Scaling Your Mini Niche Website

Scaling Your Mini Niche Website

Scaling is important any business, you need to make some improvements, need to make some change in your present business structure to take it to next level.

Scale in simple terms is to increase the size, amount, or extent of something. Now how to apply to scale to your mini niche website.

Niche Websites are generally devoted to a particular subject and very targeted audience, so it is a bit easy to scale your mini niche website.

3 Keys To Growing Your Niche Website

  • More Content- Blogs, Social Media Posts, and Video
  • More Traffic – Email Marketing, Video Marketing, and SEO Techniques
  • More Customers – Through Your Funnel, Email Marketing, and Repeat Customers.

The most important formula to grow your business is More Content = More Traffic = More Customers.

Content is the King, we heard it a thousand times, and that’s absolutely right, content is the foundation of your site. More the content, more traffic will attract to your website and so the more customers.

First, we try to understand how to scale content, traffic and customers so overall it will positively affect your business.

Understanding How To Scale Content

As mentioned beforehand, there are three ways that we can scale content on your website.

1. Blog Posts

Write more blogs for your niche audience, and help them with their queries and problems, provide them with a solution.

The best way what your audience searching is Keyword Research. Keyword Research can help you with what people are searching on Google, what exact term they are using, once you understand what your niche audience is searching form it is much easier to target those keywords and create your blog post.

Keyword Research also helps you to find out the exact competition on the internet for a specific keyword, so you can target a low hanging keyword, write an informative post and also rank on Google page 1.

By using a Good Keyword Research, you can get all these details and find out many more blog ideas for your niche.

You can divide your content into How to posts and Review posts. Write the content into 2:1 proportion, i.e write 2 product reviews in your niche and 1 informative or how to do _________posts. That way your website will have a balanced content.

2. Social Media Post

Social media is a great help nowadays, to create brand awareness and establish you and your website as a brand.

It is necessary to scale your business, that people trust you and your brand. The best way is to engage with your audience through different social media platforms.

Post more frequently on social media, share each piece of content on different social media platforms.

Also, try to analyze the different social media platforms and find out which one is the best suitable for your niche.

Pinterest and Instagram are more of Visual Platforms, Facebook is mostly used for social networking and known for connecting with family and friends, Twitter is widely known for its short text messages.

3. Video

Video Marketing is quite popular and you should leverage this platform for your niche website. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. So You can imagine the scope of video marketing

You can make your own videos, there is much software available in the market – Free As well as paid.

Screencastify and screen o shot are two popular, you can use for making your own videos. Both have a free starter and paid account membership.

By using these three techniques, you will see a definite increase in your traffic and if you repeat and rinse the above procedure, and able to scale your traffic, more leads, conversions, and more customers to your website.

Understanding How To Scale Traffic

scale your web traffic

The most important and most difficult part is to get traffic to your website. Organic Search and Paid traffic are some ways by which you can scale your traffic.

1.Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the popular methods to drive traffic to your website. Once you have an email list of your own, you can leverage the list in many ways.

You can send your latest blog posts to your subscribers and thereby drive traffic to your website. Suppose you have a mailing list of 1000 people, and you send your latest blog post through this mailing list you will have this added traffic to your site.

You can also promote your products through email marketing. If you are in affiliate marketing, it is important to have your own mailing list, where you can promote useful products to your mailing list.

Email marketing is an effective tool, it’s important to use it very carefully. As every person is different and has different liking, you should not promote products without taking into consideration your subscribers mindset.

2.SEO Techniques

Without SEO, it is highly impossible for any website to get organic traffic. Search Engine Optimization uses many methods to ranks on the higher pages of search engines. Search Engine Techniques are divided into online SEO and Offline SEO.

So any one technique cannot give the optimal results for SEO, it is the combined effect of all the techniques that an expert applies to rank a page higher in the search engines.

3. Video Marketing

As mentioned above Video Marketing can boost traffic to your site, adding a video on your web page can increase your chances of getting higher ranks in the SERP.

Suppose you have created a 5-minute video and embedded it on your website when a visitor plays that video, he stay longer on your site and this is a ranking matrix for your site that people stay longer on your site.

Understanding How to Scale Customers

how to scale your customers

It is important to scale your customers through different strategies like

  • Through your Funnel
  • Through Email
  • Repeat customers

You can educate your customers through emails, segment your email list and educate different existing customers which are on different stages of buying circles.

Scaling with repeat customers is a bit easy process, as repeat customers know you, your products and your brand. They have established a certain opinion about you, so you can easily promote new products to them. As they trust you it is more possible that they will buy it again.


Scaling your niche website is important to take it to next level, and by applying these methods, it is possible to get more traffic and conversions and customers to your website.

All the above are proven methods, which yields better results for your website.

So friends, do you have any other method which we can apply to scale our niche websites, how do you and which methods do you apply to your website. Pl let me know in the comments below and I will be happy to answer all of them ASAP.

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