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Email marketing is a great way to reach your audience in a more personal way.  Emails are effective way of communication as it directly lands in the mail box of your reader.

You can share anything from new products, your blog post to new recommendations to your readers.  With the increasing importance of email marketing having a good auto responder is a must.

What is auto responder?

An autoresponder is a computer program that automatically answers e-mail sent to it.[1] They can be very simple or quite complex, according to Wikipedia.

Auto responders are important in email marketing tool.

There are many auto responder services which are free as well as paid.  Here we are discussing a free auto responder which I am using for a year or so.

Main Features of Mailerlite

Creating Campaigns in no time

Creating different campaigns in Mailite is easy because of its drag and drop editor.  It has a great feature to add blocks as you need in your newslater.  You can add an image or text block whereever you require.

It also has features like Rich Text Editor, Custom HTML Editor.

Free Newsletter Template

Mailite has mamny free templates, including for newsletter.  You can select a particular template and edit it according to your requirement.  You can add your logo to brand your campaign.

Grow Your Subscriber List

To grow your subscribers, Mailerlite has options like pop up, landing pages and embedded forms.  Each one has many templates to choose from or you can create your own by yourself.

Landing pages have some reallly beautiful templates, you just need to add some images and text.  You can easily embed on your blog.


One of the best part about Mailerlite is its delievery to your readers.  You can deliever your message to each of your reader according to their timezone and you can set it as detailed as minute wise. Further you can segment your subscribers according to region,country and interest groups.

Tracking at best at Mailer lite

Tracking reports are one of the USP of Mailer lite.  It includes general information like clicked, open rate, unsubscribed etc, but you can also track your campaign by location wise.  So you can easily track the highest clicked and opend campaigns location wise.


Mailelite can eailly integrate with leading web services like wordpress, shopify, woo commerce, sumo convert player, Paypal , Hubspot and many more.

In wordpress, you need to add  Mailerlite plugin and Add API key, after you created an account with Mailerlite.  Now you can create your webforms, popups in Mailerlite and directly add to any page or post on your site.  It’s really a useful feature as you just need to create forms or landing page in the Mailerlite dashboard, and can directly add to your web page if the plugin is added to your website.

Subscriber Management

Adding and organizing your subscribers has never been easier. Quickly import your contacts manually or via CSV, TXT, or Excel files. Duplicates and bad records will disappear like magic! It will also take care of any unsubscribes and bounced emails.


The pricing is very cost effective at Mailerlite.  Upto 1000 subscribers  Mailerlite is free and not restircted email numbers.  You can send unlimited eamils to your subsribers.

Most of the autoresponders give free subscription only upto 100 or 200 subscribers and you can send only limited number of mails.

So for the starters, its a great option, as upto 1000 subscribers you can send unlimited emails to your readersand promote your blogs, and proudts.

1000 – 25000 its only $10 per month and unlimited emails.

Pricing is changing from 1st Jan,2019.

From 1st Jan pricing is changing for the new customers, so subscribe free to lock into old price.  The Old subscribers are not affected by the price change.  So you can subscribe befor 1sr Jan and can take advantage of the old pricing.


Support is great at Mailerlite.  Support is availble via live chat, email support and premium support is also availble.  From last year I am using Mailer LIte, and it has a great support.  Everthime I contacted them , they have answered it very patiently:)

Refer a Friend

Mailerlite has a unique scheme of Refer a Friend, You can promote your affiliate llink and if one of your friend signs in he will get credit of $20 and if ends up upgrading you will also receive $20.

So even if one sign in by joining your affiliate link he will get the credit of $ 20.

My experiece of Mailerlite

When I started out I know nothing about email marketing.  I did not know how to write an email.  first I started out with another email lprovider.

I joined Mailerlite just to check out as it was free, and I just love it.  It is so easy to use with drag and drop.  You can upload your own images and readymade templates make it easy to work with Mailerlite.

There are many templates, that can be used for pop ups, landing pages and so on.  Actually every category has its own templates that can be edited. according to your style.

Support at Mailerlite is amazing, as I didn/t know any thing about how to create pop ups and how to add to my site, several time I contacted the support and everytime they had helped me immensely with patience.

The oneb more thing I noticed about Mailer lite, that they never bambared yperou with promotional emails.  I have never received more than 1 or 2 emails per 6 months.

So hey if you are just starting out Mailer lite is the best option for your email campaigns.  What is your experiece with email marketing? Will you share which free resources are you using for your email campaigns. Pl let me know in the comment section below.

If you have any queries, questions, or suggestions about email marketing pl let me know, I will be more than happy to answer them.


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