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7 steps to Rank Your content in 21 Minutes

7 steps to rank your content in 21 minutes

Content Creators always follow a particulat strategy to rank their content in SERP (Search Engine Rank Page).  Most of the ranking factors are related to SEO. Content Op

timization or basic SEO knowledge is a must for ranking your content in Search Engnines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Are you struggling with rankings in serp, do you find it difficult to rank your content on the Google page 1.  So let’s discuss some of the points which willl help your content get rank higher in serp.

You may be thinking of is it possible to rank your content in 21 minutes.  Yes it’s absolutely possible to rank your content in 21 minutes.  I have tried this method many times, and almost every time I get ranked within 20 minutes and I will provide a proof for it.

Why Some Sites Rank Faster than Others?

You must be thinking of this why some sites rank faster, there are various reasons why some sites rank higher and quickly.

Domain Age

Site Age

Trust Flow

Frequency of Content

Overall Volume of Content

Content engagememnt

All these factors lead to the higher and quicker ranking in the search engines.  The older the site and domain, more trust it has in search engines.  Over the years site has a good volume of content on it, which is helpful to its audience.

content Engagement means at the end of your content, you should ask your audience to leave a comment, feedback, question in the comment section.  But most important is that you should involve with your audience and answer their all queries with satisfactory reply and help them with added resources if possible.  And this definitely increases the audineces engagement with your content and your site.

So if your site and domain is new brand, this method may not be useful to you even if you try all the 7 points mentioned in this post.  But I would suggest that evry one should try to apply these metrix within their content, and see the result.

7 Steps to Rank Your Content within 21 Minutes

1. Meta Title

Meta Title is the name of the Post, it can be different from your Post’s name.  Meta Title should be within 55 characters and should include the Keyword.

2. Meta Description

Meta Dwcription is the most important facor to improve your CTR.  AS it’s the best chance to grab the attention of your audience.  Meta Description also should include the keyword, and short but targeted description of what your post is all about.  It is a short snippet which will help your readers to click thorugh the link to your website.  It also helps in attracting more visitors and traffic to your site, if you properly describe how your content can help theri problem and provide them with a great solution.

3.Keyword in the Content

You should your keyword very strategically in your content.  As I mentioned above it should be included in Meta Title, meta description but avoid keyword stuffing in content.

At the max you should add your keyword in post title, in  first lines of  paragraph and at the end of the paragraph.

4. Alt Tag within an Image

Image Optimization is very important as now Google introudced search by Image.  So if your images are properly optimized with Title name and Alt tag, if possible use keyword with a description of the image.  It will help Google to find out your content through the keywords.

the main importance of Image optimization is for visually challenged, or screen readers, they read the description provided by the image.  So it is helpful to them to understand what the image is all about.

5.Internal Links

As mentioned above, your site needs to have a good amout of content, so that you can internally link your site.  What it means to internally linking, Page A on Your site is linked to page B on your site, internal llinks are within the same domain.

It helps the reader to navigae your site easily, and give them good user experience.  As well as it helps the Google to understand the hierarchy of your site.

6. External Links

When one of your page is llinked outside of your site and domain it is called as external link.  Suppose your are linking some useful resource, like wikipedia, outside of your site, it is external links.

It helps your reader to read more useful content which is relevant to them.



7.Video Embedding

video embedding is another great featurwhich will help you better ranking in serp.  When you embed a video from you tube or other resources, it should be of minimum 1 minute.  When your reader views this video, he tend to remain more on your site, and that is a positive matrix for Google to rank your site higher in serp.

Your own video is best for embedding, otherwise any great video which will be helpful to your audinece should lbe embedded on your site.

Bonus Strategy to Rank Higher In SERP

This Bonus Strategy should only be applied when your post is ready with all of the above points.

1.Post on Google+

I know Google+ is shutting and you might be thinking how it can help your post to get higher ranks.  Google owns G+, so whenever you post any article on G+, it tend to get indexed quickly.

You should add Meta Title, Meta Description in the heading, add a description of your post and ask for comments.  Don’t forget to add the URL on top and bottom of your post.

2.Fetch as Google

Log into your Google Search, and add your content to Fetch AS Google and request indexing.  This way your content get crawled quickly.

3. Resubmit Sitemap

Once you done the modification, resubmit Sitemap.  It is lways better once you done some changes to your content or add some new content, resubmit your sitemap.

4.Request Comments

As I mentioned above, comments on your post let Google know that the content is useful and readers are liking it and getting engaged within your content.

Comments made by your audience is also included as the content on your site.  So it is always useful to ask for and reply the comments.

So friends, here are some tip which will help your content ranked within 21 minutes.  If you want to watch the live WAbinar by Jay, Watch Here.

21 Minutes Ranking Method in 7 Steps

I always use these techniques within my content, and I great results.  I want to share a WA blog post, where i shared how I  get ranked on Google Page 1, Number 1.

Awesome WA Training – Ranked within 10 Minutes.

Hey Friends,  I hope these tips will be useful to you and pl let me know your results with this techniques.  As always, if you have any questions or doubts about this post, let me know in the  comment section below.  I will be more than happy to answer all your queries.

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