Introduction to YouTube Marketing

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Youtube today is now the second popular search engine after Google.  Youtube is the product of Google, but its uniqueness made it very popular among all the ages and nations.

First of all, it is free, its Google product and most importantly it is a visual product of Google,  It has to become popular with tons of music tracks readily available to people.

With its increasing popularity, monetization of youtube was inevitable, and today thousands of YouTubers have earned a great amount of money.

Why YouTube Marketing is necessary?

The popularity of Youtube is indisputable but let’s have a look at its stats:

  • 1.9 billion people use Youtube.
  • Every minute 400 hours of youtube videos are uploaded.
  • In a single day, 5 billion videos are getting watched.
  • The age group of viewers is 18-49 years.
  • Most importantly, slowly tv will be replaced by Youtube,
  • 70% of youtube views come from mobile views.

The youngest youtube is Ryan, and he reviews Ryan Toys Review and he earned $11,000,000 in 2017.

All the stats are nothing less than astonishing.  so it is obvious that Youtube is going to be the next big thing in the search engines.

Slowly it will overpass Google also, it does not mean that people will not read blogs, or blogs will cease to exist but people always prefer to look, to watch rather than to read.

So it is the most important thing to market your Youtube channel.

Why it is important to market youtube channel?

One might think that Youtube has a steep competition, so why there is a need to start or market your existing youtube channel.

Society is shifting from reading to viewing content” Jay.

As in blogging, though there is a tough competition in almost every niche, do we stop to blog or people will not blog just because of tough competition?

No, even if there is a tough competition in blogging, you will find that many new sites with good quality content are ranking in the SERP.

The matrix for ranking in Google is not set, and changes now and then, and Google always favored quality content over quantity.

Google and all major search engines know that it’s only when they give quality content and user experience to the people, they will be in demand.

So you will find that Google has terminated the old algorithm and favoring only good quality content with the great user experience.

Same is the situation with youtube, there may be thousands of videos, but if you are providing good quality content, there is no reason why your youtube video will not be ranked.

As of Google, Keyword research is a great factor in ranking youtube video also.  Youtube has its own keyword research tool,   Yes the Youtube search bar can give you a fairly good idea about what people are searching and what content you need to create.

There are some tools like TubeBuddy, VidIQ,, and Ahrefs are  helpful for finding keywords on Youtube,

YouTube gives you visibility

you tube marketing gives you visibility

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If you want visibility to your product and brand, Youtube is the best option.  The amount of people who watched youtube video is astonishing, and if you do proper keyword research, your brand will be easily visible to people.

It creates Trust

youtube marketing builds trust

Youtube is mainly a visual medium, so 90% of the times, the presenter is in front of you, you can see him and his personality comes out as a great human being.

Naturally, the visual effect creates a trust in the people as they can see you and interact with you on Youtube and thus creates a relationship between the two

Youtube Monetization

youtube marketing helps you to monetize your channel

With some Youtubers earning some huge money, it has created may income opportunities.  If you have a youtube channel, and more than 1000 subscribers, you can monetize your channel by Adsense and some other private advertising, pay you a good amount of money.

Creating a Youtube Video schedule

As we have a schedule or goals with blogging, the same way it is very important to have a youtube schedule.  many Youtubers will agree and I have personally seen that there only aim or motto is to publish a Youtube video daily.

They know as in blogging, in youtube also persistence and hard work bears the fruit.  If you follow any of Youtuber, closely watch his posting schedule and you will note that every single day without a miss, they are posting their videos to Youtube.

They know that it pulls the crowd to their channel only if they persistently post the videos on their channel.

But if you are new, it is not possible to post every day or create a video every day, but if you follow the following schedule you will have one blog post and one video posted every week!


Monday: Write a Blog Post

Tuesday: Edit the Blog and do the needed SEO work on the blog post.

Wednesday:  publish the Blog post

Thursday: Email Marketing for the published blog post.

Friday: Social share

Saturday: Make a simple but informative video on the published blog post.

on Sunday start again researching for new blog post content.

This simple schedule can help you much to post a video on a weekly basis without feeling overwhelmed.

How to SEO Youtube channel

After creating a video it is also important to optimize this video for the search engines.  Since Youtube is Google’s product, your Youtube videos will easily rank if you do proper optimization.

==>> Read More On YouTube SEO Optimization<<==

Video title: Limited to 60 characters

Video tags: you can post any numbers of tags for your video,

Video description: this should work fine if you just post the same meta description of your blog post to your video.  If needed add an extra description.

Drive Youtube traffic to your blog by proper CTA like: For the full post pl visit……post blog’s full URL.

Video Outline

If you find it hard how to create a video, her is a simple video outline which you can use for every single video that you will make!

Introduction of the subject: Looking for a work from home job

Tired of scams and so on.

In this video, you will learn about……

Explain your topic by dividing into small points

Point No. 1

Point No 2,

Point No 3 and so on.

Outro: direct your audience to your blog post by saying…. Go to the blog post

We will see you in the next video

NinJAY tip: Say Keyword in first few seconds,

Free Screen Recorders

There are many free screen recorders available on the Internet, with the help of which you can make simple videos and post to Youtube.

Here are some free screen recorders, some are with no time limit and no watermark.

Camtasia, screencast o Matic are also popular in video making.


With the growing popularity of Youtube and visual media, Insta gram and Pinterest, for example, it is better to concentrate on these visual media to drive traffic to your website.
Depending only on Google for traffic, you will lose traffic from these major platforms.
Creating videos of 4 to 5 minutes, on a basic level does not need much equipment, with your basic smartphones, laptops you can create great videos.
If you watch Tiktok videos, which are also growing in popularity, are nothing but the simple videos created using Smartphones.
So go ahead and tap this useful platform of Youtube and create some amazing videos.
If you have any questions or suggestions regarding youtube videos, pl let me know in the comments below and I will be more than happy to answer you!

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