10 Simple Tips on How To Write Quality Content.

10 simple tips on content creation

Content Creation has become a huge industry and by 2020 it should be around $412 bn, and its really huge!  Content Creation has a great demand in the market, since most of the companies realized the fact that content creation is  the most easy and convenient way to build your brand.

so if you are a writer, a  great opportunity lies of you, but if you not good at creating content, th n follow this simple tips.

What is Content?

first of all it is important to know what is content?  Content is not restricted merely to a blog post]pages.  Infact, every piece    of content that is useful and informative can be found in any format.  Besides written content, videos, e-books, PDFs, podcasts are also pieces of contnet

Simple Tips on how to write Quality Content?

It’s really important to creat quality content which will be helpful to your audience, but how to create Quality content.  Google loves the content which is relevant and informative .  Also the length of the content is crucial to rank in the SERP.  Make your content as infomative as possible.

1.Research your topic thoroughly

  • Internet is a huge collection of infomation.  So tirst research the topic thorouly on Internet, you will find  ton of information in any given subject.
  • Magzines are anothher great source for what is trending in your niche.  If possible choose a niche specific magzine.  Magzines publishe the most relevant content in their sites, you can also look for any paid advertissements in your niche magazine.   It is a simple way to undertstand what products are in demand an what people are searching for.
  • Scholistic articles on Google are the great source of information, if you need any further information with stats to support your article.
  • Search competitior’s site or blog, and see what they are writing about.
  • Amazon is not only an online shop but you can search for many things on Amazon.  Not only you will find tons of products but also it has a review platform, where thousands of buyers leave their opinions, complaints about the product.  You can definitely leverage this information for product reviews.
  • Product guides are really helpful in reviewing and for product reviews.  Product guides and authorized website of the product is a great way to collect valid information about the products.
  • forums and Q&A sites like Quora is an excellent way of researching any topic.   Visit and join the related forum on the internet, FB groups are also very interactive and you can place your questions and queries.
  • Keyword research tools, it does not matter which keyword research tool you are using, but it can be given you thousands of keywords, which you can further use for your research.

These are some few examples where you can study your topic in detail and once you have done enough research, you can start writing your post!

2. Apply 5 W’s to your post!

Another formula which you can add or apply to your writing style is to apply 5w’s in your post.  What are the 5W’s in your post.

Whatm Why, When, which, Where  and add to your blog post, and you end up having a great  post on any topic.  For eg.

Your Keyword + What

keyword + when, and so on.

With hthis formula you can easily write a thorough quality 1000+ words content.

3. Other Useful Resources

In your blog post, guide your audience to other useful resources, which might not be yours, but will help your audience with more detailed and useful infomation, such as other blog post, PDF, e-books or any other resorurce.

this not onlly increase the trust in your readers, but also Google will like it to see that you also guiding your audience to another useful resources.  These External links also help you with SEO of your site.

4. Create FAQ for you contet Idea

On each of th blog post which you are going to create, creat a FAQ, Frequently Asked Questions- brainstorm the topic and find out every possible question regarding your post.

Once you finished answering these questions, you will have some great point s to write about your blog post.

5. Content Layout

Apart from above content creating ideas, it’s really important how you format your content.  Content Layout is necessary, to present your content in a neat and clean way.

Write your ccontent in short paragraphs, instead  writing a sea of words,  Neatly written paragraphs hold the interests of the reader and also makes it more interesting.

6. Structure Your Content

Structure your content in H1,H2 AND h3, also adding interesting subhradings in your content make it more readable and interesting.

7.  Add Great Images

Add Images wherever necessay, picture worth a thousand words, that’s exactly true.  A good and relevant image can enhance the beauty of your content and makes it more aesthetic.  Also, alt tag your images, which can further help your contet to get ranked in search engines.

8.Spelling and Grammer Check

No loose ends, pay attention to Spelling and Grammer structure of your blog.  If English is not your primary language, use Grammerly or any other grammer checker to help you with it.

9. Keyword Research

Keyword Research is important for any online Content Creator.  Without knowing what people are searching for, you cannot efficiently target your audience.  With proper keyword research and applying it in your content, chances of getting ranked in search engines, increased by many fold.

10.Call to Action

At the end of content, you need to tell your readers, what they are expected to do.  Either guide them to your next post, offer them to subscribe to your email list, or want them to buy something, mention clearly in your Call To Action.

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