Why Some People Almost Always Make Money With PINTEREST

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With the daily users more than 175 million per month, and it almost the next search engine after Google for products to buy, one just can not afford to ignore Pinterest.

With the growing influence of social media platforms on individuals and its role as decision making has grown ever than before.

If you just look at the data of Pinterest, you will realize the importance of Pinterest as a decision maker.

  • 93% of Pinners use Pinterest to plan purchases.
  • almost 50% of people say they rely on recommendations from Influencers.
  • Pinterest is 80% more viral and 3x more effective than ever!

If we take into account the above factors, the exponent growth of Pinterest is inevitable.   There is no surprise Some People Almost Always Make Money With PINTEREST, when they use Pinterest Strategically!

Here are Some tips

  1. Think of Pinterest as a Search Engine

If you take into account the above stats of Pinterest, with 93% pinners use the platform to decide their purchases.  It’s going to convert better if we treat Pinterest as a Search Engine.

“When people are using Pinterest, they are often actively typing in searches to find what they’re looking for,” said Brian Wulfe, founder and CEO at Effective Spend. “On traditional social media, on the other hand, the audience is passively browsing the site.”

It’s very clear how the audience search on Pinterest and other social media platforms, the Pinterest audience is more in a ready to buy phase, as against just surfing and finding the product info on other platforms.SEO

2. Pinterest SEO should be the next thing to you

Brian made it clear in the above statement that Pinterest audience actively searching for products, so it would be great if you start to implement SEO, in the product description.

Properly label and categorize each pin and board.  Do keyword research and find out what people are looking for!

Proper use of keywords in title and description would definitely help your product to show up in the searches.

Ir should be done the same as we do SEO for our blogs and websites.  Though Pinterest is providing 500 words for description, many SEO experts recommend to use only 160 characters and make it precise and clear!

3. Look for trending topics and keywords

It’s important to know what’s trending before creating your new product or pinning.  The simple tip to find out what is trending is to use the search bar on Pinterest.  Type your keyword in the search bar and look at what relating keywords are coming below the search bar.  Use these terms in your titles and descriptions.


4. Use Rich Pins

Rich Pins help your pins get more views,  here is the link where you can set up your own Rich Pins on your account.

Rich Pins provide more context about an idea because they show extra information directly on a Pin. There are four types of Rich Pins: app, product, recipe, and article.

Product Pins make shopping easier, as it includes real-time pricing, product availability and where to buy information.

Recipe Pins get cooks excited as it includes information about ingredients, cooking time and serving sizes.

Article Pins help pinners to save the articles which matters to them, it includes the information about author, headline and story description.

App Pins show an install button so people can download your app without leaving Pinterest. For now, App Pins are only compatible with iOS.

Making pins which suit in the above categories, definitely helps in conversion and bring more sales to you,

More read on Rich Pins 

5. Try to Connect with Influencers

Influencers can help greatly in promoting and getting more sales and conversions for your products.  Influencers already have their dedicated followers, and when they suggest and promote your product, definitely gives better results.

If you just notice the fact that almost 50% of people say that they rely on the recommendations from Influencers before purchase.

6.Create Gift Guides Using Pinterest Secret Santa

Pinners are a giving bunch after all: they’re 35% more likely to buy gifts than non-Pinners and spend 45% more when they do.

How it works

Pinterest Secret Santa allows people to find friends or family on Pinterest. It then uses the Pinterest API to create custom gift idea boards based on what those friends or family members have been saving.

And if the people they’re shopping for aren’t on Pinterest? Santa’s still got them covered. Pinners can select a gift persona that resembles the person they want to give to, from world travelers to pet parents.

7. Promoted Ads on Pinterest

Advertising on Pinterest can be very beneficial as depending upon the keywords the ads can be pretty affordable.

Promoted pins look like normal pins but the only difference is that you are paying for the more views.  You can also geo-target your ads and show your pins to specific location and audience.

The most interesting stats regarding paid pins is that promoted pins are repinned on an average of 11x per advertisement.

Promoted Pins can have a snowball effect that drives more visibility to your pin than what you’re paying for. It’s important to make Promoted Pins look helpful and like a regular pin, said Andre. For more information, go to Pinterest’s business page.

8. Pinterest Analytics

Pinterest analytics can be very useful to study your audience as well as to receive information about your pins.

You can receive information about the demographics of your audience, the device which they are using, your most popular pins, your profile’s daily views.

Knowledge is power, so you can use this data and accordingly schedule your pintStrategyeategy!

9. Add Pin it button to your website!

Adding pin it button to your website allows the visitor of your website, to share your pins with a click.  It certainly helps to increase your shares of pins at the same time makes it super easy for your visitor to click a button and share your beauty tips!

Last but not least,

10. Create Beautiful and engaging Pins!

As we all know content is king, create your content more engaging and beautiful.  content does not mean to be only written content, your pins and infographics are also your content, so make it more useful and worthy and engaging.  Sure people will repin it!

Here are more stats which will help make money with Pinterest!

Pinterest Statistics for 2019 (Infographic)

Embedded from: SocialPilot

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