How to Get On Page One Of Google Fast

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First of all, Congrats, if are on Page Two of Google!

If you are on Page two of Google, means you are doing all the right things!

You are just on a plateau. Now some additional activities are required.  What are those things?

How to Rank On Google Page 1

Before we discuss what are the things that we need to do, to be on the first page of Google, let’s summarise the On Page and Off Page SEO

On Page SEO:

Meta Title:

Meta Description:

Title of the post:

Internal Link:

External Link:

Alt Tags

Rich Snippets:

Comments and Engagement:

Mobile Compliance

Fast Loading Sites:

SSL Certificates

Off Page SEO

Social Sharing

YouTube Discussion Submit

Naturally Occurring Backlinks

URL Inspection

Bing Webmaster Tool

Creating Videos and linking back to the webpage

Shouting Your URL from Offline advertising

First check all of this list, if you are sure you have done each and every above-mentioned tip, now’s the time to look what to do, to give that extra push.

Look at all the pages that are presently ranked on page 1.  Check out what are things you are missing.  It may be that your site is new compared to all of those sites.  It may be that these sites have more authority.

Spend some time creating the backlinks

Commenting on the other’s website in your niche, will create a natural backlink to your site and thus, gives a  boost to your site, at the same time also help create credibility and authority in Google’s eye, because other authoritative sites are linking to your site.

How to find the blogs to comment

Here is a quick tip to find out the blogs, where you can leave comments;

Type : ”  Your Keyword” + “Leave a Comment”  If you search like this in Google, you will see many sites in the result.

affiliate marketing leave a comment Google Search

Now you see, the result is showing the websites which allow comments and all of them are ranked on page 1, which means they have already in Google’s trust list.

If you leave a relevant and appropriate comment on these blog posts, chances are your comments get approved by the owner of the website, and you get authoritative backlinks.

But since to approve your comment or not, its’ entirely upon the website owner, it is important to leave a useful comment.

Here is my training on  Use Site Comments for Networking and Driving Traffic

which includes topics like:

PAGE 1 – What is Site Comments?

PAGE 2 – Why Are Site Comments Important?

PAGE 3 – How to Give Comments Strategically?

PAGE 4 – How To Track Your Blog Commenting SEO Results?

How to know whether your comments are approved?

Once you left a comment on the website, bookmark that website.  after a day or two visit the website again and see whether your comment was published.  If it is published, it means your comment is approved.

If not, try to analyze, read the published comments, and see what they have offered in the comments.  Most of the times, if you leave an informed and comment with a question, it is approved.

But be cautious, don’t spam and use this method very carefully, and most of the times you will be able to get quality backlinks to your site.

Create Youtube Videos

Create simple but informative videos about the page which you want to on page one. The video should be 3to 5 minutes. In the video description, you should link back your video to your web page.  Thus, you are creating backlinks from authority sites.

You should use the same Meta description for your Youtube, as of your blog post.  Once published embed it on your webpage.

Now how it will help your webpage to get ranked?

When you embed a Youtube video, of the length of say 5 minutes on your webpage, readers obviously prefer to watch, then read, most of the time.  Even if they watch half of the video, they will be on your page for 2 to 3 minutes.  And its a positive metrics from Google’s point of view, it indicates to Google, that the content on the website is engaging and useful.

so it will definitely help you to rank better in Google.  If you embed your own video, it will also help to brand yourself and create an authoritative position for yourself in that niche.

How to find out who is linking back to you?

Giving comments on others blog and getting backlink is important, at the same time it is also important to know who is linking back to your blog.

How to find out that?

Google Search Console can help you to find out which sites are backlinking to you go to Google search console>links

here you will see who is linking to your pages and from where your internal links are coming.

Social Share

Another important matrix is social share, try to share your post on all leading social platforms like FB, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and so on.

the more the social share, more the visibility of your page and also the traffic to your site.


On Page 2, is not a bad position, actually, you should be happy that all the on page and off page SEO factors are working, and if your content is good it should not take much time to get on Page 1.

On page and Off page matrica if follow properly there is no reason that you will not be ranked on Page 1 of Google.

Additionally, you can try commenting on authoritative websites in your niche, Social share is also important to try more to share on these platforms.

Adding videos and linking back to your site, is also a proven formula to get high ranks on the first page of Google.

Ranking on Google page1, though is a technical thing, by applying these tips you have better chances of getting high ranks on Google.

What are your strategies for ranking on Google, would you like to share with all of us?  Pl let me know in the comments below and if you have any suggestions or queries let me know I will be more than happy to answer all your questions.

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