Field Agent App Review

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Welcome to My Review of Field Agent App!

Do you want to earn money from Field Agent App ? or do you searching if Field Agent is a scam or a legit opportunity to earn money?

First of all, I want to congratulate you on doing your own due diligence and for sure, is the Best Way To Avoid Scams Online and save your hard-earned money.

Let me help you to find out the truth about Field Agent and guide you in the right direction to make money online. I would highly recommend you to read  4 Step Guide to Start With Zero Investment.

Also, let me be completely transparent with you, I am not associated with Field Agent in any form.  So rest assured I’m not here to pitch or sell anything to you!

Field Agent Review

App Name: Field Agent

Available on: Google Play

Requires Android: 5.0 and up

Installs: 500,000+
Size: 31M

Price: Free

Recommended: No

What Is Field Agent App All About?

Field_Agent_review_google play

Field Agent is an app, which is available on Google Playstore.  It means it is available only for Mobile users.  Basically it is a Reward app, which pays you for installing the App and giving you an opportunity to earn rewards in exchange for doing tasks or offers.

It is available only for UK residents, so you will not be able to download the app if you are from any other country.

Paid offers are one of the easiest ways to make money.  You just need to follow the instructions that come with each offer. It is important to follow the instructions per task to complete the offers successfully and get paid.

With Field Agent App, it offers tasks that need you to travel in your local area and completing the tasks.  Basically it is a data collection app and it compensates you for your time and effort.

When you join in as an “Agent”, your job can be like taking photos of the products and prices in certain areas.  Some tasks need you to compare product prices, answer short surveys, or even name the kitchen products and bathroom accessories in your own home.

The most important thing to remember while completing these offers is it is a set time offer, that needs to be complete in a maximum of two hours.  These tasks are given on a first come first serve basis, so you need to be alert when these tasks are available.  These tasks only need a particular number of participants.

How to Join Field Agent?

To download Field Agent visit Playstore and search for them and download it to your device.  You need to create an account and fill the required information. Click Here.

The important thing to note here you need to have a good internet connection and good storage capacity in your device.

How Much Money Can You Make?

The basic concept here is the more time you spend, the more money you can make by taking part in these activities.  The more you complete tasks and jobs the more you earn.

But it also depends on the availability of jobs in your area, if the task is far from your area, it’s better not to participate.  Because it offers £3-10 per task, so you need to pay for travel and your personal expenses.  Unless it’s near your local area, it will be a waste of time and money.

The minimum threshold is £5 and pays through PayPal.

As I mentioned above, every task has to be completed in a maximum of two hours, so the location is far, the majority of time will be wasted in traveling.

I’ve spent some time digging through all the layers to get into the heart of the system and discover if it’s just another scam or there is a possibility that this system works.

Pros & Cons of Field Agent.


  • Field Agent App is 100% free
  • Easy tasks and offers
  •  Payout through Paypal


  • Only for UK residents.
  • You require a good internet connection
  • Low earning potential


Can you really make money through Google Apps?  I would say yes, you can.  It is not a substantial amount, if you are earning $1 per 20 or 30 minutes, I would say it’s a better option than doing surveys which pay very little and sometimes not at all.

Field Agent has 500,000+ downloads to date and has a good  4.1star rating of about 6,245 users.

It is important to remember that Field Agent only available for UK residents.

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Is Field Agent A Scam?

Field Agent is not a Scam and paying its members regularly. You will find many positive reviews on Google Play.

Playstation apps are a fun way to make some extra bucks, they are not meant to earn you hundreds of dollars, so do not expect to earn substantial income from them.

If you are really interested in making a substantial income, there are many ways you can invest your time in a much better way.

By doing these tasks for 2 hours you can make at the most £5, but if you invest these 2 hours in building your own online business, you can earn hundreds of dollars over time.

Rather than wasting your time on another system that does not deliver, why not take a look at My # 1 Recommendation below.  It helped me to earn substantial income over time.

Start-wa training banner

It offers free training on affiliate marketing.  You just need to sign in with an email, and you are good to go.

After you join WA, don’t forget to complete your profile. people are more willing to help you if you have a profile set up.  It adds credibility within the community and it shows that you are serious about your business & success.

It will help you to get a ton of help from WA members and also help me to earn 2 credits, which I use to bring relevant content for my readers.

Here is a free training on How to Set Up Your Account at Wealthy Affiliate.

It is the platform where I am working for the last few years and learned about online marketing.  But if you want to earn legitimate money, you need to commit to this program.

Legitimate Opportunities Requires Legitimate Effort

Making Money Online is much like any other business, which requires hard work, Patience, and Persistence.

The people who fail online is because of their wrong mindset.  People who do not want to work hard, or they want to put in little or no effort to get the results.

The business module which I highly recommend is not a get rich scheme.  You need to work hard and work hard consistently.  This is the method which has succeeded in the past and will be successful in the future years also.  It is a time-proven method.

Why I am so sure about this program?

I like to recommend my readers those programs/ products which will add value to their life, and I am sure you will thank me for introducing this program to you!

It is Free to Join

The most important thing that it is free to join, you do not need to pay a single dime while joining.  And I would also like you to go through the Starter Membership, see whether this program is for you.  Take full advantage of Starter Membership and if it suits you, Go Premium!

The Support is amazing

When you are building an online business, sometimes it becomes lonely.  You need encouragement and support from others.  this platform has an inbuilt support system in the form of an amazing community of more than 1.5+ members.  Live chat, PM, Blog is some of the ways to communicate and get support from the community.

Beginner Friendly

When I joined this platform I was totally unaware of the technical stuff and had very little to no experience working online.  But the platform is for anyone who wants to build an online business.

One-Stop Destination for becoming Successful Online

Most of the tools and training which one needs to be successful are available on the platform, so you do not need to go elsewhere for any further additional services.  You can easily Build and prosper your online business Under ONe Roof.


The platform teaches you the most popular earning method of online marketing i.e. affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is a very legit and sure way of earning money online, but the success depends on you.  The success is proportionately related to the hard work you put in your work.

Lastly, I have personally been with the platform

I personally working on this platform for the last few years, and I am really lucky to find this platform.  It is one of the most advanced platforms online and most importantly, the environment within the community is very helping, caring, and encouraging!

Since it is free to join, I highly recommend you check out this program.

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I hope the Review of  Field Agent App has helped you to make an informed decision.

Don’t hesitate to share it with whoever you believe will benefit from it!

If there’s something else you want to know or you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you ASAP!

Whatever you do next, I wish you nothing but the best 🙂


Field Agent App






Earning Potential



  • Free To Join
  • Good Pay per task
  • PayPal Withdrawal


  • Available only in UK
  • No consistent jobs

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