SEO Best Practices Checklist 2022

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Do you have trouble getting your content ranked in search engines? then you are at the right place because I am going to reveal the ninjay secrets of ranking your content fast in the search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.  Every day tons of content, post, pages, videos get published by thousands of content creators and it’s really hard to get ranked your piece of content in the search engines.  We all know the importance of getting higher ranks in search engines, as no one search beyond the first few searches on Google.  If your post ranked on page 5 or 6, it’s really tough to get targeted traffic to your blog post.  I know it can be discouraging but what if I give you the exact secret which will definitely help to rank your content fast and in the top position if you apply it to every post published. Here is SEO Best Practices Checklist 2022, which will help you to SEO your content correctly and also to get higher rankings in Google.

  • Keyword in Post Title:

The keyword is just a word or a phrase that people type to search for their query in the browser.  There are millions of people on the Internet that type a particular word or phrase to search for a particular product or service.  Now you want to search for the exact term or Keyword that people are searching for and you need to do proper Keyword Research before you write an article.   you can find these keywords using different free and Paid Keyword Research Tools, like Ubersuggest, Keyword Everywhere, or Jaaxy.  Once you find a good keyword you need to incorporate that in your blog post’s title, at the same time you also keep in mind that it should appear as a first thing in your blog post’s title and not the last thing.  so that it can be easily found by crawlers.

  • Keyword within 1st Paragraph

Once your Title is ready with Keyword, now you want to write the article naturally and without any keyword stuffing.  But the best practice is to include your targetted keyword within the 1st paragraph of your article.  For example, the targetted keyword for this article is SEO Best Practices Checklist 2022, and you will find that I have included it in the last sentence of the 1st paragraph.

  • Keyword in Image Alt Tag

research to profits Image SEO

Images are another best way you can easily incorporate your keyword, and let search engines know about the keyword you want to rank for.  You also need to SEO your images and it’s really easy if you follow some simple guidelines.  For images first, you need to put your keyword in Alt Tag or Alternative Text.

In the above screenshot, you can see that the keyword “Research To Profit” is added in Alt Tags.  So every image that you add in your blog post should be SEOed, which can help your content rank higher.  After Google introduced search by Image, a good SEOed image can help you to get more traffic.  Want to read more about How Images can help you get more traffic, read this article.

  • Keyword in Image Alt Title

In the same way as above, you also need to add your keyword in the Image Title and in the Image Description area.  You need to apply this strategy to every image.

  •  External Link 

Every blog post you write must include an external link to some outside resource that can be helpful to your readers, like Wikipedia or any other useful informative post.  For example, you will see that I have added a link in the above paragraph, for Keyword Research which will take you to a Wikipedia page which describes what keyword research is all about and it can be helpful information for my readers.

  • Internal Link 

As much as the external link is important are Internal Links.  Internal Links are another Page/Post ON YOUR SITE. Not only does this help your site to rank better but also helps your readers to find the related content.  For Example, you can see in the above paragraphs I have added an internal link for another blog post that describes how images can help your content rank fast.   

  • YouTube Embedded Video

Videos are huge and if possible you can create your own videos or you can search for a related video and embed it in your blog post.

For example, this is a video about How To Rank Higher in Google Search Results, it is perfectly matched for our keyword SEO Best Practices, and it can help my content rank.

Embedding video helps you rank, because when they watch the embedded video even for a 1 minute it indicates Google, that people are enjoying your content.

  • Strong Call to Action (CTA)

Every blog post that you write should have a strong Call to Action.  CTA can be a free sign-up, click on a particular link, or at the end of a blog post, you can ask for a comment or share.  It can be an affiliate link to buy a product, anything that asks or guide your reader to take a particular action.

After applying these tips in your blog post you need to do some SEO stuff in the backend.  You must have installed some of the other SEO plugins.  It does not matter which plugin you have installed but it’s a must,  without which it’s really impossible to rank your content.  so after finishing your blog post you need to add your keyword in the following order.

  • Keyword in Meta Title

You can write two different blog titles for your blog post.  The blog title you write in the meta title is important as it shows in the search results.  Like for this post, my title is SEO Checklist for 2022, but in the meta title, I have added “Ninjay Secrets Revealed”. The meta title is limited to 60 Characters.

post tiltle in AISEO
  •  Keyword in Meta Description

A meta description is limited to 160 characters so try to summarise your blog post here.  Add the main highlights of your blog post in the meta description, also try to write a meta description as relevant as possible.  Not to forget that a  good meta description can help you to get more CTR, click-through rates if he think that your blog post can help him.  Here are 10 Tips On How To Write a Good Meta Description.

  • Keyword in Social Meta Titlemeta title in AIOSEO-SEO Checklist for 2022

Social platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter can help you to get more views and traffic.  So it is important to make your content searchable on these social platforms.  and you can add meta titles for Facebook and Twitter in the AIO SEO plugin.

If you want you can write a separate title and description for each social or you can just copy-paste the same meta title and description from the general tab.

  • Keyword in Social Meta Description

As I mentioned above, you can write a different social meta description for each of your social profiles in AIO SEO.  The most important thing is you must include your keyword in the meta title and meta description.

  • One Social Image within AiOSEO Social Settings

You also need to create a social image that can be shown up for your social profiles or you can create one custom image that can go along with all social media platforms, to save your time.

  •  URL Inspection

After all these steps, the last and the most important step is to submit the URL of your blog post in Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster.

In GSC, you can click on “URL Inspection” and submit the latest URL.

In Bing Webmaster, you can submit the URL link by clicking the “Submit URL” button.

It is not necessary to add each URL link to these tools, but it does not harm, on the contrary, it’s a good practice to submit the latest URL in GSC & Bing, as it lets know these search engines about your latest blog post.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a great way to rank your content organically, and it’s not that hard.  Once you get hold of it, it really helps your website rank faster.

If you follow the above checklist for every blog post that you create, rest assured your content will be ranking in the coming year.

I have created an SEO Checklist for 2022, fill free to download it, and let me know in  the comments below if this checklist is useful:))

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