliate marketers.

Each and every week WA would give people a keyword list of 30 words or so, with a few relevant affiliate programs, and give them potential “ads” they could throw up on Google Adwords (now referred to as Google Ads)

Guess how much  “keyword list” service at Wealthy Affiliate cost back in 2005?

$359.88 per year!

If you have your calculator out, this is $29.99 per month. For a “keyword list” per week. People loved the service, and most people were upgrading to yearly memberships

No surprise, many members stick around for 10+ years and even some recently joined members have achieved remarkable results.

Success stories are very common in WA, and it shows that the training and the WA module works.

WA is a happening community and that’s the secret of its success.  WA is a community of 2.5 M+ members and the WA module is such that every member encourages and supports other members to build their online business and succeed in it.

The main USP of WA is its constant up-gradation to the newest technology and thus helps its members to keep up with the latest trends on the Internet.  We all know how important it is to keep up to date with the latest happenings.

Recently WA rolls out with the biggest updates so far in WA history.

Different memberships At WA

  • Starter
  • Premium
  • Premium Plus

As we all know WA had two memberships so far, Starter & Premium.  On 5th November 2020 WA launched its Premium Pro membership.

Joining WA is totally free, you don’t need a credit card. You get a website, hosting & basic WA core training that includes a total of 120 lessons.

Apart from this you also have access to thousands of blogs and tutorials from the experts of YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, SEO(Search Engine Optimization), and guess what it’s all free even if you are a Starter member.

You need to search for the related blogs or training in the WA search bar located at the top.


You can see in the above screenshot that if you search for “SEO” you will find many useful trainings related to the topic. Some trainings are exclusively for Premium members and you will see a button that says “premium” but other trainings are available for Starter members also.

How cool is that? Get your own website+ world-class hosting + training free for six months.  I think six months is more than enough time, to see if WA is right for your business.

You must be wondering what is Dollar sign in the screenshot, it’s another perk for WA members.  When you help people to start their own business, WA offers you a handsome commission.  This dollar sign shows how many people who joined through your referral link complete their profile in a week.  But you get $1 for every person who completes his profile.

You might think it’s not that much but when it starts to accumulate it becomes a substantial amount.  So far I have earned $500+, just when my referrals complete their profile.

Wealthy-Affiliate affiliate creditsThey just need to add an image and a small description to complete the profile.

Not to forget the monthly commission you get when your referrals go premium.  There are many other activities through which you can earn on the WA platform.  Read  Earn While You Learn.to know in detail.

Of course, you will get a ton of benefits when you upgrade to Premium.  Let’s have a quick look at both membership plans.

Click Here To Get Started

Now let’s have a look at Premium Pro.  It’s a power-packed bundle for those who are ready to take their business to the next level.

Premium Pro at WA

Wealthy-Affiliate Premium pro

As you can see in the above screenshot, Premium Pro is power-packed with many added perks.  The purple icon indicates the Premium membership benefits whereas the crown icon shows the Premium Pro benefits.

In a nutshell Premium Pro offers:

  • 200+ Premium Plus Classes (Priceless)
  • Premium Plus+ 50 Website Hosting ($3,000 value)
  • Jaaxy Enterprise for a Year ($999 value)
  • 2 Free .com Domains Included ($28 per year value)
  • 200 Free Community Credits Included ($100 value)

As a premium Plus member, you can host up to 50 websites.   You may have noticed that even though hosting for 50 Premium websites is a Premium Plus feature, I already have that as a Premium member. This is because I joined WA prior to them changing it to 10 in March 2020 and I am grandfathered in.

So if you had become a WA member prior to the hosting changes to 10 websites in March 2020, you were also grandfathered in for 50 websites.

Members stick with WA for many reasons but one of the major reasons is it’s very cost-effective to build your online business with WA.

Whatever service you buy on WA, you will automatically be grandfathered for the rest of your life.

If you buy a domain for $13, it will be always be priced at $13 as long as you are a member of WA.  If you go premium yearly for $395, you will always be the same price for life, without worrying about dollar exchange rates.

The best Time To Upgrade is NOW, Black Friday!

That being said, if you want to upgrade wait till the best time and you will get the best deals on your membership.  The best time to upgrade your membership is Black Friday. WA offers some amazing discounts and deals on its memberships.

The Premium Yearly costs you $395 but you can grab this membership for around $299 during Black Friday Deals.

Premium Pro costs $499 instead of $999.  With 50 websites, 250+ Live  hour-long video WAbinars by Jay and other Ultra Successful Affiliates, Jaaxy Enterprise (worth $99/m)

Premium Yearly Membership = $299/year.
Premium Plus+ Yearly Membership =

So you are going to be able to get up to a $689 discount off of the normal monthly price of the membership with Premium Plus+, and $289 off the normal price of Premium.

So starting right now, if you want to join Premium Yearly at the lowest rate ever, $299/year ($289 off), you can do so.  

This works out to be $0.87 per day, for a world-class platform and community that will help you grow your business to any level online.

Let’s look at a full breakdown of the offer, and the included bonuses. 

Premium Offer Breakdown

  • $299 Yearly Premium Membership ($289.00 off!)
  • EVERYTHING included in Premium.  Including a year of awesome updates.  52+ expert classes, Jaaxy Lite unlimited, unlimited support & mentoring, etc.
  • BONUS: Building a Business in 2022 and Beyond:  2 Experts, 2 Blueprints, in 2 Days.
  • Access to ALL 2022 updates.  And we have lots coming.
  • Our “Forever Pricing” Promise.  You can keep this price point for as long as you stay a member.  

WA has three memberships:

  • Starter
  • Premium
  • Premium Plus

Premium Plus comes with a bounty of goodies:)

Premium Plus+ Offer Breakdown

  • $499 Yearly Premium Plus+ Membership ($689.00 off!)
  • EVERYTHING included in Premium Plus+.  Including a year of awesome updates.  250+ upcoming expert classes, our Premium Plus+ class database (over 200+ classes), 50 Websites,  Jaaxy Enterprise, unlimited support & mentoring, etc.”
  • BONUS #1: 7 Class Expert Series, “Building a Business in 2022 and Beyond:  7 Experts, 7 Blueprints, in 7 Days”.  Never seen before insights!
  • BONUS #2: Exclusive Beta Access to Alphabet Soup X, The Ultimate Keyword Mining Tool
  • Access to ALL 2022 updates.  And we have lots coming!
  • Our “Forever Pricing” Promise.  You can keep this price point for as long as you stay a member.

If you want to take advantage of either the Premium OR Premium Plus+ yearly offers, I suggest you take advantage of these now.  This offer will only be available for the next couple of days.

My Bonuses:

Over the years, I am trying to help people start their own successful businesses.  So this year I added many bonuses that will directly help you to start your own website, Etsy shop, or anything else you can think of like POD products.

If you join  WA Premium through my affiliate link, you will get 100+ products worth $300+ totally free, with commercial rights!

At present, there are 122 products on Cute Printable, my latest venture in printables.  You get all these products when you join WA Premium.  You can create unlimited products from these 100+ products and can sell on different platforms.

WA Black Friday 2021

No brainer right? Not to forget that you will be grandfathered for the same price every year, no price hikes at Wealthy Affiliate.

If I list all the updates on the WA Platform, the article will become too long, but I would recommend you to have a look at Best Black Friday Deal You Must Not Miss, get a feel of how WA works.

People always wonder about the number of WA reviews on Google, if you just google the term Wealthy Affiliate Review, you will get 1,00,00,000 results.  Are you wondering if all of them are honest?  Read my Review of Wealthy Affiliate, and I hope it will help you to get a crystal clear picture of Wealthy Affiliate.

It’s totally upto you to choose whatever suits best to you.

I hope this article has helped you to make an informed decision.

Don’t hesitate to share it with whoever you believe will benefit from it!

If there’s something else you want to know or you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you ASAP!?

Whatever you do next, I wish you nothing but the best ?


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