How To Build Authority Site? One Factor To Create Thriving Authority Website

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Creating a website is the best way to create your own business online.  Creating a website is important for many reasons, the main one is to create your online presence or create your own brand.  That’s why you will find all the big shops have their online presence as well.

No one can deny the importance of having your own website, otherwise, the biggest companies will not turn to the internet to expand their business even further.  On the contrary, having a brick and mortar business is limited in many terms compare to an online shop.  A simple fact like the duration and time factor for online vs offline shop if taken into consideration, the online shop is a definitely better option as it can be accessed from all over the world 24×7.  Thereby increases the chances of earning more revenue.

The main question is how to build authority site that can be turned into a thriving business for the long term? Whenever you think of building a website, always think it as a long term goal, because of the internet things work.  The Secret of any successful website is the older it gets the more profitable it turns.  If you check the record of any successful and thriving website, you will find the same pattern follows in all the successful websites.

Creating a successful website is a combination of many things, like creating quality content consistently, clean & visually appealing, simple layout, logo, easy navigation, best user experience and so on.  But what is the one factor which you must think before creating any website?  It does not matter what niche you choose or in which category you are making a website, you must not neglect this one factor to create a thriving authority website.

Ask a simple question, “Does Your Niche Idea Solve A Basic Human Need?” If yes, then there is every possibility of creating a thriving authority website.

Now the question arises what are the basic human needs.  Abraham Maslow has discussed this and Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs is famous to explain it in simple words.  He categorizes human needs in physiological to self-actualization.  I will be explaining it in a moment.

In Abraham Maslow’s words: “A musician must make music, an artist must paint, a poet must write if he is to be ultimately at peace with himself.”

If we consider this quote regarding website creation, it is important to create a website around the topic or niche which is an extension of you.  That’s why most of the time you must have heard while choosing a niche, we must go for our passion.  If you are passionate about a subject, it will be much easier to stick around for the long term.  If the subject or niche does not interest you, it will be harder to create a long term business around it.

Each one of us is born with some specific qualities, hobbies and if we take time to dig around a bit, it is easier to find what makes us happier that can be turned into a successful business module.

Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs


So here is the pictorial representation of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.  It starts from Physiological to Safety-Love-Esteem to Self Actualization.

These are the basic human need broadly, there are different components of each need.  So if we look at Safety, it included the safety of morality, the safety of the family, the safety of health and safety of the property.  To feel safe or protected is a basic human need.  So with the other human needs like love, esteem, and self-actualization.

So if we take the basic human need of Safety, and try to build an authority site, you will find that there are innumerable niches that cover this basic human need of safety.  If you search the term “safety” you will get about 5,67,00,00,000 results (0.53 seconds).  So here is a huge scope to create a website around any of the categories included in it.

We all know how important it is for the safety of family, or health or property.  You will find a ton of niches around these topics.  You will find around 300,000 products broadly categorized under the term “Safety”.

As a blogger, while creating a website, it is important to remember this diagram and theory, which can help you to build an authority website.  But as a blogger, we must have an innate need to help others.  Create content that is helpful to your audience, which can guide them in the right direction and you will be creating great content.

Another way to find a thriving niche is to find “Accessory” relating to your niche.  Accessories are evergreen niches and you can find thousands of niches if you search on the online stores.

Niche + Accessories should be your idle formula to choose your niche.  Suppose you chose Camera + Accessories, and search on Amazon, you will find 100,00 results.  Now accessories are important because if a person has invested in buying a DSLR camera, he would like to protect it and invest in that as well.  So accessories are evergreen niche and you can find accessories in any niche.


Building an authority website is everyone’s concern and every person tries his best to create an authority website.  But it is important to focus on some core points while building a website.

As I said earlier also, the one and the most important factor for creating a thriving website is to ask yourself:  Does Your Niche Idea Solve A Basic Human Need?

If you do not want to go into details, focus on one thing to help your readers through your content.

It is also important to remember that human needs can be also categorized into physical, mental, emotional as well.  Human persona consists of many complicated things and what I personally think is if you want to create a thriving website, concentrate on helping people through your content.  If you focus on helping people through your content and create content consistently, I have no doubt that you will soon have an authoritative and thriving website.

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